4 "Usagi ga oshiemasu! Slim ni naruhou"
(Usagi Teaches! How to be Slim!)
3 "Slim City" 95-9-13

Usagi goes on a weight loss whim. After seeing how much weight Haruna has lost, she and three of her friends decide to join the gym Haruna goes to. Unfortunately, this gym is under the influence of the Dark Kingdom. They steal energy by telling people to relax in a odd shaped pod, which steals their energy. Usagi is very oblivious to this fact and doesn't notice. Luckily, Luna does, she tells Usagi to save everyone in the gym and destroy the Dark Kingdom's plan. Usagi does so and everything works out alright.

A very basic episode. It really had very little plot to it, not even a youma. Still, DiC managed to REALLY screw this episode up. I can't tell you HOW much pointless stuff happened to this episode. Just read the comparison and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Wow, they really screwed this one up. At least in the previous episodes, the episode stuff stayed the same (notice I said episode stuff, that doesn't refer to the changes made to things throughout the season such as name changes, but stuff that happened in the episodes themselves) for the most part, but this one, they managed to change the simple episode plot and storyline. Pretty pointless to make all those changes, though done well enough to still make the episode enjoyable for dub watchers.

Wow, Dic had a field day with the scenes here o_o; interesting...bad, but interesting. Although I'd like to point out something that bothers me. In the original, when Moon goes to fight the youma, she gets scared and runs away. While she's running, Luna yells to her "If you fight them, you'll lose more weight!" and Moon screeches to a stop and grins. This is all hilarious in the original. It was changed to Luna yelling "What about Miss Haruna?! You must save her!". *sigh* must there always be a kind-hearted-flowers-and-hearts lesson?

Oy, the script for this episode was extremely mangled. Probably rivaling the first episode in terms of crappiest script so far. While the basic idea of the plot was kept (Usagi wants to lose weight), just about everything else was changed. Many of the scenes are NOTHING like the original as far as dialogue is concerned. It really is bad. A prime example of this is how Andrew says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up, while as far as I know, Motoki doesn't say anything like this at all in the original. Another good example is at the end of the episode, Queen Beryl praises Jadeite for all the energy he has collected for her, while in the dub, Queen Beryl yells at him for doing a bad job. Riiiiiiight....

Motoki is renamed Andrew.

Jyuban Junior High is changed to Crossroads Junior High.

Apparently Mamoru's name is changed to Darien. In the original, we don't learn Mamoru's name for a few more episodes.

(30 seconds) The Opening Usagi segment is cut.

(5 seconds) After Luna shows Usagi the picture of "Fat Sailor Moon", Usagi starts yelling at Luna, which we continue to hear as the scene changes to outside the house.

The "Negaverse" scene is moved to right before the High School scene for some extremely odd reason. Originally, it was after the gym scene where Usagi's three friends (Yes, one of them is Naru) get out of the pods, drained of all their energy.

In the shot with the school, the kanji with the school name on it is painted out, and in its place, "Crossroads Junior High School" is put in. Also, the scene doesn't really sync up with the original and it doesn't act the same way, which leads me to believe that they just edited one scene with the school in it and will use that one scene whenever they need too. Laaaaazy~

  • Crossroads Junior High
  • (20 seconds) Directly after the scene alteration mentioned above, we see Usagi in class, eyeing Naru's lunch. Then Umino offers Usagi what's left of his lunch, which leaves Usagi speechless.

  • Mmmmm....
  • Want mine?
  • *sweat drop*
  • (6 seconds) A few shots of Naru interrogating Umino over where he got the pictures of Haruna-sensei at are cut.

    (3 seconds) Before Umino runs away from Usagi and Naru over the pictures he had of Haruna-sensei, we see him with a sweat drop over his head. Did they cut this scene because of the sweat drop? Oy...

  • The amazing sweat drop
  • (9 seconds) A shot of the fitness club from afar is cut.

  • The fitness club
  • (4 seconds) We see the fitness girl working out, and she poses. The pose is a bit longer in the original. The fitness girl was actually the girl on the video screen outside the fitness club, which we saw in the cut scene that was mentioned above.

    DiC actually _ADDED_ a scene. O.o;;;;

    After Naru blushes about Jadeite saying something to her (she's working out on the bike, BTW) we see her speedometer thing go way up, then DiC decided to add a scene of her peddling really hard, used from one of the older scenes, sped up. Why they decided to do this, I haven't got a clue. Although I do know that by doing this they really screwed me up and made doing this comparison much harder! Grrrrr.........

    (5 seconds) A shot of Naru and the other two tired after their workout, we then see the door to the Jacuzzi room. All of this is cut.

  • Tired?
  • During the bath scene, water is added over Usagi's cleavage to hide it.

  • Usagi's cleavage
  • All covered up
  • After Naru and Usagi's two other friends get into those energy draining pods, DiC decided to ONCE AGAIN ADD A SCENE!! ARGH! These "added scenes" really screw me up because I usually miss what the heck is happening and am forced to rewind my tapes several times, making the comparison take much more time than it should! *sigh* Anyway..

    After they get into the pods, we see Queen Beryl looking into her crystal ball, watching them get their energy drained. Of course, nothing like this happened in the original...

    (6 seconds) Shots of Jadeite gathering energy are cut.

    (2 seconds) After that one kid runs away screaming from Usagi, there's a snippet, cutting out the end of that scene and the beggining of the next.

    When we see the Sailor V poster, originally it scrolls down so that we are able to see the rest of the poster, but in the dub it just stays in that fixed position. Did DiC do this because they didn't want to reveal the bad guys with the guns that were on the poster (even though they were already partway visible)? Did they not want to show Sailor V's legs (even though Sailor Moon's are just as prominent in every episode)? The world may never know. Kind of like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.



    *cricket cricket cricket*

    ?.? DUDE!!! It wasn't that corny!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away crying*

  • The bottom of the poster
  • Gah! More scene additions! *gives the evil eye to DiC*

    In the scene with Usagi and Motoki in the nurse room or whatever they were in, at the end, Usagi jumps up and down more and Motoki laughs at the end. This doesn't happen in the original.

    The scene where we see Haruna in a pod is actually _SLOWED DOWN_ in the dub.

    Ok....WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? It's almost as if DiC WANTS the episode to be longer...If that's the case, why didn't they just leave some of the cuts in?! I just don't understand ANY logic in this at all. It makes absolutely NO sense. Unless Homer Simpson was directing these episodes, I don't think there IS a logical explanation, and even if he was, they probably would have still turned out better.

    (3 seconds) Towards the end of the fight between Moon and the three goons there's a short cut. Nothing important.

    Total Retained 51%

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