Movie "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S The Movie"
(Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S - The Movie)
Movie "Sailor Moon S - Hearts In Ice" 00-5-23

A small comet is seen passing by the moon by a scientist named Kakeru. While watching it, he sees something fall off of it. He watches it until it hits the earth. Once it hits, he goes to see what it is. What he finds is a small crystal type object. Meanwhile, Usagi and the others are enjoying their last winter break before high school. After a bit of quarrelling between Usagi and Luna, Luna says she's not feeling good and is going to go home. On the way home, she gets delirious and collapses in the middle of a crosswalk. She's about to get hit when Kakeru jumps and saves her. He takes care of her for the rest of the night, watching over her to see if her condition got any better or worse. After Luna sees this, she falls for him. Later, Luna meets Kakeru's girlfriend, Himeko. She had been in America apparently training to go into space. Kakeru tells Himeko about the comet he saw, but she doesn't seem to believe him. Kakeru then seems to suddenly be in pain, and he asks Himeko to leave. He then tells Luna about Princess Kaguya and the goddess of the Moon. Meanwhile, everyone is very worried about Luna. While everyone is looking for her, it starts to snow. Suddenly, snow like monsters appear and start attacking everyone. All the senshi transform and attack the monster that's around them. The four inners fight one, the three outers fight one, and Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon, and Tuxedo Mask fight the last one. After the battle, everything returns to normal and they find Luna, who has a ribbon around her neck which she got from Kakeru. Kakeru's condition continues to worsen, and Luna tries to look through medical books to try and find a cure. Later, we learn that it was the crystal that he found that had been making him sick. The ice queen who adopts the name "Princess Snow Kaguya" explains that she needs that crystal to make the earth become encased in ice. The Sailors find Princess Snow Kaguya's base and they go to fight. After some fighting, the Snow Dances and Snow Kaguya gain the upper hand. Sailor Moon then appears to fight, but she too is defeated. Then, they realize that they have to use the Silver Crystal Power of love and friendship that Artemis told them about to defeat Snow Kaguya. In the end, they overwhelm Kaguya and she is destroyed, and with the power of the Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon wishes that Luna could become human to become the Princess Kaguya for Kakeru. Luna becomes human and her and Kakeru go into outer space together. There, Luna tells Kakeru that he needs to be there for Himeko. Later, we see Himeko and Kakeru reunited at the airport, and we see Artemis and Luna who seem to be a couple now as well.

Just like the R movie, the S movie got the shaft treatment as well. The script was pretty much ruined, the acting was horrible, those damn DiC cues came back, and just about everything that COULD go wrong DID. Oh well....Might as well just go and read the comparison now....

Like I said before, I'm not willing to spend a cent on seeing the dub movies. So I waited around until they finally aired on Toonami. Seeing that the R movie had nothing extra cut out of it for TV, I safely assumed S didn't as well and neither would SuperS, hoping that only commerical breaks would be put in. Well, if there's one thing that pissed me off besides the obvious bad dub job, it was the placements of the commericial breaks. In places I pretty much expected them to be after watching this movie so many times, there would be no break, but in places that I wouldn't expect, or even not make sense (near climax of the final battle) there would be. It doesn't take a genius to know when the flow of a movie stops abruptly in the middle of a scene rather than have one in a break in the action. This happened in the R movie as well, but not as bad as in S. Anyways, another thing I didn't like was the music. No, not the fact they used dub music (well, yes, but not the point I'm getting at), but the choice of dub music and where it was played. I mean, throughout the Classic and R seasons, there was always the same music in certain situations. Well, when a few of these occured in the movies, they decided to play something else. For example, when the inners henshin, they have this music that plays for them in the dubbed seasons, however, in the dubbed movies, we have a super-extendo version of Sailor Moon's dub henshin music. And there were times where the music was placed and timed worse than DiC did during Classic and R. Everything else you can pretty much read below in the comparision, but there's one thing I'd like to point out that's there but I to anyways. The credits song for this movie is "Nothing At all." Out of all the DiC songs made and released on Sailor Moon CDs, this was the hands down best choice. It's too bad that the song was cut severly down to size, the one really good thing they do and they couldn't hold on to the moment.

