18 "Shingo no junjou! Kanashimi no France ningyou"
(Shingo's Devotion! The French Doll of Grief)
15 "Dangerous Dollies" 95-9-29

The Tsukinos are eating breakfast and Usagi is surprisingly awake too. They see in the newspaper that Shingo's good friend, Mika, has just won a big award for her French doll she made. That day in school, she tries to give Shingo the doll that won her the contest since he's always been such a good friend, but he accidentally drops it. Usagi learns of this and makes Shingo go to Miki's house to apologize. When he gets there, Nephrite arrives in his car, so Shingo goes home since he doesn't want to interfere with them entertaining a guest. In the house however, as Nephrite talks with Mika and her mother, he possesses the doll Mika is working on. From then on, Mika is obsessed with making more and more dolls for the exhibition she and her mother are having that weekend, and doesn't sleep or even go to school as she works on them. Noticing how much she's changed, Shingo decides to make a Sailor Moon doll for Mika. At the exhibition, Nephrite releases the youma, Jumo, as Mika finishes her last doll. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon, with Mercury and Mars helping out a few seconds later. Mercury is able to find the youma's weak point and Moon is then able to defeat the youma. After the battle, Shingo and Mika make up, and she gives him a Sailor Moon doll which Shingo liked a lot, almost too much in Mika's eyes.

Hmm. A semi-good episode. These are rare in the DiC seasons, so enjoy them while they last. Too bad the "Mars Fireball Charge Ignite" was a horrible foreshadowing of things to come in the S and SuperS seasons *shudder*.

This episode was probably one of the better filler episodes in the entire series. Looking at the dub standalone, it was entertaining and nothing could really confuse the viewer here, unless you want to include the small foresight of something to be learned later on. And when comparied to the original, the dub for the most part stayed very faithful in translation. Some stupid stuff was cut out, but for the most part, this episode was pretty good and it's too bad that most of the other episodes couldn't have been handled as well. Good work on this episode.

Pretty good. They even managed to scare the beejeezus out of me with the dubbed "Dream Dolly" (that creepy robotic voice..*shudder*). The dialog is pretty true to original, as is the episode itself.

The script for this episode was pretty much dead on. The original episode concept was there, the lines were dubbed very faithfully for the most part, this definitely is one of the better dub scripts. Most the things in this comparison deals with cuts and edits.

Mika Kayama's name is changed to Mika Cassidy. At least they kept the Mika. Kudos DiC. *Shudder* I can't....believe....I just.....complemented.....DiC. *gives tiff a rifle to take Bob out of his misery*

The youma, Juno, retains its name.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut.


*has run out of clever things to say*


(3 seconds) The Tsukinos are having breakfast and Usagi is picking on Shingo's "supposed" girlfriend. As he's leaving, he sticks out his tongue at her while pulling on one of his eyelids. This face is cut from the dub.

(5 seconds) When the scene changes over to Mika's room, the camera pans through most of the dolls she has made before focusing in on the doll she's working on at that point. The panning through the dolls is cut.

(6 seconds) When Usagi goes to yell at Shingo for what he did to Mika that day, we see her open the door, walk in, really nail him on the head, and then start talking. All this fun is cut out, probably because of all the violence, blood, and gore. Oh wait.......

When Usagi threatens to tell what Shingo did to their parents, a thought bubble with the kana for "uh-oh" appears for a brief moment. This is untouched in the dub.

See episode 17's FCC consipiracy theory on Japanese characters. *nods*

Though the dub is notorious for mirroring scenes featuring cars driving and people getting in and out of them, the scene when Nephrite drives to the Kayama residence and gets out of his car is NOT flipped here.

*NOTE FROM BOB* - Correct me if I'm wrong, but my memory tells me that Nephrite's car was ALWAYS american style. I could be wrong though.

(7 seconds) Right before the commercial break we see the possessed doll change from her sad expression to an evil one with Nephrite's symbol on it and then zoom into that shot. In the original, we see the doll turn both ways before changing faces, so to speak.

EXORCIST DOLL. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *is knocked out by frying pan thrown by tiff*

In the dub not long after the break, the zoomed in shot of the doll mentioned in the above box is added in for a second.

(4 seconds) An overhead view of Shingo's room as he sits at his desk wondering if Mika is really mad at him or not is cut.

