40 "Mizuumi no densetsu youkai! Usagi kazoku no kizuna"
(Legendary Spirit of the Lake! Usagi's Family Bonds)
36 "Last Resort" 95-10-30

Usagi's family decided to take a holiday trip to the hot springs where the two parents met for the first time. There was a lake nearby that had a legend of an evil being sealed there by two lovers many generations ago. Endymion went to the lake and awoke the spirit, but was unable to control it. Usagi knew she had to fight but didn't want to leave her family. The other senshi appeared though, and in the middle of all the confusing, Usagi was able to sneak away and transform into Sailormoon to help and eventually heal the spirit of her ancient jealously.

This was a lot better than I expected it to be. The script was probably the most accurate scrip I've seen for a filler episode from DiC thus far, though some really bad SDA was present a couple times which took away from it. Not much was touched up on either. However we have a case of a song being used in the original but not the dub. It's like DiC randomly decides when to use songs in episodes, seeing as only one episode actually had a song used in both versions of an episode so far.

The script for this episode was pretty close to the original for the most part. There wasn't any victim today, and the monster was unnamed in both versions of this episode.

The pre-episode preview continues to be treated the same way as it has been for a while now.

(30 sec) The entire opening scene of Luna waking up to find everyone missing with a note and cat food is cut.

(8 sec) The first scene of Usagi and Shingo in the back seat fussing over the game is cut.

In the original, Usagi's dad was worried that she might have a boyfriend that he didn't know about. While this initially was transferred over to this version as well, her mother said that she probably got the locket from melvin, and then all of a sudden he was happy. He was happy originally because he was assured usagi wasn't seeing anyone. Way to ruin a good plot point there DiC. -_-

Originally, Shingo was nervous about doing into a co-ed onsen, but their parents convinced him it was ok since it was only family inside. Since these places typically don't exist, DiC decided to have a field day with this part. In the dub, Sammy said the water smelled weird, and the parents' responses?

"That's just the sulfur in the water, you'll get used to it." ~ Father
"It's not so bad smelling like rotten eggs." ~ Mother

What. The. Fuck. I feel bad for the kid in the dub if the water has fucking SULFUR in it, I don't blame him for not wanting to go in. Seriously, what the hell was DiC thinking when they wrote those lines. They probably would've been better off just cutting this scene, oy vey. -_-;

Edit March 2012: So here I show my lack of knowledge in the past again, second only to the snow plow box a couple episodes back. Apparently when I originally wrote this, I was confusing common sulfur springs with sulfuric acid, mixing the two terms. Changing this to a sidenote and leaving up for historical value so you may point at me and laugh.

(5 sec) Usagi noticing Mamoru below is cut short.

(3 sec) Snippets can kiss my ass. >.<

This episode was an "I shall punish you" episode. It shows with how good the script was, minus the SDA boxes above.

JAotD - "Jupiter Thunder Crash"

Akuriyo Taisan --> Mars Fireball Charge


(3 sec) Snippets throughout the battle cut the episode short a few seconds altogether.

In the original, during the last bit of the episode, a song was played. This song is Usagi's image song from the first season, named "Yumemira Dake Ja Dame," which translates to "Dreaming by Itself is no Good." The dub version didn't have a song in this part. I don't understand, it's like almost random when DiC decided to use songs in this season, as only one episode has actually had a song in both versions of it thus far.

Like many episodes, there's a digital fill before the episode fades out.

(15 sec) The zoom out was originally a lot longer in the original. It was probably cut short by a lot since there was no song used unlike in the original.

Total Retained 74%

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