*twitch* know, if i had powers like lina inverse, all the producers/directors/writers/VA's of this dub would be annihialated..i have two main things to say: 1) I have concluded that dubbed luna should be put down for being a rabid cat after hearing that sickening thing cry and 2) If i am forced to hear anymore dic music in place of original, and anymore outer teenyboppers, i will start hurting things. Want to know my full view on this? Read my rant at (which i wrote about a year ago). Ja!

I hope you guys have caught on by now that I start every episode (in this case, movie) comparison by telling how altered the script was. Well, for this movie, there really wasn't much TO change, but believe you me, if there was, it was changed. Pile this onto bad acting, horrible pronunciation, and awful music, and you got a pretty big piece of crap ^^;;

Basically, all things dealing with music, sound effects, and the opening are the same as the R movie, and will be the same for the SS movie. That means DiC music cues with one or two Japanese cues, original sound effects, and the same opening used for the R movie.

Himeko Nayotake retains her name. The only annoying thing is that Kakeru seems to pronounce her name as "Him-eh-ko" instead of "Hee-meh-ko".

Kakeru retains his name....Kinda...The girl who does Himeko's voice is VERY good at pronouncing Japanese names (she even rolled her "r" in "Kakeru") but Luna totally destroys the name...Pronouncing it "Kay-keh-roo"....*shudder*

Princess Snow Kaguya retains her name, although it's sometimes pronounced "Ka-GOO-ya" instead of "Ka-goo-YA", with the accent on the wrong syllable, making the name sound weird.

The Snow Dancers retain their name.

You know those little Sugar Stars? Although a minor thing in the story, they're still worthy of mention. In the dub...For some reason they're called "Star Flakes"....What is this, a new Kellogg's product??

A final note, it appears to me as if the girl who does Himeko's voice also did Hotaru's voice in S, and the guy who did Kakeru's voice also did Tomoe's voice in S.......Odd....Seems a BIT more than a *nudge nudge* ^^;;;; Sorry, just something interesting I noticed.

In the beginning where we see Kakeru driving towards where the crystal fell, all scenes where the car is visible are switched to make the car look "American".........GRRRRRRRR......

(9 seconds) After Rei suggests Usagi made too much fun of Luna and that's why she ran away, there's a shot of Usagi telling everyone all the names Luna calls her. There was a lot of kanji and kana in this shot so that's why I think it was cut...

  • Shot 1
  • Shot 2
  • Shot 3
  • In the dub, there's a part where Snow Kaguya sings a little song to summon the snow dancers (and while she sings, she's blowing out a cold wind and this is where the snow dancers come from)....The only problem with this is that they didn't HAVE to have the voice actress do this....That SAME melody was used in the original Japanese BGM...Why not just use the original BGM for this scene....????

    The snow dancers sound like yelping chihuahua's....It's ridiculous....

    I know that this really isn't SDA....But they sound so awful that I couldn't handle just putting it in a "Side Note" box....

    Just like in the R movie, the inners transformation scenes are edited...But that's not the reason for this box...We get 3 new transformations, the outers', which are edited much in the same way the inners' were.

    I would just like to mention that the outer's appearance and transformations are totally ruined by bad music. ANYONE who says the DiC music cues are better, just listen to the horrible music during the transformations and then tell me they still want the DiC music cues. Honestly, I don't see how ANYONE in their right mind would want these cues *shudder*

    I would just like to note that the outer's transformation phrases are as follows....

    "Uranus Planet Power!"
    "Neptune Planet Power!"
    "Pluto Planet Power!"

    Also, the attacks are as follows...

    "Uranus World Shaking!"
    "Neptune Deep Submerge!"
    "Pluto Deadly Scream!"

    So basically, we get the good transformation phrases with the bad attack names....

    Also, Uranus and Neptune's voices are the same as they were in the S season (although Uranus' voice is way too high pitched) but Pluto's voice is done by the girl who did it in R. Personally, I liked the S voice MUCH better....It was way less ditzy....

    Oh, also....since I'm too lazy to open a new side note box, the DiC attacks, "Jupiter Thunder Crash" and "Venus Crescent Beam Smash" are changed to "Supreme Thunder Crash" and "Crescent Beam Smash", also, "Mars Fire Ignite" retains its DiC name even though it was called "Mars Fireballs Flash" in the R movie...

    After Venus and Jupiter apparently immobilize the snow dancer, Venus says

    "Heh! Well, she's no Venus De Milo!"

    .........Did she REALLY have to say that....? Couldn't she have said what she said in the original...."What an odd monster.." or something like that....

