19 "Usagi kangeki! Tuxedo Kamen no love letter"
(Usagi is so Happy! Tuxedo Kamen's Love Letter)
16 "Who Is That Masked Man?" 95-10-2

Needing to defeat the Sailor Senshi, Nephrite seeks the advice of the stars to learn their weak point, which is said to be Tuxedo Kamen, and he devises a plan. Later that day, Usagi receives what seems to be a love letter from Tuxedo Kamen and is super happy. The happiness wears off quickly when she gets to school and learns everyone in the class had received a letter. Naru secretly hopes it's Sanjouin while Haruna secretly pouts as she didn't get a love letter. Luna tells Ami she's suspicious of the letter and Ami says she'll discuss it with Rei. However, Rei has a cold so Ami decides to take care of her. Nephrite, as Sanjouin, was at the department store, where Naru sees him and introduces herself to him and asks if he was Tuxedo Kamen. He was surprised that she had supposedly figured out that he had sent the letters. He said she was cute and was happy such a cute girl remembered his name, and said he would see her later that night. Meanwhile Usagi was wondering why Tuxedo Kamen sent letters to everybody instead of just her, and decides to ask in person, and gets all dolled up for the meeting. Naru went to the store later that night which was closed, but the door opened suddenly and she went in, calling for both Sanjouin and Tuxedo Kamen. Sanjouin, wearing a Tuxedo Kamen suit, calls down to her. She recognizes his voice, and being sure she was Sailor Moon, commanded her to transform. Naru didn't know what he was talking about, and surprised by the amount of energy she was emitting (her love for him), began draining her energy. Usagi was about to go in when Ami calls her. Usagi explains her motivations. Ami and Rei were upset with Usagi going alone and decided to head over. Sailor Moon then confronts Nephrite, who was surprised she figured out that he wasn't Tuxedo Kamen, and creats Leo the Lion from the stars to attack. Tuxedo Kamen comes to help Moon, and the two are eventually trapped in an elevator going to the top floor which would then drop down. The two get out of the top of the elevator and with the aid of Mercury and Mars, are able to stay at the top of the building. On the roof, Moon is scolded by Luna and the other senshi for going alone and Tuxedo Kamen eventually leaves. Nephrite goes back to his hideout noting to himself he couldn't defeat Sailor Moon but was able to get a lot of energy from Naru, who loved his alter ego.

Holy crap was this one a stinker. On top of all the stupid mistakes DiC made (like giving out Raye's name to Nephrite), they seemed to go a little overboard with the CGI effects. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come...

Well, this episode sucked. Even standalone in the dub, this wasn't done well. Various small mistakes scattered about and dumb lines, it just didn't work out well in the dub. Compared to the original, definetly one of the worst ever. Lots of cuts and edits and shiny stuff, and a poor script. Concept was there and that was it. Such pity too, since this was one of the non-filler episodes in a sense, that sparks events that will lead to the end of this arc. I don't get it, they mess up the important episodes and do fairly well on the filler episodes, and this is a prime example of that theory.

*Thumbs down* Blah, DiC. Blah. Too many mistakes, too many cuts, and bad dialog.

This is definitely one of the worst scripts so far in the series. The script was pretty far off from the original, although the concept stayed true. The first half of the episode was littered with cuts and the second half mostly edits, with so much SDA scattered about it was hard deciding which SDAs were worth noting.

The youma, Leo, retains its name.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut.

*proofreads last sentence*

Good, no engrish. ~_^

(30 seconds) When Nephrite asks the stars to help him find the weakness of the Sailor Senshi (more specifically Moon), there's a whole flashback scene from episode 14 from when Tuxedo Kamen showed up until the defeat of the youma with Moon swooning. Most of this flashback is cut. As for the part that wasn't.....

.....a cool shiny effect was added in. The last few seconds of the flashback scene do stay in the episode, but not the way it was originally presented. DiC had Neflyte looking at the stars shot with an oval in the center playing the tail end of that flashback.

When Serena finds the letter in her mailbox, the kana on the front and back of the envelope remain untouched.

Ok, I give up trying to rationalize why they sometimes cut kana and why sometimes they don't. I'm going to go with a toss of a coin as to what scenes stay and what scenes go. I think that's how DiC did it.

The Juuban Secondary School sign is replaced by the generic one once again. However, when the sign was shown in the original, the scene was shaking as Usagi was screaming in disbelief that all her classmates got letters. The dub had silence and no shaking during the sign shot.

Molly and everyone else's letters had the kana untouched.

See Side Note box above *points upwards*

Haruna is jealous that all her students got a love letter and she didn't. She doesn't say this out loud though and advises her students to be careful if they go, though prefers they don't go at all. Then she turns around to write the lesson on the board and the camera zooms into her angry face where she thinks to herself why she wouldn't get a letter.

