29 "Daikonsen! Gucha gucha koi no shikaku kankei"
(Total Chaos! Messy Love-square)
25 "Too Many Girlfriends" 95-10-13

Though the weatherman said there was very little chance of rain, it poured, and mako was running home since she didn't have an umbrella. She ended up running into Motoki and the two began walking together. Motoki heard she was good at cooking and asked her to cook for him someday, to which she agreed and said she could clean too. The rain stopped and they parted ways, and then a girl from the college came up to Motoki and started talking to him. The girl was Reika, Motoki's girlfriend. She teased him about Mako being his new girlfriend and he said she was just a kid. He asked her if she decided on the important thing but Mamoru showed up, so she left and asked Mamoru to accompany Motoki. The two went to a coffee shop to talk, and Motoki revealed that Reika might have to go to Africa. The next morning, Mako showed up at Motoki's place, and started cleaning once she saw how much of a mess it was. She saw a picture of Motoki and Reika, and was shocked when he said that was his girlfriend in the picture and not his sister. In school later, Usagi noticed that Mako was feeling down and she explained everything to Usagi, who was shocked. They decided to go after Motoki together. They went to Crown, only to run into Mamoru, who told them that Motoki only thinks of them as younder sisters. Usagi went inside, only to find Motoki wasn't there. While they waited outside, Mamoru told mako about Reika possibly leaving to study abroad, and she choked him trying to get more information. At the Dark Kingdom, the next target was found, Reika. Mako and Usagi went to Motoki's place a couple days later and started to cook, though Usagi was basically no help at all. Motoki then got a phone call from Reika who had made up her mind, but he couldn't hear her so he left to see her. Usagi and Mako fell asleep waiting for him to get back, and the moon stick went off. The two transformed and found Zoicite taking the nijizuishou from Reika and turning her into a youma. Zoicite was about to leave, but was intercepted by Tuxedo Kamen. The two battled for the nijizuishou while the senshi, now joined by Mercury and Mars, fought the youma. They healed Reika back to normal without much problems, while Zoicite eventually got away with the nijizuishou. Motoki went to the airport later to see off Reika. Usagi and Mako were there watching the moment. Mako said she might find someone nice in Africa and said that now she was the only one after him, though usagi said she still wanted him too.

This was a pretty fun episode no matter how you look at it. Lots of funny moments, and a lot of the characters are seen in cute deformed ways. ^_^ Would've been nice if the script was closer to the original, but it was good that no meaning was lost in the translation.

I remember enjoying this episode dubbed, becuase as Dan said, it WAS funny and cute. They kept the humor, which is good, and my only complaint is the script.

The script for this episode was both good and bad at the same time. Somehow, the writer(s) for this episode managed to horribly mangle the scrupt, while not changing the plot at all. The same story was told, just very differently.

The VotD is Reika, whose name was changed to Rita Blake for the dub.

The MotD is named Rikokayder, and is nameless in the dub.

For the first time, I checked to see if the pre-episode preview for the two versions matched at all, and at least in this episode, the same footage is used for the preview in both versions.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment is cut.

The entire first half of the episode was almost flawless in video footage. However DiC had to make one semi-big change to screw that up. In the dub, early on in the episode we see a sequence of the next target being found by Kunzite and Zoicite. However, in the original, this scene isn't seen until right before the commerical break. I can't fathom why DiC decided to move this little scene, but moving it didn't change anything at all.

While the script as a whole was pretty bad though kept the original meaning, the same can't be said for Mamoru and Motoki's conversation. This was changed around very badly, yet they somehow got it to work with the video footage.

A digital frame is added around the scene where Mako is cleaning up Motoki's place.

(4 sec) Mako choking Mamoru is cut short a few seconds. Thankfully we don't miss out on the adorable deformed versions of them. ^_^;

(27 sec) The dub completely cuts out Usagi's dream sequence where she imagines Motoki asking to marry her and get's so into her dream that she almost kisses Mako. Funny scene, too bad it was cut.

(1 sec) Damn snippets before the transformation sequences.

(1 sec) Motoki being blown away by Zoicite is cut short a tad.

(1 sec) Snippets rear their ugly head again as Zoicite and Reika talk.

The scene where the crystal is drawn out of Reika is slightly extended by recycling the two shots before the crystal is taken out of her.

(1 sec) Snippets as Moon and Jupiter do their speeches. Dan is going to go on a killing spree soon. ^^;;

Bob's theory is proven true again, as this is an "And that means you" episode.

Also, the JAotD is "Jupiter Thunder Crash".

Like with most dub episodes, at the end there's a digital fill in before the episode fades out.

Total Retained 70%

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