32 "Umino no kesshin! Naru-chan ha bokuga mamoru"
(Umino's Resolution! "I'll Protect Naru-chan")
28 "Tuxedo Melvin" 95-10-18

Luna went to talk to the computer, and learned that the fifth senshi would soon appear and find them. Because of this big news, she arranged an emergency meeting to inform the senshi of this. She also told them that she came from the moon, which shocked them, but they believed it. She informed them that the princess they were looking for was from the moon too. At school, Naru and Umino were eating lunch together and Usagi was teasing them. Naru said that they were just friends and he sulked off. Usagi caught up with him later and told him to be cool like Tuxedo Kamen. He took that advice too literally and because Tuxedo Umino Kamen later on that day, trying to "save" Naru and Usagi from varous things that evening. At Crown, Motoki gave Usagi a couple of tickets to the Redman show in the park, in which she gave to Naru to take Umino with on a date there. She eventually accepted them and agreed to do it. In the park next day, Usagi was following them to make sure everything went right. Zoicite was also there and tried to turn Naru into a youma, but missed and turned the actor playing Redman into one. The youma attacked the crowd and traped the people in giant balls. When it was looking at Naru, Tuxedo Umino Kamen came to her rescue, only to be beat badly. Usagi transformed into Sailormoon and was about to face the youma before Zoicite went to her and offered to stop if she handed over her nijizuishou. She agreed, but when it was being handed over, Tuxedo Kamen knocked it out of their hands. Zoicite and Tuxedo Kamen were then fighting, so Moon used the change to heal the youma. Luna was impressed, but didn't think to grab the nijizuishou when she had the chance and Zoicite got away with it. The show then picked up like normal and Naru and Umino were enjoying their date.

This episode was horribly mangled, and even dub-only viewers could tell. It feels like that there were two writers for the episode and they split the work. At least the feel of the ending wasn't changed.

...WTF? OMFG BECUASE WE CAN'T LET THE KIDS KNOW ABOUT CRUSHES!11!1ONE. Seriously, wtf. What is the point in doing a complete 180 in the whole Naru/Umino discussion? It's like they go out of their way to make sure nobody knows that Molly is interested in Melvin. Idiots.

This episode is the first of some really weirdly done episodes, today's episode especially. First off, as you'll see get noted in slightly more detail below, this is the first time that the commerical breaks did not get lined up. While the dub has a second commerical break added in, the first one always was at the same point as the original. Second, this episode I think is one of the first that was done so poorly for the first half, and not that bad in the second.

The script for this episode was pretty bad for the most part. General concept was there, and that was pretty much it. I've even used more of the SDA boxes that I haven't used that often.

No actual VotD for today, and the MotD was unnamed in both versions.

Like all the episodes before it, the pre-episode preview's video is untouched though a border is over it, and different music and dialogue accompanies it. This happening seems to be as reliable as the...

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment getting cut with every episode.

The verification system of the Sailor V game had some changed made to it. In the original, Luna and the computer had a quick back and forth dialogue about the famous rabbit on the moon story. The dub changed this, with Luna giving a paw print and having this for her password:

"The meatball headed scout will always play when the cat is away."

Was that really necessary? -_-;;

(1 sec) Damn snippets in the arcade scene.

(5 sec) When the senshi are gathered at the shrine, Luna jumps from the roof and walks up to them as she talks. Most of this walk is cut.

(3 sec) Part of Luna telling the senshi that she was sent from the moon is cut and...

... is changed a lot. The main focus of the meeting was about the fact that she came from the moon, and mentioned the Moon Kingdom and that they must find the princess. In the dub, she goes on about how "Central Command" has found a fifth sailor, and about how the current scouts need to find the other crystals. No mention about Luna being from the moon or anything about the Moon Kingdom was made in the dub.

(10 sec) The end of the meeting was cut short a lot. In this cut, Usagi asked Luna if there really was a rabbit pounding mochi on the moon. I guess DiC couldn't find dialogue for this part since they already changed a lot of the script at this point.

(1 sec) The shot of the four crystals the Dark Kingdom has was cut short about a second.

Ah, this scene of Umino and Naru on the bench was mangled quite a bit. In the first part when Usagi is teasing at the idea of the two of them being a couple, Naru denies it stating that she only thinks of him as a friend, which causes Umino to walk off sulking. In the dub, Molly tells Serena she should worry about the math test later on that day instead of the two of them, and Melvin runs off worried about that test. Think that's bad? It get's worse.

When Usagi and Naru are talking after he leaves, she again states she wasn't interested in him that way, only as a friend. Molly however, is the excat opposite, worrying if she should ask him out or not. Pretty big 180 there. -_-;

(1 sec) Tuxedo Umino Kamen "saves" the girls from a dog on a leash, and is hit by the dog's owner with the hammer he brought out. In the dub, we don't actually see him get hit by the hammer, and I believe the frames before and after this are spend up slightly.

More stupid plot changes that make no sense. Originally, the show that Motoki had tickets for was Redman, a children's show that was made into a stage play. The dub changes this to Wacky Wrestling for some reason. When the event itself airs, that dialogue is pretty much the same, so I don't see why the change was made.

Another dumb change was that Motoki didn't want to go to the show since he was too old for it. Andrew however, really wanted to go but had other things to attend to.

(1 sec) Snippets during the Redman show.

As mentioned above, the original commerical break and the dub's first one don't match in this episode. The original has the break before the amusement park, whereas the dub has it just after the actor playing Redman is turned into a youma. Since the breaks didn't match, when the dub came back on the air, the couple seconds before the break were repeated.

The theory proves itself true again, as today was a "And that means you!" episode. Boy did it prove worthy of that.... -_-

(3 sec) Lots of snippets in the last amusement park scene.

Total Retained 60%

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