The dub throws all this out the window. Apparently she is asked to chaperone the "event," if you can call it that, and informs the class to be on their best behavior. When she turns around, her thoughts are about how she has to waste a Friday night babysitting a bunch of kids.

Now, nothing really that was changed was particularly "stupid", however, Haruna-sensei oftentimes gets this treatment, and in the end, it ends up DRAMATICALLY changing her character. In the original, Haruna is their teacher, but she also is very girly and somewhat immature. She gets jealous of her students at times, and oftentimes takes part in child-like antics. The dub Haruna does none of this. It's really a shame because Haruna was one of the funnier characters in the first season.

(22 seconds) Just after Usagi enters Crown looking sad, Mamoru and Motoki ponder why Usagi is acting that way. Mamoru guesses that Usagi didn't get a letter, but she says she did, and the boys have a shocked look on their face because her attitude doesn't make sense. The dub cuts a big part of this scene, from just after her first sad face, until Mamoru and Motoki look shocked.

The kanji on the torii (gate) of Rei's shrine is intact, as is the kana on her love letter envelope.

(2 seconds) When the camera zooms in on Naru's letter, the screen is colored except for two rectangles outlining the time and location of where "Tuxedo Kamen" wants to meet. In the dub, this shot is cut, though the zoomed in letter is still seen for a brief moment and is untouched.

(2 seconds) When the scene changes from Naru on the roof of the building to Usagi in her room, we see Usagi's letter close-up before we see her reading it on her bed. In the dub, we don't see the close-up of Usagi's copy even though we've already seen the letter not more than a minute prior.

(7 seconds) When Naru arrives at the mall to meet "Tuxedo Mask", we see her in the middle of the street, then we see her walk to a garage-like door. She then leans on it, then the door starts to open when the camera goes behind the door. In the dub, we see Molly in the middle of the road, and then the door start to open up.

(2 seconds) A still shot of Naru and "Tuxedo Mask" just before the commercial break is slightly cut short.

(2 seconds) Directly after the commercial break, there's a shot of a building with the neon lights "N.Y. City" on it, with people all around the streets. We don't see the building in the dub.

The fuzz effect is used on the communicators again in this episode.

After Mamoru transforms into Tuxedo Mask, the camera pans up Nephrite as he drains Naru of her energy. In this scene, instead of the red of the back of his cape, we see the background of the stars he always looks to which eventually fades into the normal cape color.

*blink blink* Whaa? I'm totally confused why they would even bother editing this scene. There must have been a surplus in government funding....................or........something.

Pretty much expected while watching the episode, this episode is an "And that means you" episode.

Hearing those four words are probably the most disheartening experience one can have while watching Sailor Moon. It's really sad.

In the original Nephrite wonders how Sailor Moon can tell he's not the real Tuxedo Mask, where Moon responds saying it's the intuition of a girl in love. The dub has instead....

Nephlyte: "You're no match for me Sailor Trash!"
Moon: "Just get a taste of Moon Power coming at'cha creep!"

Yes. Your life is on the line, you're in a battle to the death, and the best thing you can think up to say is "Sailor Trash". Right. Ok then, I'm going to go feed my flying pig now. Bye. *wanders off into the distance*

(1 second) When Nephrite jumps and removes his Tuxedo costume, the original uses the double effect, as in the jump happens twice quickly. DiC, however, thinks the only effects in the show should be made by their computers, and cuts out the second jump of this effect.

*is still off feeding his flying pig*

Lightning bolts are added as neflyte "splits" to call for Leo the lion.

You know, just think about how much LESS the production of the show would have costed, and how much BETTER the show would have been if all these stupid CGI/Script Alterations/Cuts thingies weren't added in. Just think about it.

Just before the second North American commercial break, the scene of Tuxedo Mask struggling to hold on is lengthened by a couple seconds.

Moon calls Mars Raye in the dub right when Tuxedo Mask is standing there on the roof with everyone.

Good one DiC. But why stop there? Why not give out her telephone number and address too! -_-;;

There was a line I thought was pretty funny compared to the original. When Tuxedo mask "flies" away and is against the wall, he thinks to himself that he doesn't get along well with girls fighting. In the dub he says:

"These Sailor Scouts are going to be the end of me."

Heh, was a nice little laugh after taking so many notes.

Nephlyte asks the stars to ask him help erase Molly's memory of knowing he's a soldier of the Negaverse. Only problem is she was unconscious during that whole battle, and that in the dub he never outwardly said he was a soldier of it. Nice way to mess a lot of things up.

As the final scene faded out, the dub fades in the shots of the stars before the crystal ball digital bump is used to fade the scene out.

Total Retained 49%

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