Movie "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R The Movie"
(Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R - The Movie)
Movie "Sailor Moon R - The Promise of a Rose" 00-2-8

Usagi and company decide to go to a botanical garden. There, Mamoru meets up with an old friend, Fiore, who says he's finally returned because he found the perfect flower for him. Mamoru was a little puzzled by this and didn't recognize Fiore at first. After some talking, Fiore leaves. It turns out that Fiore and Mamoru met each other when they were both children, but since Fiore couldn't survive on this world, he had to leave. Before he left, Mamoru gave Fiore a flower as a symbol of their friendship. Fiore vowed to come back once he found the perfect flower for Mamoru. Later, Luna and Artemis discover a large asteroid heading for earth. They say it's not really a threat since it's not dense and would burn up in the atmosphere, but that it contains plant life on it. The next morning as everyone is leaving to go to school, they discover a whole street of unconscious people. The people start to get up and start attacking Usagi and the others. Rei is able to release them from being controlled and they discover a plant-like monster was controlling them and stealing their energy. The senshi transform and fight. After some fighting, the plant monster is destroyed, but then Fiore appears. He easily defeats the senshi and then goes after Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask appears and tells him not to fight. Fiore starts to listen but then the evil Kisenian Flower takes control. Fiore attacks Sailor Moon but Tuxedo Mask jumps in and saves her, mortally wounding himself in the process. Fiore then takes Tuxedo Mask away. That night, Luna and Artemis explain what the Kisenian Flower is. It's a flower that takes control of a weak-minded person and uses that person for its own gain. They decide to go to the asteroid to save Tuxedo Mask. Once they're there, they find Tuxedo Mask, but Fiore is there to stop them. They get surrounded by hundreds of plant monsters but they successfully hold them off. Then the plant monsters converge and capture the inner senshi minus Moon. Fiore threatens to kill the inner senshi if Sailor Moon doesn't surrender. The inners tell Sailor Moon to fight anyway but she surrenders. This baffles Fiore and the flower monsters disappear. The Kisenian flower then merges with Fiore to make him extremely powerful. He then takes Sailor Moon and drains her of almost all her energy. He is about to kill her when Tuxedo Mask throws a rose at him, mentally and physically destroying him. He and the Kisenian then decide to change the asteroid's path towards earth. Sailor Moon then gets up and unleashes the Silver Crystal, but Fiore tries to stop her. They then go into a flashback scene where Fiore learns that the rose Mamoru gave Fiore actually came from Usagi. This releases Fiore from Kisenian's grasp and the Kisenian is destroyed. Sailor Moon then transforms into Princess Serenity and uses the Silver Crystal to try and change the asteroid's path. Tuxedo Mask and the other Senshi lend their powers, but under the great stress, the Silver Crystal shatters. The asteroid, now safely in earth's orbit, now is nothing but a small boulder. Everyone is upset over the lifeless Usagi. Fiore then appears to Tuxedo Mask with nectar from a flower that could revive Usagi. Tuxedo Mask kisses her and the Silver Crystal reforms. Sailor Moon then wakes up telling everyone that she told them everything would be ok.

I'm sure that just about all of us were ecstatic when we heard that Pioneer would be handling the R, S, and SuperS movies and I'm sure that just about all of us were extremely shocked and disappointed how they turned out. It was basically like DiC all over again. I had hoped that it would turn out similar to how the DBZ movies they did would - Original music, faithful script, MUCH less censorship - but it didn't. It was almost as if DiC had done the movies themselves.....Only worse. YES - worse than DiC, I KNOW. Hard to believe, but true.

I've only seen the R and S movies so far, I'm having fun trying to find and see the SuperS sub, since I want to see the sub before the dub. One day, I managed to stumble upon the dub R movie online, so I downloaded it and watched. Wow, there was so much cut and changed, I couldn't believe it. The music too, it's almost like DiC had made it themselves, but they couldn't have. I don't see why they had to make a new opening, and then include clips for all three movies, wouldn't it make more sense to have a different opening for different movies? And then the DiC opening song, gah! This movie seemed to have "DiC" written all over it, the music, the unnecessary cuts, stupid dialogue (don't even get me started w/ "moon mamma"), oy! If this was made by DiC, I wouldn't have been so suprised, but Pioneer did this, and they've always been good quality. Oy....

