30 "Ojii-chan ranshin, Rei-chan no kiki"
(Grandpa's insanity -- Rei-chan's Crisis)
26 "Grandpa's Follies" 95-10-16

One night, Rei's grandpa was on the shrine roof looking at the moon when Zoicite appeared and tried to extract the nijizuishou from him. However, grandpa fought back along with the crows, and Zoicite quickly retreated after blasting him off the roof. As Rei begins to check on him, a drunk bum, Kumada Yuuichirou, awakens on the shrine steps and asks to become an apprentice after seeing Rei's beauty. The next day Rei talks to everyone about grandpa, that she's worried he's going crazy and questions the "training" he's putting Yuuichirou through (switing from vines in a forest) and the practical jokes he's playing on him too. Rei was worried that her grandpa's actions might tarnish the good reputation of the temple. Usagi said that he was funny and an arguement ensued between them, causing Ami and Mako to leave. Yuuichirou tried to comfort Rei, and Usagi (watching from behind a tree at this point) decided she would match them up, and used the transformation pen to turn into a fortune teller to do that, which made Rei even more mad at her. Usagi was crying on her bed later and Luna was trying to cheer her up with some diafuku, and after eating some, decided to give some to Rei as an apology. Over at the shrine at this point, Zoicite returns for grandpa's nijizuishou and succeeds in getting it out this time. Yuuichirou tried to protect Rei from the youma, but got knocked out. She learned that the youma was her grandpa, and tried to run away but failed. She hoped that his human feelings would return and take over, but when he tried to attack again, those hopes disappeared. Usagi arrived and transformed into Sailor Moon and was about to use her tiara, but rei stopped her since it was her grandpa in there. Rei used one of her charms to stun the youma, giving Moon enough time to heal him back to being himself again. Back in the temple with the danger past, the four ate the diafuku that Usagi brought over.

Eh, this was a so-so episode in both versions. As mangled as the script was, the plot managed to stay intact. I really don't like what they did with Yuuichirou though and that was touched upon fairly often even though his actual past is barely mentioned at all in the original.

Dan, how did you not catch the change from Daifuku to "chocolate cakes?" -___-; that always bothered me, even when I liked the dub. I always said to myself, "...wtf? Those don't look like chocolate cake." *ahem* anyway.. Meh. As dan said, so-so.

The script for today's episode was at the same level as the last episode. Mangled to all hell, yet managed to keep the basic plot going.

The VotD is Rei's grandpa, who is nameless in both versions of the show.

The MotD is named Jijii, and is nameless in the dub.

This episode also marks the introduction of Kumada Yuuichirou, who is named Chad in the dub. Along with his name, he is changed from being a bum on the streets to being a rockstar with a bad case of stage fright. -_-;;

The pre-episode preview for this episode had its video untouched.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment.

(2 sec) Zoicite taking out the black crystal is cut short.

A lighting bolt effect is added when grandpa summons his will to protect himself from Zoicite's powers.

Also, the dub either sped up the video or made many small snippets, as the two versions kept falling off-sync though nothing major was cut unless it's noted.

A shot of what appears to be a drawing of the city viewed from across a river is added in the dub right before the senshi talk about Rei's grandpa. That's my best guess of what it is, I didn't see it appear anywhere in the original episode, and don't really remember seeing anywhere else.

(1 sec) Somewhere in the wave of snippets, I managed to catch one. After Rei sees through Usagi's fortune teller disguise, Usagi falls to her knees and cries. In the original, she holds back her tears for at least a second more than in the dub.

More lightning is added in Zoicite vs. grandpa round 2. This time, it's added to Zoicite..

(25 sec) The only really big cut in the entire episode, we don't see Rei being choked by the youma. It's also during this scene where Rei is waiting for her grandpa to have his human feelings take over and stop, but this doesn't happen and the dub makes no mention of this.

Rei using a charm to stun the youma is made into an attack in the dub, "Mars Fireball Charge!" That makes perfect sense, especially with no fireballs in sight. -_-;

(3 sec) After Rei applies the charm to the youma, she tells Moon to heal grandpa now. For some reason, this was cut. Yay for pointless cuts and snippets. -_-;

(7 sec) The final scene of the episode was cut short, but nothing important was left out.

And the episode ends off with a digital fill in followed by a fade out, which seems to be a trend for these past few episodes.

Total Retained 68%

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