35 "Yomigaeru kioku! Usagi to Mamoru no kako"
(Memories Return: Usagi & Mamoru's Past)
31 "A Reluctant Princess" 95-10-23

Sailormoon had become the princess, shocking everyone. Luna identifed the princess as Princess Serenity, who blasted Zoicite when he tried to kill her. Tuxedo Kamen was still on Serenity's lap and she called him Endimion, saying that her memory of the past was starting come back. She remembered the kingdom on the moon, and that the two were lovers, however he went to fight in a battle to protect them. The princess then fainted and returned to being Sailormoon. She was exhausted from the overload of power, but was ok. Kunzite appeared before Zoicite and teleported the two of them away, taking Tuxedo Kamen with them. Queen Beryl was really upset at everything that had happened and blasted Zoicite within an inch of his life for trying to kill Tuxedo Kamen against her orders. Beryl went before Metalia, who told her that Endimion was a prince of earth. Kunzite carried Zoicite away, who was happy to die in his arms, only requesting to die pretty. Kunzite fufilled his wish, making lots of flowers around Zoicite. The senshi were trying to find a way out, but Mercury said it would take a long time to figure out. When Moon woke up, she was worried about Tuxedo Kamen, but was assured he was still alive but the enemy had him. With their memories back, Artemis and Luna told them of the past, That they lived on the moon in a kingdom known as the Silver Millenium. The earth was taken over by evil forces and tried to steal the ginzuishou from them, causing a fierce battle that destroyed the kingdom. However, the ginzuishou was able to seal the evil power, and the four senshi that fought in the blttles were the Sailor Senshi of today. Now the senshi were real humans and lived on earth, but since the evil was released, they had to fight again. Moon said she didn't want to fight anymore, that she wanted to live a normal life. Mars then slapped Moon in the face calling her weak, to which she agreed. Artemis chipped in saying she wasn't ready yet just as Mercury found the exit. Kunzite appeared before them and the senshi fought to protect the princess, but all fell. She heard the voices of all of them, as well as Tuxedo Kamen. She used the moon stick with the ginzuishou on it, protecting herself and blasting Kunzite and destroying the tower. The explosion sent all of the senshi back to earth in good condition, and Moon stated she would fight.

Terrible, just terrible. An almost total script rewrite in auch a pivitoal episode. Lot's of SDA littered about, silence that didn't exist, they managed to ruin an otherwise good episode.

Today was the final of the trio of pure-plot episodes, therefore there was no MotD or VotD. However, there are some name changes that need to be mentioned.

Princess Serenity is now Princess Serena.

Prince Endimion is now Prince Darien.

Those name changes indicate just how bad and confusing the script was today. It was just really bad, lot's of plot elements changed, and lot's of silence with added dialogue, it was awful. Nothing like the past two episodes at all.

Once again, the video for the pre-episode preview is untouched, with a frame added around it.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment is cut as always.

All of Serena's dialogue is added in for the first minute or so. Also a lot of the comments of shock from the other senshi were made into rude comments of disbelief.

(7 sec) So. Many. Snippets. Seriously, from the beginning of the episode up until we see Zoicite and Kunzite meet with Beryl, there's about 7 seconds of footage lost just because of snippets. >=(

Fog effect added to Beryl's ball.

(2 sec) A shot of Zoicite's body lying on the ground after Beryl's attack is cut completely.

(25 sec) Really long cut here. Zoicite's last moments alive with Kunzite is severly cut short. It's mostly some words between the two, but still, I can't see any real reason of why this was cut so short.

"She may be a princess but she isn't light."

~ Sailor Jupiter

One of many unneeded comments added in by DiC. -_-

Ripple effects added going in and out of the flashback. Why bother? Everyone can understand it's a flashback.

Ah, the motherlode of the episode. I don't know how to explain the changes, so I'll just sum up what was said in the original and what was said in the dub. In the original it was explained that evil spirits were taking over the earth and eventually attacked the moon for the Silver Crystal. The kingdom was eventually destroyed, however using her last strength with the Silver Crystal, Queen Serenity was able to seal away the evil.

In the dub, it was explained that Beryl broke out of her prison (?????) and invaded the moon. Queen Serenity sealed her and her minions to earth, though the Moon Kingdom was destroyed in the battle, saying the queen used the last of her strength to send the princess and her court to a peaceful era on earth so they could enjoy normal lives. She had sent Luna and Artemis as well in case the seal that was containing the evil was broken.

To sum up, they changed a few things, and mentioned something that doesn't get known until later on. -_-;;;

(3 sec) While Moon is talking about no longer fighting and remembering Tuxedo Kamen, scenes from when he was stabbed were quickly shown. In the dub, these weren't shown, though I must admit, DiC did a great job taking them out and having the scene play flawlessly.

(3 sec) Mars walkes to Moon and slaps her. In the dub, there was no slap, but....

... her speech ended up being an apology for ever doubting Moon as a leader after seeing what she did with the crystal. A big change from calling Moon weak and her agreeing, with Artemis stopping them saying Moon just isn't ready yet.

As Mercury's visor disappears, cresent moons are added in for some sort of effect I can't really put into words.

JAotD: Jupiter Thunder Crash

Likewise, Venus' attack is changed as well. Cresent Beam is now "Venus Cresent Beam Smash!"

After the second dub commerical break, some shots are ordered differently and one even repeated. Nothing was cut however.

"Go bleach your roots creep!"

~ Sailor Mercury to Malachite

.....Do I even have to comment?

While I tend to not mention any of the digital bumps because DiC uses them alot for scene changes and I like the little shred of sanity I have left, sometimes they just use them randomly. Here, they decide to use one as Moon stands up. Yep, absolutely no change whatsoever, same scene, same camera angle, video just keeps on rolling, and there's a digital bump. Good call there DiC.

When Moon uses the crystal, she says nothing. Unless you watch the dub, there just using the crystal means you are using the "Cosmic Moon Power" attack. -_-;

While the fact that Beryl is having a hard time clearing Endimion's memories is still there, she mentions that he must forget about Serenity and is having a hard time doing so. In the dub, no mention of the princess is made at all, and that he will be made into a soldier for them.

At the end of the episode, there's a curtain fade effect to a pink background with cresent moons before it fades to black.

Total Retained 67%

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