24 "Naru-chan goukyuu! Nephrite ainoshi"
(Naru-chan Cries in Mourning! Nephrite Dies for Love)
20 "A Friend In Wolf's Clothing" 95-10-6

Nephrite was wondering why the kurozuishou was responding to Naru, thinking maybe it might be the power of her love. He then recalled Sailormoon knowing Naru's name and thought that she must know Moon's identity, so he went to her room, but she was sleeping. He used the kurozuishou to see if it was possible that the ginzuishou was sealed in her body somewhere, but was unsuccessful. Naru woke up shortly afterwards, noticing his shadow in the curtains. Nephrite came clean about who he really was, said that she had taught him about love for the first time, and asked if she knew who Sailormoon really was so he could find her and fight alongside her against evil. Naru didn't know and felt sad that she couldn't help him. He then disappeared thinking that she would probably try to contact Sailor Moon. Naru then called Usagi in the middle of the night and told her what had happened. After the phone conversation ended, Usagi and Luna went out to check on Naru, but Usagi fell behind and said she would meet Luna there. Everything got distorted so she transformed into Sailormoon to do battle with the youma, but it was only Nephrite tricking her to transform to confirm her identity. He started to blast her before Tuxedo Kamen showed up, where he soon left after sensing Naru was in danger, though saying that he could attack anytime as he left. When he checked Naru's room, there was a ransom note from Zoicite saying that he would return Naru if he handed over the kurozuishou. He appeared to not care and burned the note, but he ended up going to where the youma were holding her hostage and saved her, stating he wouldn't hand it over. He carried Naru outside and she noticed he was injured and led him to the part to tie up his wound. She told him it was her dream to eat a chocolate parfait with him and he said they should go sometime. The moment was broken by the youma, who lunged a thorn in Nephrite to suck away his life energy until he died, to which Naru tried with all her might to pull them out and actually made progress after being told they couldn't be pulled out by a human. The youma was surprised and blasted at them, and Nephrite covered Naru from the blast and was badly hurt. Zoicite appeared and stole the kurozuishou right then, and disappeared saying he should be happy to die with the one he loved. Nephrite tried to tell Naru to escape, who refused to do so and then the Sailor Senshi appeared, who made quick work of all three youma. Nephrite then told Moon her identity was safe, and apologized to Naru for not being able to eat the chocolate parfait with her and for lying to her until the end even though he didn't mean to lie about the parfait. He then disappeared into thin air leaving only the cloth from Naru's pajamas that tied his wound. Naru cried as this happened and the senshi were all in tears as well.

A very touching episode, and I'm very glad that DiC kept it intact for the most part. Even Molly's obnoxious voice couldn't ruin the pure emotion of this episode. And they kept the chocolate parfait. *_* Yay.....

This episode was by far the best dubbed episode thus far. It was practically untouched both scriptwise and video wise. They left in the key element of the chocolate parfait which was a major plus and didn't change anything important. You could feel the emotion in both versions of the show very well. Such an important episode, and done pretty much perfectly. If every episode was done nearly as well as this one, there would be no need for this site.

Okay. The episode itself? Wonderful. Very much intact and accurate. My only peeve is Molly's voice. It, for me, ruined the emotion during Neflyte's death. I just could not take it seriously while hearing, "WE'LL GETTA DOICTOR AND EVERYTHIN' WOILL BE AW-RIGHT! NEFLOIGHT! NOOOO" -___-; It was very, very hard to be sad while hearing that .

This episode is by far the best dubbed episode of the show thus far. Barely any cuts at all, various snippets here and there only shortening scenes by a few seconds cutting, nothing important in them, and grade A dialogue with few stupid lines, none of which merited a mention.

(30 sec) The opening Usagi segment is cut...Again. Whatever.

(8 seconds) When Nephrite is thinking of why the Black Crystal responded to Naru, one of the possibilities in his head was that it may be the energy of love, and he had flashbacks of scenes where Naru showed her love for him. He then realized that Moon knew Naru's name and decided to see if she knew who Moon was. The dub removed any reference to the energy of love triggering the crystal as well as any flashbacks shown.

(15 seconds) Nephrite went to Naru's room as she slept to check to see if it was possible that the Silver Crystal was in her body. In the original after we see the crystal glow as she sleeps with her pajamas on, it's taken further with her clothes fading away and there being a naked Naru with a blue water-like energy surrounding her body to see if the crystal was present inside of it. Nothing revealing was shown in this scene due to the way she was lying down, however it was cut anyways.

The phone conversation between Serena and Molly featured the split screen effect, where we see both girls at the same talking, rather that the screen switching between the two as done in the original. What DiC did for when the camera would change over to the girl talking is that they would pause the other's half-screen, which made the effect work out pretty well if you weren't aware of how it was originally done.

(5 seconds) When Nephrite checks on Naru after sensing her in danger, he finds a ransom note from one of Zoicite's youma. We see the note closeup for a brief second in the dub, but it is present longer in the original. I'm not sure why they clipped it short, as there was no visible writing system whatsoever on the note.

(3 seconds) Snippets of Naru pulling the thorns out of Nephrite are made, shortening the scene by a few seconds. No short clip or still was cut in the shortening of the scene.

I definitely have to mention DiC keeping in a key element to this episode, the chocolate parfait. In the second half of the episode Naru says it was a dream for her to eat a chocolate parfait with Nephrite and they promise to go have one together sometime. Before he dies, he apologizes for not being able to keep his promise and for lying to her until the end even though he didn't mean to this time. This remained untouched in the dub.

Total Retained 93%

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