When Usagi, Ami, and Luna arrive at the Kayuma residence to check it out for dark kingdom activity, there's a sign hanging up outside advertising the doll exhibition that will be taking place. The kanji headline of this sign is erased, with the text "Doll Exhibition" taking its place. When zoomed in on the sign, the sub-headline and date on it still retain their kana.

Ok....Seriously? If they're going to keep the kana in the same exact scene, what's the point in even putting in the effort??? In DiC's defense, maybe they just wanted to get across that it was a doll exhibition to the english speaking audience, rather than trying to pretend that this show doesn't happen in Japan....

When Shingo walks by a Sailor V poster, he has a flashback of Mika telling him that she thought Sailor V was cool, but Sailor Moon is even cooler. However in the flashback, dub Mika says Sailor Venus instead of Sailor V, making no sense since Sailor Venus doesn't exist yet.

Nice one DiC. *clap...........clap...........clap*

(3 seconds) After Shingo tells Usagi that the doll he's making is Sailor Moon and not a pig, Usagi says that the real Sailor Moon would cry at how horrible the doll is. A bubble switching between an SD Sailor Moon and pig face floats around, and Shingo responds saying it's the thought that counts. In the dub, Serena doesn't say that the real Sailor Moon would cry and the clip with that bubble is cut.

Is it me, or does it seem like DiC really enjoys cutting all the humor out of this show? Considering the humor is probably one of the shows STRONG POINTS, I don't really get it........

The kanji for the Juuban Art Museum is kept intact, as is the kana throughout the room Mika is making dolls in. Something interesting to note is the text on Shingo's hat is "Singo", and is kept in the dub. Quick Japanese lesson, in the syllable table "shi" takes the place of "si", therefore the romanji for "shi" can be "shi" or "si" as there really is no "si" in Japanese. Example, to say Salt Lake City, you'd say "Saruto raki shiti" or something along those lines. So it's interesting to see Sammy have a hat on that his original Japanese name clearly printed on it.

I'm not sure if this was mentioned in previous comparisons, but shows back in the mid-90s (and still today to an extent) had two or three commercial breaks during a show as opposed to the one that the original anime had. Therefore for DiC's Sailor Moon, as well as Funimation's Dragon Ball Z in the first batch dubbed by them, you'll notice that after the second break, the episode plays a few seconds of just before the break again as a recap of sorts. When these shows were picked up by Toonami, they retained their original commercial breaks, so Toonami added a little promo bump where the second break would be so it wouldn't look as weird as if there was no break at all and so they didn't have to edit the shows themselves.

The mark of today's episode keeping close to the original script is shown as Sailor Moon's speech ends with an "I shall punish you!"

*sighs in happy delight* Ahhhhh........The only thing as enjoyable as hearing those words in English was the one time Sailor Moon went "I'm the pretty Sailor soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon!" in Sailor Moon S......*cooes*

When the scene goes dark before the dolls attack, a lightning effect is added in.

Akuryo Taisen = "Mars Fireball Charge Ignite!"

Mars Fireball Charge Ignite Smash Magic Blast Crash! AHHHH!!!! *head explodes* *Tiff walks by and smacks Bob's dead corpse with a frying pan once again*

(20 seconds) After Mars' Akuryo Taisen technique, we see Moon being choked by the youma. Mars then attacks using Fire Soul which supposedly destroys the youma except for its hands still choking Moon, and then we see the pieces reappear to start throwing its pieces at Mercury and Mars.

In the dub though, after Mars' "Fireball Charge", we see a short shot of Moon still being choked in the air (aka sloppy cut) instead of the choke and second Mars attack, and the dub picks up from where the youma put itself back together. If it wasn't for the sloppy cut, then the viewers would've never seen any part of the choke.

I'm not even going to comment on this one. It's not even worth the effort *shakes head in disgrace*.

Mercury uses her visor to find the youma's weak point and tells Moon to aim for the right foot. In the original we see her still struggle with the choke by the youma's hands saying she can't, where in the dub we're treated to a replay of the youma throwing its parts at Mercury and Mars again before Tuxedo Mask's rose appears. No time was lost with this change of scenes shown.

The kanji-full sign of Juuban Municipal Primary School is not shown and replaced by the shot of "Crossroads Junior High School". While somewhat expected, this makes no sense as Shingo's school is the primary/elementary school, and Usagi's school is the secondary/junior high school, so showing the sign for her school when the scene is in Shingo's school makes no sense.

Total Retained 77%

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