2 "Oshiokiyo! Uranai house ha youma no yakata"
(I'll Punish You! The Fortune-Telling House is a Youma's Mansion!)
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Jyuban is up in arms about a fortune teller who will read your hand to tell you about future loves. Jadeite notices this and decides to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, at Jyuban Middle School, Umino tells Naru that he wants a date with Usagi more than anything. Naru gives Umino some pointers but tells him not to keep his hopes up. After school, Usagi walks by the old fortune telling man, only to notice the long line is now gone. The man explains that he now has a rival and points to a fortune telling shop. Usagi, being the sweet girl she is, offers her hand so that he can tell her fortune. He tells Usagi that a boy she sees all the time likes her. Usagi then leaves, happy about her fortune (not realizing he's talking about Umino). On the way home, Usagi bumps into Motoki, a guy who works at the video arcade whom Usagi has a crush on. They talk for a while and Usagi decides to go back to the fortune teller to get her fortune read again. When she arrives, she sees the man has left. She then contemplates whether to go to the shop instead. This is when Usagi meets up with "that man" again (Mamoru). They have a little confrontation, and Usagi decides to go home. The next day at school, Umino (and all the boys that had gone to the shop) are being very bad. They're breaking windows, tripping teachers, and doing other things that would get normal kids expelled. Luna realizes that the shop must be behind all of this and drags Usagi over to investigate. Once she arrives, she transforms and enters. There, the youma, Baam, has all the people she's controlling (including Umino) attack Sailor Moon. She's cornered and about to get beaten when Tuxedo Mask appears. Sailor Moon takes this new opportunity and defeats the youma. The next day, Naru tells Umino about all the things he had done, and he is mortified, but Usagi tells him to not sweat over it.

Well, this episode was kinda....umm....skipped. DiC didn't dub it. Umm....Kinda hard to do a two cents box when there was no dub to put my two cents into....umm....Maybe Dan and Tiff can do a better job *scrolls down*

Ah, the first of the six and a half skipped episodes in DiC's dub of the first two seasons. This skip doesn't make sense, as there was only one scene that would be seen as quite objectional, which was where Umino flipped up Harunas skirt, but this could have been very easily cut as the scene was short and DiC has made longer cuts that that. Removing that scene wouldn't have affected the episode plot much if even at all. Maybe DiC just has a thing about Jediete, he really got the shaft in the dub. From having the most episodes being the "head" general in the orginal, to the least in the dub, they seem to not like him. Overall, this episode wasn't really crutial to the plotline (like most of the episodes in the season) but there really wasn't a reason any legitimate reason for it to be skipped.

Time for my comments about this episode! Oh wait, it was cut -_-; All I can say is that this episode is HILARIOUS originally, and it's a shame a lot of people haven't been able to see it.

Well.....The whole episode was cut. Don't ask for a minute count cause I don't have a freaking clue (24ish minutes).

Let's look at some highlights from the episode that dub watchers were deprived of, shall we?

- Umino does the classic "Getting Usagi to date me is like a video game" analogy, with video game in hand and all.

- Motoki is introduced for the first time and we see Usagi play her very first game of "Sailor V".

- Umino flips up Haruna-sensei's skirt, revealing her underwear (which has a smiley face on it).

- Sailor Moon forgets her transformation phrase.

Yep, it was all good stuff! Now, as to why the episode was skipped, I really have no clue at all. Many people say it was because of two incidents. The first being Umino flipping up Haruna's skirt, the second would be Umino and his friends breaking the school windows. To this I say, "Pshaw". This would make no sense at all if these were the reasons that the episode was cut. Both scenes were fairly short and could have EASILY been cut (hey, DiC has made bigger cuts). A better theory would be that DiC might not have liked the "Fortune Telling" theme of the episode. Maybe they thought it to be too religious?? I'm not sure. Then again, maybe DiC just didn't feel like dubbing it and skipped it for the heck of it. Who knows? Who knows? The fact remains it was cut and only I and the select few who own LDs or fansubs have seen it.....Oh yeah...and those who live in Japan......*cough*

  • Umino's game
  • Happy ending 1
  • Happy ending 2
  • Perv-Umino
  • Haruna-sensei's undies *nosebleed*
  • Forgetful Usagi
  • Assault on the school
  • Youma before
  • Youma after
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