17 "Model ha Usagi? Youma camera no nessha"
(Usagi is a Model? The Youma Camera's Photo Mania)
14 "Shutter Bugged" 95-9-28

It's lunchtime at Juuban, and Usagi and Naru are admiring the great photography of local student Kijin Shibakawa, who has just won a national photography award. They decide to go meet him, but are stopped by Rei, who keeps them from bothering one of the best students from her school. Nephrite sees the boy is reaching his peak energy point, and possesses his camera after saving him from falling off a cliff. Luna gives Usagi a new communicator to communicate with the other senshi, and Usagi notices an ad for a contest Kijin is holding to find a model for his new work. She calls Ami with the new communicator to tell her about the contest. Ami scolds her for misusing it, then Usagi almost calls Rei about it but doesn't for fear of being made fun of. Downstairs, Shingo makes fun of Usagi for even thinking of entering, saying she should be smart, and Ikuko agrees. Usagi then goes to Crown where Motoki supports her though Mamoru doesn't. Some time later, a letter comes to Usagi saying she made it through the first selection. She goes to her room to get her bathing suit and heads over to the contest hall, but sadly sees her suit has moth holes in it. In the second selection there are a whole lot of people, including Naru and Haruna-sensei. When it came to Usagi to show them her suit, she pulls out her suit from earlier with ribbons tying down the moth holes, which Naru (unknowing of the holes) thinks it's cute. While this is going on, Luna sees that when Kijin takes a picture, all the girls in it disappears, and manages to draw Usagi away from going in the photo room and has her call the other senshi. She changes into Sailor Moon to confront Kijin, and the youma inside the camera, Cameran, appears and captures Luna and Kijin in photos. Mercury and Mars arrive to help, but are eventually turned into photos as well. Moon figures out a way to defeat the youma on her own and does just that, freeing everyone. Later on that night there's an interview with Kijin about the cancellation of the contest, where he states that he learned a lesson from a wonderful girl: the beauty of a girl lies inside her heart. The Tsukinos (minus Usagi, who?s napping) see this and wish that Usagi can become a girl like that someday.

Well, goodbye note taking! Dan's going to be doing that from now on (side by side comparison), but don't worry, I'm still here to add my wit to the episode! Anything funny you read (or stupid depending on how you take my humor) is from me, mwa.

This is episode was a typical DiC episode, so I don't really know what else to say. *shrugs* *scrolls down*

Well, this is the first episode where I've taken over taking the notes for the comparisons, so hopefully I've caught most everything that Bob would've caught if he were doing them (though he still writes the content of the boxes themselves, so he'll still be the "voice" of the comparisons). Since I'm watching them side-by-side now, it's a bit weird seeing both versions at the same time. The episode script is rewritten for the most part and there are some cuts, but if one were only watching the dub, you wouldn't really know that. When going up against the original, this episode is pretty bad, but watching the dub standalone, for the most part it's good. Only parts I didn't like which don't make sense in the dub (as you'll see below) is the conversation with Serena, Sammy, and their mom about halfway through the first half of the episode, and then the ending scene makes you go "WTF?" when you hear it. Besides that, not bad episode, far from good but not bad. Though this was a good episode for me to get my feet wet in getting used to taking the notes.

Wow. The sheer amount of SDA in this episode is overwhelming. There really was no reason to have THIS much stupid shit said. And why on earth did they feel the need to change the ending so drastically?? x_X;;

The script for this episode was pretty far off. The general concept was there, but that's all that was translated into this episode. The scene in Crown was way off making Darien harp on about how being a model is hard work since he apparently was one in the past, as opposed to Mamoru explaining that the contest wasn't a good idea since the true beauty of a girl is in her heart. As bad as that was, it can't top the final scene which was completely bastardized. How they go from Kijin having a big revelation and having the Tsukino family impressed with him to Peter being inspired by a princess who came from the moon to do moonscapes, I have no clue. Good way to make someone crazy, DiC. Most lines drifted off throughout the episode, but these two scenes take the cake.

Kinji Shibakawa's name was changed to Peter Fisher.

The youma, Cameran (Kameran, Cameron.....whatever), is not named in the dub.

(30 seconds) Opening Usagi segment is cut. Haha. No really. It was.

(20 seconds) The first part of the opening scene is cut. The episode originally starts out with Naru and two girls looking through a photo magazine featuring photos taken by Kinji Shinokawa, a student who attends a nearby school. The dub starts up just as Usagi goes to see what Naru and the others are so interested in.

(3 seconds) A short cut of Ami working on a math assignment is cut. The cut scene was her writing in her notebook in kana. Damn funny symbols. Wee kan"t reed da stoopid japanis righting!!

(about 15 seconds) The conversation between Usagi and Ami has many snippets made cutting their conversation short about 15 seconds. The most notable cut was a still shot cut short and some of Usagi's face expressions.

(3 seconds) Small snippets were cut while Usagi was in her room talking to Luna and talking to Ami on the communicator. About three seconds were shaved off with no big cut noticed.

In the same scene mentioned in the above box, DiC felt the need to be shiny and added the "TV fuzz" effect on the communicator screen as Amy hung up.

Well, look at it this way. By hiring completely useless computer animators, DiC was helping the economy. If you look at it that way, it seems almost totally justified.........right? *shifty eyes*

In the scene where Serena pitches the idea of being a model, Sammy mentions Serena's school picture, a universal no sign appeared over the picture. In the original when this effect happened, instead of a slash in the middle of the circle, there was kana for the words stupid and rejected in the middle, looking like a stamp.

Mamoru originally tells Usagi that the beauty of a girl is in her heart and other things related to it, and says that Kinji's not a first rate photographer if he only cares of taking pictures of girls now. DiC decided to can this altogether and had Darien go on about how modeling is tough work. When Serena asks him how he would know, he states that he used to be a model in high school to help pay bills or something along those lines.

Yes........because.........Mamoru used to be.........a model. Good one DiC. Now, before you Mamoru fan girls start chucking stuff at me, I'm not saying Mamoru COULDN'T be a model. He....he could. It's just.......*shudders*.....Well it could be worse. They could have said he used to be a steroid using body-builder....or.........something.

The acceptance letter Serena gets in the mail is shown on the screen with all the kana glory. Likewise in the very next scene, the kana is still intact on the zoomed in textbooks on Serena's head as she tries to balance them.

O.....k. I think there's like an FCC regulation where you can only have SO MUCH Japanese writing in a show. That's the only logical explanation. Kinda like you can say the word "ass" 3 times before the censors start to get mad at you. You can only have 3 seconds of kana per 30 minute episode or else you get fined. IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES SENSE. *gets dizzy and falls down*.

(3 seconds) Small snippets of the scene with Usagi, Naru, and Haruna in the hallway and dressing room.

The scene where Naru, Haruna, and two other girls are zapped in the camera is sped up quite a bit, shaving around five seconds off the episode.

More "TV fuzz" as Usagi gets off the communicator with Ami after asking for backup.

(15 seconds) Right before Usagi changes into Sailor Moon, she tries to talk some sense into Kinji. The dub cuts off a significant chunk of her speech.

In the original, Moon was trying to talk some sense into Kinji; however the dub decided to have her yelp as she was dodging the camera shots. She finally gets close enough to get a good kick in, saying as she connected,

"You're no match for Moon Power!"

That's right! You tell 'em Moon Mama! *dodges as Tiff rabidly attacks me*

(1 second) When Mercury and Mars arrive, the double doors open up revealing them. The dub cuts out the first second of this clip.

In the napping scene, the transition in and out of the dream is made shinier by adding a rippling effect at the start and end of it.

Total Retained 57%

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