23 "Nagareboshini negaiwo! Naru-chan no junai"
(Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru-chan's Pure Love)
19 "Molly's Folly" 95-10-5

Usagi and Naru are swimming but Naru was only silently thinking of Sanjouin. Usagi decides to splash her to get her to have fun. Naru calls Usagi a child, and she just laughs asking if she is an adult. Naru replies saying she had fallen in love and was in a mature relationship. When Naru tells Usagi it was Sanjouin, Usagi tries to talk her out of it, but Naru just walks away. Usagi talks with Ami and Rei about it, and eventually decides to take care of it herself, but bails when she gets to Naru's. She goes to get advice from Motoki and the two joined by Mamoru eventually go to a coffee shop to talk. Their reactions were similar to Ami and Rei's, but both soon agreed that she should tell Naru right away. Usagi goes back to Naru's and tells her everything about Sanjouin and runs off before Naru could respond. Later that night she gets a call from him to meet in the park, where he told her he had to say goodbye since he didn't want her to get in the middle of the crossfire of his problems. He mentions the ginzuishou and Naru thinks her mother might have it, so she goes back to steal it and give it to him. Usagi and Luna were on the way to see Naru but found her mother looking for her, and once they hear she went to see Sanjouin, Usagi henshins and looks for Naru. In the park, Nephrite's black crystal didn't respond to the crystal Naru had brought, but starts to respond to Naru. He decides he has to investigate her more. Moon appears and tells Naru who Sanjouin really is. They begin to battle with Mercury and Mars appearing to help, but when Moon tosses her tiara, Naru jumps in front of it, stating she would protect the man she loved. Moon begs for the tiara to stop, and it does. Naru refuses to step out of the way. The black crystal begins to glow and the youma Zoicite and Kunzite sent out earlier to keep an eye on Nephrite comes out and goes for Naru but Nephrite stops it. They begin to battle, and the youma is eventually defeated by Sailor Moon. Nephrite returns the crystal to the fainted Naru, and the senshi try to convince him to think more of Naru and not use her, but he ignores them and leaves.

Wow, I haven't been able to be really witty in an episode comparison in a long time. DiC just doesn't give me good material to make fun of. While DiC's dub is butchered, it's PROFESSIONALLY butchered (for the most part), and it's hard to make fun of something they actually SPENT TIME ruining. Cloverway's episodes are a lot easier to make fun of. *Sigh* I miss those days.......Where...you know.....I was funny....and not just some stupid guy talking...


I hate you.

This episode was actually pretty good. Minus the dub names of the sliver and black crystals, a lot of this episode was left fairly close to intact, aside from the flub up of Molly knowing Nephrite's name early in the episode and not knowing it later on. Overall pretty good though, and had moments where the two versions ran side by side with no problems for MINUTES at a time, which was just plain awesome.

Not bad...a few inaccurcies, and some cuts, but overall not bad. I'm getting a bit sick of them screwing up simple things like names though (Molly calling him Neflyte. Wtf?), which of course will only get worse as time goes by.

I'm kind of split with this episode. There were moments where I didn't have to touch the remotes for a number of minutes, and there were times I couldn't get through a minute of footage for many minutes. Script was ok for the most part, but there are some things to point out. The ginzuishou is called the Silver Moon Crystal a number of times in this episode, and the Black Crystal is called the Star Crystal.

The youma, Yasha, retains its name.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut.

(2 seconds) Right in the beginning, the camera looking into the sky and panning down has the first two seconds cut off.

When Molly is having flashbacks thinking of Neflyte, she refers to him as Neflyte instead of his street identity.

Personally, if it were me, if I knew that the person I was in love with was a big fat liar AND an agent of the Dark Kingdom....I might not be so interested. But hey, that's me. To each their own. *cough*

(5 seconds) When Naru tells Usagi she's in a mature romance, we see Usagi so shocked she's speechless and motionless. In that state, a beach ball hits her square in the head and she still remains shocked and sinks in the water where she eventually bobs out of the water. The dub completely removes this except for her bobbing back out of the water.

Now, I don't understand why DiC is trying to make this the blandest show possible! One of Sailor Moon's greatest points is its COMEDY. Without it, you're taking a good chunk of the show out, and a lot of its value. *shakes head* Nevermind, I'm done trying to rationalize these decisions...

(1 second) A shot of Usagi looking narrow-eyed at Naru is cut.

(20 seconds) Usagi, Ami, and Rei talk about the situation with Naru in detail. However, this is drastically cut short in the dub, from where Ami said they should wait and see what happens all the way to Usagi saying to leave it to her.

When the scene goes over to the Dark Kingdom, a different shot is used for whatever reason. Maybe someone got bored and decided to mess with the video editor. *shrugs*

(2 seconds) Snippets of Nephrite in his hideout are made, cutting two seconds off before Zoicite appears.

(5 seconds) Snippets and a part of the scene where the Black Crystal is formed are cut.

(2 seconds) Naru's face in the Black Crystal's vision is cut short and her picture fading out of the scene isn't seen.

(7 seconds) In the park scene, there is two times where wee see a light with flies surrounding it. The second time is after Naru says she'll get what she thinks the silver crystal is, where a fly eventually flies into the light, and falls in flames. The dub takes out this scene, taking away some of the drama of the moment.

Cause...I'm sure that the children will be....terribly affected by the death of this moth...They'll be emotionally damaged and want to murder people when they grow up...Yes...Let's cut the dead moth out...For the good of America.

Hmm, maybe I should start to worry about my little cousin who's absolutely FASCINATED by the bug zapper, huh?

To match with the SDA earlier in the episode...

Even though she apparently already knew Nephrite's name earlier on in the episode, when he tells her she acts surprised.


The scene where Naru jumps in front of the tiara is altered in the same fashion as a scene in episode 93. A couple of the shots were changed in order, cut short, and added in. Here's a more detailed look of both version's of the scene:

- Moon throws Tiara
- Naru jumps in front of it
- Shock x3
- Tiara is seen coming toward Naru
- Moon says "Na...Naru-chan!"
- Tiara is seen coming even closer, and Naru braces
- Moon yells "OMASTE ONEGAI!" (Please stop) and the Tiara stops

- Moon throws Tiara
- Molly jumps in front of it
- Shock x3
- Tiara is seen coming toward Molly
- Moon screams (shot taken from "OMASTE ONEGAI!" [Please stop!], but mouth is hanging open)
- Tiara is seen coming even closer
- Moon says "Oh, stop tiara!" (taken from "Na...Naru-chan!")
- Tiara is seen coming even closer (reused footage), Molly "braces" for impact
- "No no, stop!" (taken from "OMASTE ONEGAI"), and the Tiara stops

Thanks to forum user RattleMan for taking these detailed notes as my notes weren't as detailed or readable. ^^;;;

The main point of this is to mark the use of the word "destroy" rather than "kill".

"You're going to have to destroy me first!" - Molly

*sigh* Can I just send you to another dimension instead???

(3 seconds) The scene of the youma attacking Nephrite is cut short by a couple seconds.

Total Retained 72%

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