    After Sailor Moon defeats the Snow Dancer and everything turns back to normal, the scene where we see the street and all the people recovering, the scene is reversed to make the cars "American". ?.? God forbid American children learn that this show came from Japan.........

    I think the original background music was kept at the end of the scene where Princess Snow Kaguya explains about her "long journey" and how a light bounced her off of the earth.

    (1 second) You know the scene where Luna tries to get Usagi's potpourri while they're sleeping and it ends up spilling everywhere and the bottle lands on her head? Well, when the bottle actually hits her head, kana appears above her to add humor to the situation. The few frames that the kana were in were cut.

    When Kakeru is looking at the picture of him and Himeko and he starts to cry (I believe this is just after Himeko and Kakeru "break up"), the original background music plays.

    This was just downright wrong....

    I have four words for you...

    Luna - Fields - Running - Orgasm

    This was right after Luna gives Kakeru a kiss and we see her running through the fields all giddy. Now, I don't know WHAT the hell Jill Frappier was doing during this scene, but all I got to say is that this is CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING!!!!!! You naughty naughty girl! Now, if you don't know what I'm talking about yet, just watch that scene.....You'll _KNOW_ what I'm talking about......

    In the scene where the three outers are talking about their new enemy, Pluto says -

    "You know, it's almost as if time has stopped!"

    Yes, I know this is practically identical to what she said in the Japanese version, that's not the problem. The problem is how she said it. In the original, Setsuna said this in a DEAD SERIOUS tone, in the dub, they replaced Setsuna with Britney Spears. So, inevitably, the line ended up reminding me of this....

    "You KNNNNNOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW, it's like, tee-hee, almost as if time has STOPPPPPPPPPPED! TEE-HEE! *pops gum*"


    In the scene where Luna talks about how she wishes she were human so she could be Princess Kaguya for Kakeru, she cries. Well, that's fine and dandy except for the fact that Luna crying = dying cat. It was awful. In the original she cried and sounded HUMAN. I don't know WHY they made her make cat noises as she cried.....Luna was originally human for crying out loud (or so the Japanese Seiyuu for Luna says).

    (4 seconds) During the battle between the Snow Dancers and the outers (minus Chibi-Moon and Sailor Moon), the scene where Uranus and Venus go crashing into an ice wall is cut.

    Crisis Make Up! = Super Moon Crisis Power!

    O.o;;; Wha...? Heh, and we thought "Moon Crisis Power" was bad.....*faints*....Then to top it off....

    Rainbow Moon Heart Ache! = Rainbow Moon Heartache Reform!

    *is foaming at the mouth*

    Just a few things to note, and since I like using these SDA boxes so much, I'll continue to use them even though they really aren't needed ^_^;;

    Uranus reminds me of that dorky kid from the Simpsons who always goes "I'm gonna have to check with my manager on that one...." You know, the one whose voice is always cracking? Yeah.....Specifically the line where Uranus goes "I wont let you die!" in reference to Sailor Moon.....It's really sad that Sailor Moon is reminding me of the Simpsons....That should never happen........*cough*

    You know Sailor Moon's speech about how wonderful life is in the middle of "Silver Crystal Power"? Well, it was pretty damn cheesy in the original, and somehow they managed to make it even cheesier in the dub......Greeeeaaaaattt.......

    (4 seconds) In the scene where Luna transforms into a human, we get probably the most GRAPHIC scene in all of Sailor Moon as far as nudity is concerned. We get a full front on shot of her genitalia area and her breasts, nipples and all.......The part showing her privates is cut.

  • Luna's butt
  • Genitals
  • Boobies
  • (1 second) After Luna's hair grows long, there's a short full-body shot that's cut.

  • And the total package
  • Luna and Kakeru's flight through space uses the original background music. Also, notice how Luna's dub voice and human luna's appearance don't match.......Hmmmm.....She doesn't LOOK anything like Mary Poppins........

    Oddly enough, the ending shot of Usagi and Mamoru is actually LONGER in the dub.....O.o;;;; Riiiiiight......

    The ending theme song is changed from Moonlight Destiny to "Nothing At All"......Now, i wouldn't normally mind this change since I like the song "Nothing at All", but they butchered their own song! I mean, the song is only about 2 minutes to begin with, and they didn't even get to the 2nd verse! ?.?

    Total Retained 66%

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