20 "Natsuyo Umiyo Seishunyo! Omakeni yuureimoyo"
(It's Summer! The Sea! Our Youth! Also, A Ghost)
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The senshi had made reservations to a seaside house on a private beach under the pretense of training, but in reality all three, Ami included, just wanted to have fun. They got lost in the forest on the way there as a storm was brewing up, but a little girl led the girls to a mansion, which happened to be the place Rei had made reservations for. They were greeted by three people who looked like a Frankenstein, werewolf, and a scary woman, and learn that the girl's name is Sakiko. Sakiko's father told her to not play with the girls. They had dinner where Ami complimented them on the food and said the costumes were funny. A spirit then appeared scaring the hosts, who said it was the spirit of the house, and Rei felt strong power behind it but didn't think it was a youma. The next day the girls hit the beach and played together. Later that evening they dined again, with Rei putting up anti-ghost charms around so they could eat in peace. Ami noticed Sakiko by herself on the cliff and went to talk to her, to make her feel not so lonely, but her father took her away telling Ami to leave if they don't want to be scared again. In the house, the father was using hypnosis to bring out Sakiko's power, to show the world they had power since they had been made fun of in the past. Ami eventually found the room they were in and Sakiko's spirit attacked her, and then attacked her father making him fly outside. The girls transformed and Mercury tried to wake Sakiko from her trance with no avail. They tried to fight the spirit but it was too strong and still attacking Sakiko's father. She eventually woke up, but the spirit didn't disappear. Her father said it was uncontrollable now and told Sakiko to escape, but she stayed and eventually blasted the spirit away. The father said that he had used the guest to test Sakiko's power. The next day Sakiko played with the girls on the beach. The helpers asked the father about the spirits, and he said there wouldn't be any more spirits.

I'm really sad that this episode got skipped. It's actually one of my favorite episodes. It's just charming and you see another side of Usagi-tachi's lives that you usually don't see. Another side of their lives as senshi as well. Oh well, I cherish it anyways.

Yet another skipped episode, and a pretty good one at that. It was nice to see a break from the action of the battle with the Dark Kingdom, not to mention all the fun on the beach. Pretty good episode, too bad it wasn't seen here.

...I've..actually only seen this episode once. XD and since it's been skipped, there isn't much to say here.

(23 minutes) The whole episode was cut. There are two main theories as to why this episode was cut. The first theory is because it was part of Sailor Moon's annual "Swimsuit" episode. Every season, there is at least one episode involving the senshi in swimsuits. It's possible that DiC found this objectable. The second theory is that since this episode really was just a side note to the series, not really adding any story or plot to the Dark Kingdom saga, DiC found it unnecisarry to dub. Either way, this episode was very charming, and it was sad to not be able to see it in America.

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