My Gods, end my misery...*shudder* This movie was ruined from the opening to the end. The voices (serena's wailing), the hilarious dialogue (especially the scene where Ami hints at Mamoru's homosexuality), and the music were just butchered. I cannot be happier knowing that this wasn't done to the S and SS dubs. And they got rid of moon revenge...why on why. That's one of my favorite songs. I absolutely hated this dub, and wish it was never done. In fact, anybody who wants my copy (which my mother bought for me accidentally) can buy it (bwahahahha) pardon me while I go into convulsions...

The script for this episo--Errr....I mean Movie was...well...Let's just say "below par". It's not so much that the script in general was way off, it's just that the episode was plagued with SDA all over the place, the horrible DiC slang returned (strangeoid, for example) and the few lines that DID matter were changed. Oh, and don't forget the oh-so popular "Let's talk and make useless chit chat when there was originally silence!" game these companies like to play *sigh*.

Fiore retains his name.

The Kisenian Flower was changed to the Kisenian Blossom. Not a big deal.

Most of the DiC voices return for the movies. The only real change from the last 17 episodes of R was Katie Griffin's return as Sailor Mars.

Unfortunately, the DiC music cues make their oh so non-triumphant return to the movie. Not only do they return, but they're used so poorly. At least when DiC used them they were used in appropriate situations and SOMEWHAT retained some of the original emotion. In the movies, it's almost as if they pulled each song out of a hat and that's how they decided where to put the music. On the plus side, though, some Japanese music DOES make it through. I'll be noting what scenes use the Japanese music. Note that on the DVD uncut dub, the original Japanese score is used throughout the ENTIRE dub. It's only on the edited dub that you'll find DiC music cues.

Much like the last 17 episodes of R, the movies retain all the sound effects used in the Japanese version.

The opening is changed for this movie and the other two. It is changed to some clips from the three movies. My guess as to why they did this was because there was kanji all over the place in the original opening for the movie and there wasn't any textless opening. Still, it's a shame to see it go since the openings for the movie are actually somewhat related to the plot of the movie.

  • Original movie title screen
  • Dub movie title screen
  • OP shot 1
  • OP shot 2
  • OP shot 3
  • OP shot 4
  • Seriously, there's too much SDA in this movie to list, but here's an example of one of the more outstanding lines -

    "That planet's got a mega-high plant energy reading!" - Luna

    Well, first off, it's an asteroid, not a planet. If a planet were going to collide with the earth, I'm sure everyone would be a BIT more worried than they actually were. Second, the use of the word "mega" as in "mega-high" is strictly forbidden. You will be fined and chastised for such horrible use of slang. *slaps writer on the wrist*

    Well, just so you dubbies know, the scene where everyone is making fun of Amy for "having a crush on Darien".....Umm....isn't quite like that in the original. In the original, Ami suggests that Mamoru might "like the company of men" and everyone says that Ami is a perv for suggesting that Mamoru was gay. Heh, poor Ami.

    In the apparent flashback scene of Usagi and Mamoru in their apartment talking about Mamoru's family, the original background music plays, yay! ^_^

    Rei's attack, "Evil Spirits, Be gone!" is changed to "Evil Spirits, Disperse!"

    Eh, that's fine with me. Better than "Mars Fireballs Charge!"

    (1 second) After the plant monster appears the scene where the monster slams Rei and Ami into the wall (making rather large dents, BTW) is cut. Oddly though, everything before that is kept.

  • Ouch
  • All of the inner senshi's transformation scenes are edited so that the body lines are removed, but I must note that they are LESS edited than the DiC version. For example, in Jupiter's transformation, after her clothes are on and the camera moves up her body, the part where we see her butt is NOT blurred out like it is in the DiC version. Not like it was that graphic anyway.......

    Just for the record....In the Japanese version, the flower monster things did NOT talk. They just screamed and made noises, no talking.

    For this movie, most of the DiC attack names were kept but a few were changed.

    "Fire Soul" which was "Mars Fire Ignite" in the DiC dub became "Mars Fireballs Flash".

