22 "Gekkano romance! Usagi no hatsu kiss"
(The Romance in the Moonlight! Usagi's First Kiss)
18 "Worth A Princess's Ransom" 95-10-4

The princess of the Dia Kingdom was coming to Japan to unveil a very special crystal, her family's heirloom, and there was going to be a big party for it. Usagi really wanted to go, but couldn't. However, after learning Naru was going as her mom was a jeweler, and that her father was going for work, she used the disguise pen to look like a princess to slip in the party, making up a name of a kingdom and claiming she was the princess of it. She saw her father, who thought she looked a bit like Usagi, and wondered if she would look that beautiful when she grew up. Nephrite (as Sanjoin) saw Naru and asked her to dance, and they eventually went to a balcony where he possessed her. All the while Usagi wasn't having any fun alone until Tuxedo Kamen appeared and they danced, which brought back some deep memories in both of them. This was cut short however, as the possessed Naru went to the princess' room and passed the evil energy to her, where now the princess was possessed and ran with the treasure to an outdoor balcony to toss it to Nephrite. Usagi tried to stop her, but was shoved off the balcony, where Tuxedo Kamen caught her, but she slipped out of her glove and began to fall, so Luna tossed her her parasol and the two glided to safety. Usagi changed to Sailormoon and joined Mercury and Mars who were outside the whole time. Mars used her anti-ghost charm to remove the spirit from the princess, and the senshi destroyed it. The princess woke up and Luna asked if she was their princess, but when she put her glasses on and saw Luna talk, she fainted again. She later unveiled the treasure, which ended up being a diamond statue. Usagi got thirsty and drank some cocktail and got a bit tipsy, so Tuxedo Kamen carried her to the balcony and kissed her, which brought back some memories for both of them.

We see DiC's first super mangled scene in this episode. The famouse Balcony/Umbrella scene. Too bad that this was a horrible sign of things to come (Can we say episodes 45/46?)

This episode was pretty good for the most part. Original concept was there, script didn't stray too far from the episode, pretty good job. Two things I didn't like though. First off, the umbrella scene being cut and changed around. Since, especially in the time period this was dubbed, because of the mentality of casual viewers that anime = cartoon I don't see kids trying to imitate this scene from a "cartoon." Second is the ending scene ruined. The kiss at the end was supposed to be the big thing at the end of the night, and they make it a dream. *sigh*

;_; why did they have to ruin the ending of this? If it weren't for that and the umbrella scene (which is semi-understandable in their intent, but at the same time..there are WORSE things shown on cartoons), this episode may have been a lot more accurate.

The script was good for the most part, original concept was there and not many changes were made. Overall it could've been a bit more closely adapted, but not much was bad enough to note except for the ending scene. Cuts and edits were a bit more apparent in this episode that the last few. This episode marked the premiere of Kunzite, named Malachite in the dub to avoid any legal confrontation with the copyright holder of the word Kunzite if I remember correctly (or at least, that's the story most people go with).

Princess Dia's name is changed to Princess Diamond.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. *grumble* It gets kinda annoying having to list this every single episode.....how many left...?

(15 seconds) The conversation we see between Serena, Melvin, and Molly is cut short in the dub. The original has Umino talking in more detail about the princess' arrival in Japan and the special diamond to be unveiled, as well as Usagi's reactions.

(7 seconds) While Luna is talking to herself about the possibility of Princess Dia being the moon princess they're looking for, we normally see her take a good look of the newspaper on the table. The shot of the newspaper, full of kanji, is cut completely.

(3 seconds) Kunzite's short appearance is made even shorter by 2 seconds in the dub.

(2 seconds) A close up of Usagi crying in the middle of an argument with Rei is cut.

.........Because..........Girls don't cry. Stupid Japanese, messing with our frail young Americans/Canadians *pets poor defenseless sheltered North Americans* Making them think that GIRLS CRY. And have PERSONALITY. *cough*

(~1 second) Though hardly worth mentioning but may as well since I took the time to resync the episodes to figure it out. As Usagi uses the disguise pen, Luna jumps on the couch, unless you watch the dub where she just appears there.

(3 seconds) The still shot of Tuxedo Kamen's hand catching Usagi's hand is cut short before the camera pans up the scene.

(2 seconds) Snippets of Ami and Rei outside cut the mini-scene even shorter.

When Mars attacks Nephrite with Fire Soul, we normally only see the flames shoot towards him, but DiC added in the entire animation of Mars doing her attack for whatever reason. Making.....the episode...longer? So....if they're making the episode LONGER...then why do they even bother cutting useless things? I'm just so freaking confused....

(20 seconds) Ah, the famous umbrella scene. As some may be aware, Usagi's hand eventually slipped out of her glove and she began to fall and Tuxedo Kamen went after her as Luna tossed Usagi's parasol over to her, which helped them glide down to safety. In the dub, we saw....

...the glove start to slip off, but not all the way. Then it appeared that Tuxedo Mask pulled Usagi back up, since DiC took the footage of her going over the balcony and played it in reverse. He then told Serena to go down the stairs and he'd meet her down there. Two things wrong with that. One, it's kind of hard to go down stairs pointing up (recycled footage from earlier in the episode). Second, how was Tuxedo Mask going to meet her out there? And Third....where the FREAK did Usagi get that Umbrella from later on??

(2 seconds) Pieces of everyone crowded around Princess Dia were shaved off about two seconds.

After all the trouble of avoiding seeing any of the fall (and ignoring how Tuxedo Mask might have gotten down there), Princess Dia-youma flies outside through the same window and balcony, and then the senshi JUMP RIGHT FROM THE BALCONY TO THE GROUND. -_-;;

The ending scene was slightly changed in meaning. Originally Usagi got thirsty and a bit drunk off of cocktail, and was carried to the balcony by Tuxedo Kamen and was kissed by him, bringing back some memories. The dub creatively changed this by having Serena want to stick around a bit and start drinking, though it's never said what she's drinking. And the scene of the kiss on the balcony is said to be a dream as the episode closes. Way to ruin the big moment of the episode.

Total Retained 68%

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