37 "Mezase princess? Usagi no chintokkun"
(To Be a True Princess? Usagi in Special Training)
33 "Little Miss Manners" 95-10-25

After seeing students at the Princess Seminar, Usagi becomes interested in becoming a princess, to match her role as Princess Serenity. After sneaking into the grounds where the Seminar is held at, Usagi accidently runs into Countess Rose who invites Usagi to attend the seminar. After showing Lady Rose her frisbee throwing abilities, Countess Rose accepts her into the seminar. Low and behold, this is a ploy by Kunzite to lure Sailor Moon in. They know that someone who fails the princess seminar will most likely be Sailor Moon. After the other girls join in on the seminar, Usagi, Minako, and Rei fail the seminar, and are led into a room seperate from the other girls. There, Countess Rose turns into a youma and attacks them, saying one of them had to be Sailor Moon (because they failed the seminar). After Endymion and Kunzite appear and begin arguing, Sailor Moon uses the opportunity to destroy the youma. She also tries to heal Endymion but fails.

This was another one of those episodes that was just.... there, imo. Nothing special about it really, no big things happen, and the dub really isn't that bad. I don't really have any comments outside what I wrote in those boxes below.

The script for today's episode was one of those "meh" ones. Could've been written better, but nothing specific to the episode was really changed.

The VotD is Countess Rose, who retained her name in the dub.

The MotD is Shakoukai, whose name was changed to Polite Society. Yeah. I didn't believe it at first and was just going to keep the question marks there in my notebook, but then she was referred to that later on, so *shrugs*

Pre-episode preview was treated the same as it has been since I've started keeping track.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment.

(35 sec) A chunk of the opening scene is cut out completely. In it we see usagi running late to school and running into Naru, who is also late because she was up all night doing her homework. Usagi then get's worried because she didn't do ANY. The dub picks up from there.

(3 sec) The series of still shots is cut short by a few seconds.

(10 sec) Usagi's dreamsequence is cut short. More specificly, the part where she is dancing with Tuxedo Kamen is the only part that was cut short.

This was between a sidenote and SDA, but I decided to go for sidenote since it wasn't that bad really. When Luna talks to the computer, she uses a verbal password. While we already know from an earlier episode, DiC changed it. However, this time, they changed it from what they had before. I couldn't make out some of it after listening to it 10 times, but it had soemthing to do with a cat chasing its tail. I don't see why they bothered changing something they made up themselves, and in the original the password didn't change at all.

Thanks to DENelson for this: The line used here is "The cat who chases his tail leaves a circular trail."

Something that kind of suprised me in a good way for once. We saw Countess Rose recite a passage from a certain author (I didn't write down who). What suprised me is that they didn't change the author, and faithfully translated the passage. Thumbs up.

(3 sec) When the countess mentions that it's a lot that Usagi isn't good at, we see the proverbial daggers in her back for a short moment. Unless you watch the dub, in which you see no daggers at all.

(3 sec) Snippets really suck and I hate them >.<

(2 sec) When Usagi is slurping her soup, a HUGE sweatdrop appears over the table and everyone. DiC cut this giant sweat drop.

After continuing to slurp, a sweatdrop appears on the back of the butler's head. But al these sweat drops imply humor, so we can't have them. So instead, DiC freeze frames (very poorly) right before the sweat drop appears and slowly zooms the shot out.

And after all this trouble to not show sweat drops, the giant one on Countess Rose's face was left intact. -_-;;

(3 sec) The youma turning the graduates into statues is cut short a few seconds.

This episode is "And that means you" episode.

(2 sec) The quick shot of Tuxedo Kamen's rose turning black is cut. Kind of an important thing to cut of you ask me. -_-

A cresent moon is added quick to Moon's Moon Healing Escalation attack.

Total Retained 68%

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