38 "Yukiyo yamayo yuujouyo! Yappari youmamoyo!"
(The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And a Youma Too!)
34 "Ski Bunny Blues" 95-10-26

Usagi found an advertisement for a moon princess contest in the mountains and convinced everyone to go. Yuuichiro offered to let them all stay at his parents' cabin there while his parents were away, and the trip was made final. Rei and Yuuichiro were good at skiing, while the other girls were just practicing on flat slopes. The two asked the others to join them on the mountains, and they declined, but Usagi was convinced to join them as she wanted to win. On the top the race started, with Yuuichiro having to push Usagi down to get her started. Saeko, the first moon princess winner and under Kunzite's control, followed after the contestants and started using traps to single out Sailormoon. Rei was able to keep going as well as Usagi, who just had no control and couldn't stop. An avalanche started and trapped the two in a corridor. Saeko caught up to them and transformed into a youma, and the girls transformed too. Tuxedo Kamen came and stopped the youma, saying he would deal with the senshi, and tried to get the crystal from them. The youma escaped and attacked, prompting Tuxedo Kamen to throw a rose to block the attack to the senshi. Moon then healed the youma and Tuxedo Kamen left, the petals of his rose turning from red to black again.

This episode was really bleh. Being filler, not much can be expected, but at the same time there's really not much that needs to be done, however a lot was done with it. Script was a tad off moreso than normal, with some stupid stuff added in. Someone explain to me what the "Snow Polw" is that the dub mentioned on occasion. -_-

The script for this episode was fairly off, a bit more than normal. Stayed close to the episode plot, but could've been a lot closer.

The MotD is Blizzar, though DiC changed her name to Blizzard. No big deal, essentially the same thing really.

The VotD was Yamamoto Saeko, DiC changed her name to Stormy Concade. I'm not sure if that's how her last name is spelled, but that's what it sounded like.

The pre-episode preview has been treated as always. I also just noticed with this episode that there is no longer an opening Usagi segment like there was for much of the first season. I guess I was just putting that in automatically for a couple episodes. I'm not sure when they ended but I will fix it when I find out.

When the episode originally started, there was a camera pan of the shrine to the girls. DiC decided to not have the pan and just freeze it where the pan ended. I don't see the point, the still frame stayed there as long as the pan was being done, and it just looks so much crisper having the pan over than an obvious still.

(15 sec) All of Rei's dream sequence was cut as well as some snippets.

(10 sec) ANother chunk of the girls talking about going skiing is cut for no apparent reason.

A perfectly done scene transition that was already in the episode just had to be ruined by DiC's digital bump. >.<

The camera pan of the ski resort is sped up slightly, shaving about a second and a half off of the episode.

(2 sec) The last couple of seconds of Luna and Artemis on the heated table is cut.

(5 sec) Rei made a couple of really funny faces inside the cabin, so it was only natural for at least one of them to be completely cut now, doesn't it?

(3 sec) The first person perspective of Usagi looking down at her skis and the course as they head up the ski lift is cut.

(2 sec) Snippets as the race starts.

(2 sec) Snippets after Usagi is pushed down the course.

Raye and Chad tell Serena to use the "Snow Plow" on sepearte occasions. There is nothing like this mentioned in the original. I have no idea what a "snow plow" is, nor why that would be taught in basic ski lessons since I can only assume it's a fancy ski move. DiC how you confuse me so. @[email protected];;

Edit March 2012: This is probably the most reported box in SMU history, in part to thinking I fixed this up some time ago and seeing that I actually have not. Unbeknownst to me at the time of writing this, the snow plow is actually a basic ski technique. I had no idea. ^^;;; Credit goes to way too many people to list, I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this department. Changing this to a sidenote since it does not qualify as an SDA, leaving it up even though this is at my own expense. -_-;;;

(2 sec) The avalanche scene is cut short a bit.

Apparentally in the dub, Chad can be trusted with the secret identies of Moon and Mars. Serena says blatently in front of him to the monster that she is Sailor Moon. Later on in the episode after the battle, Sailor Mars tries to wake him up and says she's Raye in her attempts. -_-

(2 sec) Snippets after the second dub commerical break.

Like with most episodes, the screen is digitally filled by pink with cresent moons and stars before fading out.

Total Retained 57%

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