21 "Kodomotachino yumemamore! Animeni musubu yuujou"
(Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime)
17 "An Animated Mess" 95-10-3

A Sailor V anime is in production according to a commercial Usagi sees on TV, and she hopes that someone would make an anime of her someday. Two of the animators (Hiromi and Kasuko) are best friends are slightly disappointed in that the director thinks their work isn't exactly perfect yet. Hiromi says she was thinking of quitting and Kazuko gets upset, but Hiromi says she was just joking and they race to the studio, not realizing that Hiromi has dropped her folder. Ami sees the folder drop on her way out of a store, but doesn/t have time to return it right then because of cram school and decides to return it later that night. On her way to the studio, Nephrite drives by, on the way to possess Hiromi. Before he arrives, Hiromi looks through Kazuko's pictures and is impressed with how good they are and hopes her's could be that good someday, and decides to use the special pencils the two bought together a few years back when they were applying for animation school, and promises to not use them except in special cases and only if they told each other. However most of the pencils are already used up and she feels guilty about it. Nephrite then enters the studio stating he was a fan and encourages her to do her best, possessing her last pencil in the process. Mercury confronts Nephrite on the way out, but he speeds off quickly. Kazuko returns with some dinner for Hiromi and then Ami walks in to return the folder, but Hiromi just walks in a different room. Kazuko apologizs and tells Ami to come back later. The next day she comes back with Usagi and Rei, who are excited about being in an animation studio. Hiromi comes out and scolds them for being so loud, and Kazuko scolds Hiromi for getting mad at them. Hiromi eventually leaves and Kazuko and the senshi follow her to the top of a building, where the Gemini Warriors eventually come out of the pencil. They seem unstoppable, and nearly defeat the senshi, but they end up arguing over who should finish them off, and their ribbon of friendship was untied, leaving them open for a combined attack from the senshi. This defeats the youma and returns Hiromi to normal.

I thought this episode was rather cute. It's rare for a Sailor Moon filler episode to really catch my attention, but this is one of the rare ones. Luckily, DiC handled it alright (for DiC standards anyway), so most of it was retained.

Pretty good filler episode, and actually done fairly well too. My only real complaint with this episode is giving "Laurie" a horrible southern belle accent. Script could've been a bit better too, but it wasn't mangled that much. I do kind of wish DiC had taken a stab of having a song in the background for the ending scenes since this was the first episode in the original with a song used instead of just background music for the ending. Doesn't make sense how so far they've made a song for an episode that didn't have one and not make one for one that did, but not too bad job for the most part on this episode as a whole.

Biggest complaint? The horrid accent. It wasn't even Southern Belle, it was more...horrendously redneck trailer trash. And the human sarcasm comment..*bashes head against wall* Not terrible, but could have been a LOT better. Let's try and do away with the idiotic, pointless accents, DiC.

Script was ok for the most part as it kept the concept of the episode within it and didn't stray too far off from the original script. While it wasn't really that close with the original script, it wasn't so bad as to have to note all the dialogue changes made.

Hiromi's name is changed to Laurie. Unfortunately in the dub we have to sit through one of the worst southern accent's....ever. Accents are ok....I mean, heck, Japan has a ton of them....but I dunno, it just never seems to work that well in the dub. Maybe I'm a bit too critical...

Kasuko's name is changed to Cassie.

The Youma Castor and Pollux, aka Gemini Warriors are just called the Gemini Twins in the dub.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. Moooooo.

In the original when we see Usagi's TV, we see the kana for "Sailor V" and then kanji for a coming soon message, with a red background. In the dub, the TV screen is all fuzzy with the text "Sailor V" in a bland font all in caps, followed by a "Coming soon" done in the same fashion. You think that if they took the time to edit out the TV screen and use the fuzz effect that DiC would at least try to make the mini-scene look somewhat shiny, it just looks so bad the way they did it. Semi-noteworthy is that the original has the "Se....ra....V!" dialogue as the scenes of her change, but the dub just had some TV announcer blab on about the movie.

A pan across the top of some buildings had the kana left in.

Right after we get done talking about how they changed the Sailor V segment. *shakes head* I think they just change it when they feel the text is important to the audience....otherwise they don't really care.

