31 "Koisarete owarete! Luna no saiakuno hi"
(Love & Pursued! Luna's Worst Day)
27 "Kitty Chaos" 95-10-17

Luna was surrounded by a lot of cats and tried to run away from them, but was cornered. One of the cats approached her, but then a fish bone was thrown right in front of it, much like when Tuxedo Kamen throws a rose to save Sailormoon, by a large blue cat. All the other cats ran away, and the big blue cat went to Luna and licked her tail, which was bitten by a baby cat, which shocked her. A girl called out for the cat, whose name was Rhett Butler. Meanwhile, Zoicite found who the seventh nijizuishou was inside, the girl who owned Rhett Butler. Ami and Luna were at a park waiting for Usagi and Mako who soon showed up. They asked about Rei, and Ami said that since it was Sunday she wanted to go out on a date. Rei was trying to call Mamoru, but just left messages, even though he was home, just thinking about the ginzuishou on his own. Back in the park, Ami was messing around with her computer to locate the seventh nijizuishou, and after entering in all of the data, some maps appeared on the screen, so they went to check the place out. When they got to the house, Luna saw Rhett Butler in the second story window and decided to stay behind. When the girls left her there, a lot of the strays gathered around Luna again and she got scared. The girl from earilier answered the door with Rhett Butler and said that her parents weren't home, just before the cat jumped out of the girls arms and ran away. Luna was surrounded by the cats, but once again, Rhett Butler saved her. However, he fell off balance into a manhole with Luna in tow. In the alley Zoicite appeared to take the nijizuishou from the girl, but it wasn't in her. Moon, Mercury, and Mars appeared in the small alley, but could do nothing in the crowded space causing Zoicite to get away to go after the cat in the sewers. The senshi took the girl back home to her bed and was wondering what happened to Luna. Usagi spotted a Sailor V game and started playing. Luna and Rhett Butler were wandering through the sewers trying to escape Zoicite. They got out of a small tunnel. In the girl's room, Ami noticed the moon stick wasn't responding, and figured out that the cat had the last nijizuishou. Zoicite cornered the cats, and despite some resistance from Mars who was nearby, he had taken the last nijizuishou from the cat. However Tuxedo Kamen appeared and was able to take it away from him. The youma didn't attack at all, it started to head towards the city. Luna tried to stop him but slipped but it caught her. She was telling him that Sailormoon would return him to normal, and almost on cue, the rest of the senshi showed up and Moon healed him.

Pretty good episode today. Script was faithful for the most part, though changing the name of the cat was pretty dumb, especially to Hercules. Dumb cuts were made throughout too, though nothing taking away from the episode itself. I say good job today.

I guess they figured kids would respond more to Hercules than Rhett Butler...It makes sense, but it's still annoying. Decent script, pointless cuts, but an allright episode.

The script for today's episode wasn't really that bad. Some unecessary changes and added dialogue, but not so much to change the episode around at all.

The VotD today is a cat named Rhett Butler. His name was changed to Hercules in the dub. Yeah..... -_-;;

The MotD was nameless in both versions of the episode.

Once again, the pre-episode preview was untouched video-wise. The only changes to this was a frame added around the footage with different music and dialogue to accompany it just like all the ones before it.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment, suprise suprise....

(8 sec) Right when the episode starts we have a cut. A shot of the first building that is normally seen is cut. The overhead pan of the city is kept untouched, but almost 10 seconds of Luna running is cut.

(4 sec) The part where the giant group of cats running away is originally almost 5 seconds longer than the dub.

Normally I wouldn't mention the digital scene bumps because they're pretty much always expected, but I have to mention the sheer stupidity of this one. In the original when we see Rhett Butler and his owner, the scene seamlessly transitions to the same shot of them in Zoicite's image of the next crystal holder. However since this was perfect, DiC decided to add a crystal lightning bolt digital bump to make it more shiny. -_-

(10 sec) Before we see Luna and Ami talk, there's a short scene of Luna by the park fountain slowly dipping her tail in the water.

A pretty stupid change but not really worthy of an SDA box. In both versions, Rei wanted to keep the day free to go on a date. The original has this day as Sunday, and DiC changed it to Saturday. If the concept doesn't change, why bother changing the day?

Even though there are untouched signs full of kana before and after this edit, this one didn't escape the mighty eraser. When the senshi went to the house that Rhett Butler lived at, the sign on the doorbell had the names of all the family members in kana. DiC decided to erase all of this leaving a blank sign next to the doorbell.

(2 sec) A panning of the big group of cats is cut short.

(3 sec) After the commerical break, A shot of Mako looking outside a window is cut completely.

(3 sec) The little scene of Zoicite finding the rats is cut short a tad. Also, all but one line is added dialogue in this entire scene.

A shot of the Juuban Shopping District Building is replaced with a slow pan of a couple nearby houses.

... I don't get it either.

The kana in the scene with Rei and Yuuichiro talking is left intact. The only reason I mention this is because the kana in the signs changed everytime the camera moved back and forth, giving commentary on what was going on between the two of them. It was nice seeing this untouched.

(3 sec) Various snippets of Zoicite chasing the cats in the sewers cut the scene short a few seconds.

The first time we see the Sailor V game, it's untouched except for that the blue hue is changed to the red one. The Game Over screen is changed just like it has been in previous episodes.

Total Retained 79%

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