Movie "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie"
(The Fabulous 9 get together! Miracle in the Black Dream Hole)
Movie "Sailor Moon SuperS - Black Dream Hole" 00-5-23

In the early hours of the morning, a flute is heard playing. Kids from all over the city seem to get up and follow the musician to a ship, singing about candy, chocolate, a magical world, and three o'clock fairies. The musician takes them all away into the sky and then disappears, all the while being watched by a small boy, who also has a flute. Meanwhile, Usagi and the others are making cookies at Mako-chan's house. Usagi's are very pretty cookies while Chibi-Usa's are ugly. Chibi-Usa boasts that while hers are ugly, when eaten they'll give you 100x power and 100x courage. Unfortunately for Usagi, her cookies are very bad tasting while Chibi-Usa's are good. When the cuckoo clock goes off, Mako-chan, realizes it's 3PM and talks about the 3 o'clock fairy. Chibi-Usa runs off to give her cookies to Mamoru. On the way to Mamoru's apartment, she notices a boy that looks like a fairy. She investigates but doesn't see anything too odd. They talk for a while and the boy plays his flute to make the cookies in a candy store dance. Chibi-Usa is amazed and introduces herself. The boy introduces himself as Peruru. Chibi-Usa gives him her cookies that she had made and leaves. Meanwhile, at Mamoru's apartment, Usagi is upset because she thinks that Mamoru loves Chibi-Usa more than her. Mamoru proves his love by eating Usagi's disgusting cookies. They then hear a report on the radio about kids in over 40 countries getting abducted in their sleep. That night, the same musician comes and Chibi-Usa is one of the victims. Diana wakes Usagi and they follow after her. They follow Chibi-Usa all the way to a ship where Usagi spanks Chibi-Usa to snap her out of it. The music then stops and the man with the flute speaks. He sends candy monsters after the 6 girls. Once they realize that they can't beat the monsters themselves, they transform and fight. Tuxedo Mask comes to help, but he is seriously hurt in the fight. Peruru also appears and reveals that he is a fairy, just like the other man. In the commotion, Chibi-Moon is captured and taken away and the senshi confront Peruru to ask how they can save Chibi-Moon. Peruru explains that Badiyanu is behind all of this. She ordered him and three other fairies to collect children and bring them to her. Peruru and the senshi take Peruru's ship and follow the other fairy, Pupuran. When they get to Badiyanu's castle, they are attacked and crash. Pupuran and two other fairies then confront them. The battle seems to be going in the fairies' favor when suddenly the outer senshi appear. They find the fairies' weaknesses and defeat them. They then all go to the heart of the castle where Badiyanu is. Once there, they find Badiyanu and Chibi-Moon. Badiyanu explains she wants the sugar energy of all the children's dreams so that she can revive the black dream hole to swallow the earth. Sailor Moon and Peruru then try to infiltrate Badiyanu's shield to save Chibi-Moon. The others try to help but are quickly subdued. Sailor Moon and Peruru make it through but Badiyanu goes into the black dream hole. After eating one of the cookies that Chibi-Usa made (which Peruru still had) that gives 100x power and courage, Sailor Moon follows after her. Sailor Moon finds Chibi-Moon but is sent into a dream world. She breaks free however and uses the power of the ginzuishou to revive Chibi-Moon. They then use a double Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Badiyanu and destroy the black dream hole. When they return to earth. Peruru gives Chibi-Moon his flute so that she would remember him. Chibi-Moon gives Peruru a kiss in return. Peruru then flies off while the other senshi look on.

It couldn't possibly be possible that all three movies could be ruined, could it? Oh, quite possible. Optimum was able to ruin yet ANOTHER movie, whoopie! This movie had its ups and downs, but personally, I found more downs than ups. I mean, seriously...."Three o'clock Mondays"???

I've watched the movie subbed before with my mom walking by once giving me strange looks, god only knows what would've happened if she walked by when I was watching the dub version. At least the abrupt commerical breaks in the Toonami airing showed me some mercy, for once I was glad they were a bit scattered instead of the pefrect places that they should've been.

What the HELL is a three o clock monday? Mercury Gas? What, is she bloated? *throws Ami a rolaid* Oh, so showing 8 year old girls completely nude is okay, but showing colored, sparkly henshi sequences with no real nudity and simple barbie doll body lines is wrong? Explain THAT one to me. And why the HELL do they keep trying to jam the fact that "Serena" is "Rini's" mother down our throats? *rubs head* I am so glad I didn't have to watch this thing...

For this movie....It seems that the writing of the script went like this.

1 - Take original script
2 - Take out important words
3 - Replace words with random words from the dictionary
4 - Put new script into blender
5 - Tape script back together and hope it doesn't accidentally have any profanities in it
6 - Sprinkle bad jokes in here and there
7 - Shaken, not stirred

Yep....That's pretty much it. *cough*

Peruru, Badiyanu, and Pupuran all retain their names (except Pupuran is changed to Pupulan, but that's not a big deal). Of course, the pronunciation was still horrible but I'll let it slide this time.

Oh yeah, and everything that applied for the R and S movie (DiC BG music, DiC voices) applies to this one as well.

The candy monsters, Papiyot, are called "Candy Wrappers" in the dub. Riiiiight, whatever floats there boat I guess....*shrugs* They retain their other name of "BonBon Baby" though.

