36 "Usagi konran! Tuxedo Kamen ha aku?"
(Usagi is Confused! Has Tuxedo Kamen Turned Evil?)
32 "Bad Hair Day" 95-10-24

Usagi was having a nightmare about being on the Moon Kingdom and Endymion running off to battle, and wasn't able to sleep well, calling for Tuxedo Kamen in her dreams. In school the next day, Naru and the other girls were looking at an ad for a new hair salon which was giving away free haircuts for the store's opening. The senshi met at the shrine to talk about Usagi. Luna and Artemis said that she needs to recover fast, but Rei chipped in saying how she felt couldn't be helped after losing a loved one. In her room, Usagi was listening to the pendant Tuxedo Kamen had given to herand was sad. Minako let herself in as Usagi wasn't answering and said she should change her hair style to give her a new feeling. She undid her odangos and Minako brushed her hair. The two went to the hair salon and Minako asked them to look at Usagi's hair, and they led her to a chair. A lot of other girls were getting hair treatments as well, however the machines were really checking their hair to see if they matched Moon's hair left at a previous battle. So far, there was no match. One of the assistants convinced Minako to try the hair steamer since it was free, and there was a match. The stylist went to Minako thinking she was Sailormoon while the assistants sprayed stuff in the air to knock everyone else out. She said that she was Sailormoon and wanted her to hand over the ginzuishou, but Minako wouldn't do anything. The stylist and assistants turned to a youma to convince her to. Usagi seeing this crawled away then transformed into Sailormoon. She began to battle the youma, but when she was about to use her moon stick, a rose hit the moon stick. Moon turned around to see Tuxedo Kamen in a chair. Moon was happy, but when she called out to him, he said he was Endymion from the Dark Kingdom and was here to get the ginzuishou. She then ran outside to dodge the youma's attacks. Minako woke up seeing this, and transformed into Sailorvenus. The youma almost caught up to Moon, however the other senshi came to help, allowing Moon to heal the youma back to the stylist and her assistants. Mars couldn't believe she was seeing Tuxedo Kamen again, but Venus revealed the truth to the others. Endymion was ready to battle, but Beryl called him back. He followed orders and asked Metalia said that she can't have him die. Back outside the salon, Usagi stated that she doesn't want to get normal people involved again. Artemis said Usagi had grown up. Usagi went on to say that she was happy that Tuxedo Kamen is alive, and that she'll turn him back to their side with her love.

Not really much to say about this episode quite frankly. If you were only watching the dub throughout, you missed nothing but actually seeing Usagi's dream. It could've been handled better, but it also could've been worse. A "meh" episode.

The script for today's episode was improved from yesterday's, but not by that much sadly. It was still quite mangled though the general plot remained. Not too much SDA to note though imo.

The VotD is hair stylist Kariko Tokoyama. She is unnamed in the dub.

The MotD is named Mitsuami, and is also unnamed in the dub.

Pre-episode preview is treated as normal.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment is omitted as always.

(25 seconds) All of Usagi's dream is cut. In the dream, she's Princess Serenity and tries to keep him from running to battle.

(10 seconds) Usagi tossing and turning as Luna walks up to her is cut.

In the original, the episode title card appears after the scene in Usagi's room. In the dub, it appears before the episode starts.

Once again, the Juuban School sign is replaced by the generic Crossroads sign.

(5 seconds) The still of Naru and the other girls originally lasted a couple seconds longer. The sweat drops that appear on their faces is cut as well.

In this same scene, there is a little swapping as well. Directly after the last box, there is a closeup of Naru, then one of Usagi. In the dub, the closeup of Serena comes first (and is very obviously paused for a couple seconds), then the closeup of Molly, and back to Serena. @[email protected];;

Hiwaka Shrine's sign is intact.

The flashbacks of Usagi being distracted all day have a frame added around them.

The hair salon's ad is left intact as well. It's like DiC flipped a coin for every other scene to determine if they should edit something or not.

(10 seconds) Snippets all the way up to the commerical break cause almost ten seconds to be lost.

"And that means you" episode proves the theory again.

While the youma taunts Moon, there's a background of a slug appearing behind her. This was because in the original, the youma made references to a slug and salt. While these references were removed, the shot with the slug remained for some reason.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

Digital bump to fill the screen with pink and cresent moons to a fade out added in.

I just noticed that in the end of the Sailor Says segment, the shot of Serena is from the opening Usagi segments that always get cut.

Total Retained 67%

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