Just to note, they cut a lot of kana in this episode but at the same time leave a LOT in. Keep an eye out for the stuff they left in, as this'll be the last time we mention it in this comparison.

(8 seconds) The scene of the flashback of the director explaining to the animators of how their Sailor V drawings aren't perfect is cut short and slightly changed. When he explains to the picture, he states that her hair should be messier after a battle and that the legs are a tad too short, and tells the girls he wants perfection. In the original, he was commenting on how the drawings lacked passion and commented on Sailor V's legs. Right after the pointing clip, we can see the funny expressions on the animators' faces in disbelief and Hiromi inquires if they should make her look sexier. The director gets all defensive and worried looking saying he would never suggest that since he's a parent and all. The funny expressions on the girls' faces up until near the end of the director being defensive is cut.

As I was writing up that last box in my notes, I noticed that the kana on all the Sailor V posters in the room remained. Continuing on, the kanji in the street while the animators were talking all remained, the bubble of the kana "hey!" before they raced remained, and most of the kana on Hiromi's folder remained. I say most because....

...we don't see all of Hiromi's folder. After Ami picks it up, the camera pans down the entire folder and stops on the address and phone numbers of the school. In the dub, the camera pans most of the way down but stops before the address and phone numbers can be seen.

(7 seconds) A scene of Kasuko buying some dinner for Hiromi is cut.

Having nothing to do with the comparison......but can we say Haruka and Michiru archtype? Heh. Heh. Heh. Alriiiiight. *goes into Quagmire mode*

(3 seconds) The scene of Nephrite driving by Ami is cut slightly shorter in the dub. It's worthy to note they don't flip Nephrite's car to make it look American.

(3 seconds) When Hiromi sees Kasuko's pictures, she looks shocked of how good they are for a few seconds, which is cut from the dub.

(3 seconds) There are snippets here and there of Hiromi reminiscing about when she and Kasuko bought the 'expensive pencils', cutting the scene short by about three seconds.

As Usagi and Ami leave school, their gate usually has the kanji for their school on the wall, but this is edited out in the dub. Within one second we see kana on Raye's bag very clearly, and less than a second after that, a different angle of the scene with the gate's sign having the kana of the school edited out.

Neflyte - "You've been studying human sarcasm I see."
Zoisite - "It's required."

Ok, two things that are wrong with this.

First, not funny.

Second.....Umm....sorry to break it to you...but they ARE human. They're FROM Earth. *shakes head in disgrace*

(3 seconds) A sign on the window of the studio says, "keep personal conversations to a minimum" is cut.

In the freeze frame with everyone crowded around the phone, DiC decided to have the camera slowly zoom in towards the center.

(2 seconds) Hiromi walking to the streets is cut short.

(4 seconds) The "youma release" scene is cut short by a few seconds.

The combined henshin scene has bits and pieces moved around out of order from the original, and a few seconds are added to the episode in the process.

Now, I question why they bother cutting useless stuff (for what I assume is time, cause I can't think of a better explanation), when they just end up ADDING time later? DiC does this a lot, and it really baffles my mind. Honestly, it gives me a headache...

*looks over at Dan*

How many more episodes of this do we have to suffer through?? About 60??


Please excuse me while I go have a seizure.

(2 seconds) The Gemini Warriors walking to the fallen senshi is cut.

In the original, from the start of the senshi combined attack up until the end of the episode, the song "Tsukini Kawatte Oshioki Yo" is playing in the background. The dub did not feature any special song for the background of these closing scenes.

*blank stare*

I....don't even remember a song playing in this episode...Well, if it wasn't memorable it must not have been that good *shrugs*. You're probably not missing out on much ^^;;;;;;; *watches as Sailor Moon purists rally together to kill Bob for such words of blasphemy*

.................uh oh...

..........what?? *runs away*

(12 seconds) The final scene of the episode is cut completely. After the senshi and Luna are happy about the status of the Sailor V production being good again, we would normally see the camera pan up the studio building into the sky, where we eventually see the two animators' pinky's intertwine in the sky like in the flashback of them getting their special pencils.

All this is cut. I guess DiC thought it was a bit too "inappropriate", if you catch my drift. Heh. Heh. Heh. Alriiiight. *is knocked unconscious by Tiff*

Total Retained 76%

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