26 "Naru-chan ni egaowo! Usagi no yuujou"
(To See Naru-chan Smile! Usagi's Friendship)
22 "The Power Of Friendship" 95-10-10

Tuxedo Kamen was having a dream with a princess telling him to find the silver crystal, and that any questions and mysteries about him would be answered when he got it. Mamoru soon awoke and wondered if he was Tuxedo Kamen and if the crystal could really answer all his questions about himself. In school Usagi noticed that Naru was absent again, and that she had not come to school since Nephrite had died. She decided to visit her after school and brought Umino with her. They all talked briefly and decided to go out. Meanwhile, the other senshi were all talking with Luna at the shrine, who explained to them the power of the silver crystal and that the seven rainbow crystals were shards of the silver crystal. She also explained that the wand given to Usagi would aid in finding these crystals, and Rei remarked that Usagi shouldn't be trusted with something so important and that she shouldn't be the leader. Ami was trying to say that Usagi should stay leader but Rei pinched her leg, and Mako said she didn't know Usagi well enough to decide yet. Usagi, Naru, and Umino went to a nearby city and were at a cemetery, where Naru noticed there wasn't a tomb for Nephrite and wandered from the group. She was talking to a minister who said comforting words before Zoicite appeared, who Naru immediately recognized as Nephrite's killer. While looking for Naru, Usagi's wand began to respond and Luna appeared telling her that it would respond to the rainbow crystals and that a youma would soon appear. She made her way over to where Naru was and transformed but Zoicite was able to get the rainbow crystal out of the minister and it went flying. The youma was awakened and a battle ensued, with Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Jupiter both showing up to help Moon heal the minister back to his normal self. Tuxedo Kamen then left with the rainbow crystal, accidentally leaving behind a star shaped accessory he had dropped during the battle. Moon took it. A ways away, Tuxedo Kamen transformed back to Mamoru who finally realized that he was Tuxedo Kamen. Naru wrapped Umino's arm which got injured in the battle with her cloth (the one she still had from when Nephrite died), and apologized for making them worry and that she would return to school tomorrow. Usagi opened up the accessory which had a spinning crescent moon and played soft music (which is a slower version of the opening theme song).

DiC's first attempt at being truly careless with an episode. Well, not FIRST attempt.....but........you know what I mean........erh.........well you will after you read the comparison...........never mind.

Let's start over. DiC was really careless with this episode. *nods* Didn't make me very happy. *nods nods*

Better than yesterday's episode, but that's really not saying much. Mangled dialogue, SDA littered all about, and a bunch of cuts and edits were all present in this episode, and once again during a semi-important episode. That's something I like about this mini-arc, the episodes aren't necessarly completely filler and always seem to add something up until the next climax down the road a ways. It's too bad that this isn't as good in the dub, but at least the general concepts remain in the dubbing process.

I hate inconsistencies. Seriously, how hard is it to see that, say, Tuxedo Kamen WASN'T present during a battle? There were far too many idiotic dialog and edits in this episode.

The script for this episode was pretty off for the most part. The episode's concept as a whole remained, but some small scenes were completely turned upside down.

The youma, Boxy, had his name changed to "Obo the Vulture".

(30 seconds) Usagi. Opening. You get the picture.

The plot of Tuxedo Kamen's dream was changed. Originally he was being told that finding the crystal would solve all his mysteries, but the dub changed this to tell him to find the crystal to free the princess.

I was going to complain about DiC ruining the story for us but I forgot they already did that in the very first 2 minutes of episode 1. Hah!

Juuban's school sign is replaced with the generic Crossroads school sign from DiC's stockpile.

(3 seconds) In the flashback scene of Neph's death, him disappearing and Naru's cloth falling off of him is cut.

We see the front of the school again, but instead of using the stock screenshot that they use most of the time, they change around the original still. In a very sloppy edit job, the banner for Juuban is painted over with the Crossroads banner. Screencaps to follow to better show this.

(6 seconds) Usagi slugging Umino after he asked Naru if she had a broken heart (he had thought she was sick the whole time (the dub did not have him think that)) and the few seconds after that. We do see Umino lying on the floor after the hit though.

When the senshi (minus Usagi) were talking at the shrine, Mako made a statement that there's no worries with her around, and Rei says to herself that she was just about to say that. The dub completely turns this around with Lita stating that her and Moon beat Joe easily, and Raye saying to herself that it only happened because of Tuxedo Mask helping out. While this normally wouldn't merit a mention, the problem here is that Tuxedo Mask wasn't present at all during the battle with Joe.


*Turns to DiC*


Good one guys.

As the girls wonder if Usagi should be trusted with the wand, one of them says she would probably just use it as a tool, and we see a scene of her breaking open a piggy bank with it. This mini-scene is given a pink frame with crescent moons and stars.

(3 seconds) Rei pinching Ami's leg is cut short a tad.

On the communicator, the gray fuzz was there originally, the pink fuzz that was there very briefly before it was tuned in was added in.

(12 seconds) Usagi choking Umino for suggesting to get a peiking duck as Naru was mourning. While the joke wouldn't have worked in the dub since Chinatown was never mentioned, his revised suggestion would've worked great for this scene. But choking someone is a big no-no. At least they kept in the funniest shocked expression on Usagi's face to date untouched.

I suppose it's somewhat understandable why this was cut.........somewhat. Seriously, we don't give our youth nearly as much credit as they deserve. If a kid thought it was alright to CHOKE someone cause of this show, someone must've hired the TV as a babysitter....

A ripple effect in the start and end of the flashback is added in, as is a crystal ball effect around the short flashback.

"I can't believe Raye and Amy refused to come, Sailor Scouts can't go on strike!" ~Lita

Umm...what?? They weren't even near the area at the time. -_-;; *urge to kill.....rising....*

Naru trying to take the black crystal from Zoi since it was Nephrite's to begin with is changed to Molly trying to get the crystal since it was used to kill Nephrite.

Ok...The crystal had nothing to do with Nephrite's death. Score another for DiC in knowing what goes on outside of the episode they're currently working on.

(2 seconds) Freeze frame of Moon on top of the tombstone is cut short.

(2 seconds) The camera panning up Moon starts a bit higher in the dub.

(5 seconds) Damn snippets cut about 5 seconds of footage.

Today, Supreme Thunder = Jupiter Thunder Crash.


In the dub after Tux leaves, Luna asks Moon if she saw who took the rainbow crystal, she responds that she did and that he left her the Star Locket, and comments that it seemed familiar.

Two things. First off, most of this scene was silent. Second, the locket doesn't have a name yet, he dropped it so it wasn't a gift of any sort (yet), and it's too early for Moon to regain any hint of her memories.

Digital bump fade out

Total Retained 65%

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