27 "Ami-chan he no koi!? Mirai yochi no shounen"
(Love for Ami-chan? The Boy Who Sees the Future)
23 "Mercury's Mental Match" 95-10-11

The school had just posted up the results of the latest test. Usagi and Mako didn't do too well, and Ami got second in the class, just one point away from a perfect score. She said that she needed to study more since she didn't a perfect. The perfect score was made by Urawa Ryo, who blushed and ran off when Ami called to him. Later during the day, he was on the roof of the school looking at an old newspaper cutout of Ami. Usagi saw him and figured out that he liked Ami instantly and said she would help him out then ran off. Just as she was leaving he told her to beware of water, but he was too late as someone up on the roof accidentally splashed water on her. The two later met at a coffee shop where she gave him a picture of Ami eating a hamburger. She asked if he was ever going to tell her and he said that he was going to when he reached her score. So Usagi said that she would bring Ami to him later and ran off. During this, Luna noticed that the moon stick was reacting to him. As he was walking home, Zoicite found him. Urawa already knew who he was and what was going to happen, confessing he's had some prediction powers since he was little, and that he would rather die then become a youma. Zoicite started to use the Black Crystal but Moon and Mercury appeared. Mercury helped Urawa escape as Moon faced off with Zoicite, who disappeared. Mercury took him to a park and in his daze he called her by her real name, making her wonder how he knew. He had a dream of becoming a youma and attacking Mercury. When he awoke he called her by her name again, but she acted like she wasn't Mizuno-san. He told her of his powers, and to kill him if he turned into a youma. She told him that a future is something that you have to make yourself and believe in it. Just after this, Zoicite appeared and withdrew the Rainbow Crystal from him. However, remembering Mercury's words, he attacked Zoicite and the crystal fell to Mercury. Zoicite made the youma bigger and it chased after Mercury. Moon soon appeared to heal him, but the youma was too strong. Mars and Jupiter soon appeared and attacked the youma's weapons, Mercury then froze it, and Moon weakened it more with her tiara before finally healing him. Later on urawa had to leave since his dad was moving again, and was seen off by Usagi, Ami, and Mako. He returned the picture that Usagi had given him saying he'll come back for it when he passes Ami with his own powers. Ami gave him another picture that she liked better, which was a very cute one of her smiling, and she chased the train as it left.

Very well done episode today. The script stayed true to the original, and all the emotion felt in this episode was carried through well in the dubbing process. It seems like we have episodes either hit or miss the mark, and this one was definetly a hit.

OOH SHINY CG THUNDERBOLT! -_-; Yeah. I'm not impressed, DiC. Other than stupid little things like that, not a bad episode. I notice less SDA, and a better script. Not as many cuts as some..so pretty damn good.

This was a pretty good episode and the script stayed very close to the original. Many cuts and edits were present, but they weren't big or important ones.

The victim of the day (VotD), Urawa Ryo, is simply named Greg in the dub.

The youma today (MotD - monster of the day, I'll be using these abbreviations from here on out) retained its name of Bunbo.

(30 sec) Opening Usagi segment.

The Juuban sign is changed to a stock Crossroads sign.

(2 sec) A closeup of the score listings is cut short by a couple seconds.

(10 sec) The second shot of the same cut above is cut completely this time, with Usagi and Mako's reactions to their scores, and then a closeup of Urawa's perfect score next to Ami's almost perfect score is cut as well.

(3 sec) A closeup of the newspaper article Urawa is reading about Ami is cut.

(2 sec) Same cut as above when the camera goes back to the clipping.

(5 sec) The camera slowly zooming in to Usagi and Urawa watching Ami play down below is clipped off.

(8 sec) Slightly sloppy cut here. Mamoru and Rei are walking down the road and they pass the coffee shop that Usagi and Urawa are talking at. The part where they pass the coffee shop is cut with a digital bump to Usagi and Urawa in the shop talking. However, for about a second after the digital bump, we accidentally see the side view of the shop from when the other two passed it.

In the already made scene transition where Zoicite "rises" in the scene as it changes over to him watching Urawa, a lightning bolt is added. I guess DiC feels the need to do something with transitions, even if effects are already done for them.

(4 sec) The camera panning from the moon down to the street.

(2 sec) Snippets before the henshins. I hate snippets with a passion. >.<

(5 sec) Urawa has a dream about what will happen when he turns to a youma, where he attacks Mercury and in the sequence her clothes get torn off. While it shows nothing revealing, the part of her clothes getting torn off is cut.

(5 sec) Snippets once again done for no reason than to throw the DVDs off which causes me to throw random stuff in the house. ^^;;

"Now! Recover the Black Crystal from her!" ~Zoi

This would've made sense if Zoicite was talking in the third person and telling the youma to get the Black Crystal from her (since he's a she now), and he did attack her, so maybe Zoicite wanted to be attacked? Or maybe someone at DiC just wasn't paying attention. Pity too, they did a great job with the script until this oversight.

Today's episodes is an "I shall punish you episode," proving the theory once again since it was a good episode script-wise.

Jupiter's attack (JAotD): Jupiter Thunder Crash

Adding a couple seconds, a couple mini-scenes are recycled as Mars and Jupiter arrive to the battle.

Digital fill-screen fade out is added at the end much like other episodes.

Total Retained 88%

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