The Coffin of dreams are changed to "dream boxes".

The Black Dream Hole retains its name.

Marzipannu castle doesn't retain its name, but that's ok cause no kid in american could ever remember, or want to remember, that name.....^^;;;;

Well, look at this, at least the movie started out right!

Minus the very first line in the movie, the beginning section all the way up to where the theme song is played is 100% identical to the Japanese version! Yep, even the kids were singing in Japanese. Unfortunately, this is one of the only high points in the movie.

When Ami is making cookies and everyone is admiring how good she is at it, the original background music plays.

Also, the whole 100x courage 100x power cookie thing was deleted, ruining the whole "cookie" plot and ruining the scene towards the end where Usagi eats one of the cookies to go into the black dream hole. The 'Three o'clock fairy' thing was also ruined, as it was changed to 'Three o'clock Mondays'. Considering Three o'clock fairy had something to do with the plot while three o'clock monday has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, I consider this a stupid change.

All of the songs that the fairies play on their flutes are the same as they were in Japanese, in other words they didn't pull an "Ail/Alan" on us.

In the scene where Chibi-Usa introduces herself to Peruru, she goes

"I - AM - RINI"

See spot. See spot run. Run spot, run.

Something interesting of note, in Mamoru's apartment, "Nothing At All", from the Lunarock soundtrack is playing.

(3 seconds) The scene where Usagi spanks Chibi-Usa to wake her up from her daze is cut.

  • The spanking
  • Dazed Chibi-usa
  • Normal Chibi-usa
  • All the attacks and transformations of the inner senshi are the same except Mars' which uses the correct attack of "Mars Flame Sniper!".

    (2 seconds) The scene where all the senshi say "Make Up!" is cut.

  • Make Up!
  • The little boxes that the senshi are transforming in are all censored. Thankfully Pioneer was nice enough to go ahead and censor the SuperS henshins rather than just use the already censored S henshins.......

    When Serena and Rini transform, they yell out

    "Super Moon Crisis Power!"

    No comment......

    Optimum finds it possible to mess up a buttload of attack names (must've been the same writers from the S and SuperS season ~_^). Here's a list....

    Shine Aqua Illusion = Mercury Gas (O.o;;;), although it does retain it's original name later in the movie.
    Fire Soul = Flash.....Yes....Just "Flash".....Later it becomes "Mars Fire Flash....
    Sparkling Wide Pressure = Thunder...That's it...
    Supreme Thunder = Supreme Thunder Crash (when it should be Jupiter Thunder Crash)


    (15 seconds) After Tuxedo Mask bats the BonBon Baby away from Chibi-Moon, we see him stagger to get up, then he gets hit HARD by another BonBon Baby and SLAMS into the ship.

  • Trying to get up
  • Slamming into the ship
  • As Chibi-Moon is being taken away in the ship, she yells out


    DEAR GOD, WHO WRITES THIS STUFF!?!? How many times must I go on that Chibi-Usa does NOT view Usagi as her mom. She just doesn't. Much in the same way, Usagi doesn't view Chibi-Usa as her daughter. Can they EVER get it straight?

    As Sailor Moon and the others approach the castle, she belts out -

    "There it is guys! Not too late to turn back!"

    Yes, let's turn back and leave Chibi-Usa and the hundreds of other kids there to die...Yes, let's do that, eh?

    The outers appear. I know this shouldn't really be in a SDA box but since just about everything that comes out of the dub outer senshi's mouth is total crap, I'll leave it here ^^

    Their speeches are ruined, there's a big suprise.

    Pluto's voice sucks - It's absolutely abhorous...I'd kill for the girl who did Pluto in the S season.

    We get the worst, "PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!" I've _EVER_ heard.

    And Uranus either sounds too much like a woman or too much like a robot.

    On the brighter side of the news, all the new outer attacks retain their name - Submarine Reflection and Space Sword Blaster.

    When Neptune and Uranus are talking to each other after they defeat the fairies, Neptune says -

    "Life is full of wonderful experiences from beginning to end!"

    .........Wha? Why are you blushing, Uranus? Why? Huh!??!

    Originally, Neptune said that there were many more "fun" things to do as adults. *giggle*

    Oh yeah, also...(since I'm too lazy to open another SDA box)...Peruru calls Badiyanu an "Ugly sick cow"......Heh....Riiiiiiiiiight.....

    (9 seconds) The scene where the senshi get attacked and start to "detransform" is cut. Guess all those body lines were too much for Optimum/Pioneer to take.

  • Mars and Mercury
  • Jupiter and Neptune
  • Pluto, Uranus, and Venus
  • The outers
  • When Usagi is in the dream sequence with Mamoru, and she yells "Crisis Power!" to get out....The "crisis Power" is changed to "Moon Crisis Power!"....Not a big deal.

    (3 seconds) The scene where the senshi "retransform" after Sailor Moon releases the power of the ginzuishou. Too many body lines again.....

    None of Chibi-Usa's nudity is cut.....*cough*.....perverts......hehe, j/k

    On a final note, I'd just like to say.....


    Heh, sorry, I usually like Chibi-Usa, but this was a little too much for me. ^_^

    Total Retained 69%

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