39 "Youma to pair? Hyoujou no jouou Mako-chan"
(Pairs with a Youma? The Queen on Ice, Mako-chan)
35 "Ice Princess" 95-10-27

Usagi and Minako were watching ice skating on TV and awed by the olympic gold medalists. They learned of a new ice rink and that the pair of skaters would give lessons to gorups of five girls, so they convinced the others to go. The duo performed on the rink before starting the lessons, and because Usagi and Minako cheered so loudly, their group was chosen to come on first. Usagi could barely stand on the ice, while Makoto was skating gragefully. Janerin invited everyone to the ice and then went to a room to figure out who Sailormoon was with an advanced system from Kunzite. Makoto's skating caught the eye of Misha, who skated with her for a bit. Janerin saw this and a fit of jealously, announced over the speaker that the lesson was over and for everyone to leave. Misha asked Mako to stay for a special lesson. Everyone cleared out of the arena except the skating duo, mako, and Usagi who had wanted a special lesson for her too. However, she saw the room Janerin was in and knew the whole thing was a trap. On the rink when the pair was reunited, they turned into youma and attacked Mako. Usagi saw this and transformed into Sailormoon. She was soon joined by Tuxedo Kamen, who stated he didn't like how they would hurt innocent people for their goal. A two vs two fight ensured with moon finally being able to skate. Jupiter eventually joined in and attacked, and the other senshi arrived as well. Kunzite then appeared and used his powers to have the rink become absolute zero and would return for the crystal once everyone was frozen. Tuxedo Kamen managed to throw his cane as the power source to stop it, then Moon healed the youma.

This episode was suprisingly really good for the most part. The script didn't stray too far from the original, and there wasn't that much cutting and editting by DiC. Not bad at all.

The script for this episode was pretty good actually. Not much was played around with.

There are two VotDs, Misha, who retains his name, and Janerin, changed to Janelle.

As youmas, they retain their human names, but are labled as the Zoyrin Geller together. The dub doesn't give the duo a name.

Pre episode preview has been left untouched video-wise excapt for a fram added like normal.

(3 sec) Snippets of the flashback to ice skating on the Moon.

(15 sec) The entire practice session of the two skaters is cut up until just before kunzite shows up.

(8 sec) A chunk of the girls talking outside the ice rink is cut.

(3 sec) One of the shots of the crowd in the rink is cut.

(1 sec) Snippets on the ice.

(3 sec) The sub-scene of Mako and Misha locking eyes as Janerin notices is cut short.

(5 sec) After she's kicked by the youma duo, we usually see Mako dramatically flying in the air before hitting the wall. This is completely cut. I don't see why, her clothes were just as torn in all the shots after, I fail to see the point in this.

JAotD - "Jupiter Thunder Crash"

DiC decided to add a cresent moon effect to Moon's attatck to make it all shiny and such. *_*

(2 sec) The last couple seconds of the episode were cut.

Total Retained 70%

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