33 "Saigono Sailor Senshi Venus toujou"
(The Final Sailor Senshi, Venus Appears)
29 "Sailor V Makes The Scene" 95-10-19

Queen Beryl was very upset about everything that was taking place. Zoicite said that Tuxedo Kamen always saved the senshi, and that he devised a plan with Kunzite to get the nijizuishou that he had. That night, Sailormoon stopped a bank robbery. However there was one problem, it wasn't the real Sailormoon. The news made the TV and Luna was shocked. Likewsie, an "accident" happened on the side of the building where "Sailormoon" saved the window cleaners. Usagi and Mako saw this and couln't believe it. "Sailormoon" then ran off, followed by Mamoru not believing that was actually Sailormoon. Usagi and mako called for backup and the chase was on. In the docks, Kunzite had a trap all ready, having "Sailormoon" captured. When the senshi approached, he had trapped them in a dark dome which absorbed any attack, and started shrinking. When Tuxedo Kamen got there, he didn't see any of this and rescued "Sailormoon," only to be stabbed by a crystal and have her finally revealed as Zoicite. He tried to hide from Zoicite, but was eventually drawn out. He attacked with a sword and Tuxedo Kamen blocked, only to have his mask fall off. Queen Beryl recognized his face from somewhere. However, before Zoicite could do more damage, a girl attacked with a "Cresent Beam!" and both him and the mysterious girl vanished. Zoicite went to Kunzite to warn him, but was too late, as she used the same attack on the two of them and freed the other senshi. While shocked, they were about to fight the senshi but Beryl ordered them to retreat. The girl identified herself as Sailorvenus, the fifth senshi. When Moon asked her if she was the Moon Princess, she just smiled.

Ah, the episode that marks the addition of my favorite senshi to the team. Thankfully not much work was done to this episode. The script was pretty good for the most part and no big thing was cut. My only real gripe with this episode is that Zoicite's VA didn't play the role of the fake Sailor Moon. I don't see why that happened.

Not too bad. I don't know why they feel the need to add dialog where unnecessary...I guess silent pauses are too "adult" for the audience -_-

Like yesterday's episode, today's didn't feature an episode specific VotD, there was no actual MotD. The script fared out a lot better than yesterday's episode. Which is a very good thing, since this is the first episode to include Sailor Venus on the team, and it sets the stage for the next two very important episodes. Her appearance was short in this episode though.

Pre-episode video is treated the same way today, with something interesting in it I'll note later on.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment.

(25 sec) The entire replay of the battle before Nephrite's death is cut entirely.

Cloud-like effect is added to Beryl's crystal ball.

A slight fuzz effect is added to the news report played on the TV.

Unless I'm hearing it wrong, it appears that the fake Sailor Moon's VA is not Zoicite's VA. I would naturally assume that her VA would remain the same since it's her in disguise, instead the fake Sailor Moon seems to be voiced by Lita/Jupiter's VA.

(2 sec) Snippets. >.<

(7 sec) When Usagi and Mako see the fake Sailor Moon, we see the camera focus in on a girl nearby (I wonder who...). However, in the dub, this zoom in and closeup are cut.

(3 sec) After hearing a scream, the senshi run off to follow it. Most of this run is cut, not to mention there are also various snippets around this time too.

While I'm trying to not mention digital bumps when they're used since they're used in reasonable spots for the most part, this scene had a lot of them when none were needed.

The first dub break is when the senshi see the captired "Sailor Moon." The break in the original is after they transform.

While this was "And that means you!" episode, the script wasn't really that bad. A rare time when the theory is proven wrong.

(2 sec) More damn snippets. >.<

JAotD = "Jupiter Thunder Crash"

(3 sec) "Sailor Moon" stabbing Tuxedo Kamen is cut a bit. We don't see the actual stabbing happen, just the motion and the crystal disappearing. Ironically, this was kept intact in the pre-episode preview.

JAotD 2: "Jupiter Thunderbolt Crash"

This is marked as an SDA since they used another name earlier in the episode. -_-

An image of Mamoru is added to Beryl's ball after he is unmaksed.

Venus' attack is changed from "Cresent Beam" to "Venus Cresent Beam Smash"

When Zoicite joins Kunzite, another shot of the dark dome is added in.

Like Jupiter, Venus has a second attack name for the same attack. This time, it's just "Venus Cresent Beam."

When asked if she was the Moon Princess, Venus just smiled silently as the episode closed. In the dub, she says "I don't know."

Why change a big plot element? >.<

A digital fill then fade out was added at the end of the episode.

Total Retained 80%

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