    "Supreme Thunder" which was "Jupiter Thunder Crash" in the DiC dub became "Supreme Thunder Crash".

    (23 seconds) You know the scene where Chibi-Usa covers Usagi's nose and mouth to try and get her to wake up? Well, in the dub it doesn't take long for that to happen but in the Japanese version it takes 23 seconds before Usagi runs out of breath and gets up gasping for air.

    Before Serena transforms, Rini delights the lot of us (Tiff especially) by saying -

    "Now do your thing, Moon Mama!"

    *GAG CHOKE* Moon.....Mama?? Could we BE anymore cheesy, people??? Whoever came up with that line needs to be hung upside down for a year at least.

    (4 seconds) A shot of the plant monster holding everyone and then close up shots of each senshi RIGHT before Sailor Moon frees them with "Moon Tiara Action".

  • The monster holding the senshi
  • Closeup of the senshi
  • "Moon Princess Halation" which had been "Moon Sceptre Activation" and "Moon Sceptre Elimination" in the DiC dub became "Moon Princess Elimination" in the R movie. O.o;; Are we eliminating Princesses now???

    (2 seconds) When Fiore attacks Mercury and Venus the part where they go shattering through the glass window is cut.

  • Broken glass
  • (1 second) We see Mars after Fiore throws her into the wall but not actually hitting it.

  • That might've hurt
  • (1 second) We see Jupiter after she crashes into the phone booth but we don't see her actually crashing into it.

    "This girl has got you bamboozled, Darien!" - Fiore

    (3 seconds) When Fiore attacks Sailor Moon but Tuxedo Mask jumps in the way, the part where we see Fiore's nails driving into Tuxedo Mask's stomach is cut.

  • x_X
  • (9 seconds) Originally, there was a scene where we saw that it was actually Tuxedo Mask who got hit by Fiore's attack and not Sailor Moon and we see him grunt and fall down, all the while Fiore's nails are still impaling him.

  • Oops... missed
  • Umm...Apparently the hospital where Mamoru was staying at after the car crash that killed his parents was turned into an orphanage in the dub...Riiiiiight...

    (2 seconds) A shot of Mars, Chibi-Usa, and Sailor Moon with a dart on her head is cut.

  • Shooting darts is wrong
  • For some reason, Rini keeps referring to Sailor Moon/Serena as "Mama". That's rather retarded since in the original, it's quite clear that to Chibi-Usa, Usagi and Neo-Queen Serenity are two TOTALLY different people. Usagi is Usagi, not her mom. Chibi-Usa treats and views Usagi more as a sister, definitely NOT a mother.

    (1 second) After Sailor Moon detransforms (yes, this is quite a jump from the last note. Basically the whole time the senshi are on the asteroid, nothing worthy of mentioning happens) after Fiore grabs her brooch, there's a shot from behind of all her ribbons flying back. Probably cut because you could see her butt.

  • Usagi's butt shot
  • The flashback scene of Chibi-Mamoru and Chibi-Usagi uses the original BG Music ^_^ This all ends when Fiore appears and the DiC music cues kick back in ?.?

    The song "Moon Revenge" was changed to "The Power of Love" in the dub. >_< This really sucks because the animation was made EXCLUSIVELY to compliment the song. The song and the animation lose its meaning when Power of Love plays. Not to say that "The Power Of Love" isn't a good song, but it's SO wrong for this moment. I'm quite mad that they changed it.

    The shot where Usagi raises the Silver Crystal over her head is slightly zoomed in to avoid showing her genitalia area. This is kinda odd since her breasts are CLEARLY in sight, and what they're censoring really wasn't anymore graphic....O.o;;

  • Original shot
  • Dub shot
  • (1 second) Directly after the censored part above, there's a shot where Usagi spins around to transform into Princess Serenity. This part was cut because we could see her butt.

    Oddly enough, everyone refers to Princess Serenity as "Serenity"...Umm, wasn't it "Princess Serena" in the dub??

    Just to note, the ending to the movie was TOTALLY ruined. Originally, the ending was VERY VERY emotional due to the BG music of Moon Revenge playing (again, complementing the animation), and very good acting. The dub had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE acting and the whole emotion was changed, and that GREATLY upset me...GRRRRR!!

    Total Retained 63%

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