166 "Yume yo Itsu made mo! Hikari Ten ni Michite"
(Forever Dreams! Light Throughout the Sky)
159 "The Sweetest Dream" 00-11-16

After being defeated, the seal that was meant to trap Nehelenia in a mirror is activated again. She takes Chibi-Moon with her as she floats towards the sky. Sailor Moon narrowly makes it and follows after Nehelenia. At the top, Nehelenia screams and Sailor Moon finds an old woman up there. Nehelenia explains to Moon more about her past and how she had wanted to stay beautiful forever. She then attacks Sailor Moon but Sailor Moon shows pity and this scares Nehelenia. She then throws Chibi-Moon off the rising platform and Sailor Moon jumps after her. Nehelenia then returns to the mirror and becomes young again, saying that she'd rather be isolated and stay beautiful forever rather than get old. On the way down, Sailor Moon turns into Princess Serenity and eventually catches up to Chibi-Moon. Chibi-Moon then wakes up and calls Elios to save them. Back on the ground, Usagi and the others bid their farewells to Elios. The Quartet also secretly bid their farewells too. Chibi-Usa is sad to see Elios go, but knows that she'll see him again, someday.

And there you have it folks! The last episode of the SuperS season! This episode actually turned out pretty good too. Also, I must say, PRINCESS SERENITY'S VOICE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MOON/SERENA'S!!! Why can't she use that voice all the time? Also, why did they give Nehelenia a granny voice?? Oh well, I'll live! WE'RE DONE WITH SUPERS! YAY! *pops champagne*

*sigh* It's over, and they ended it well. A couple small things metioned below, as well as why we didn't like the Zirconia gender change. I had hoped that with all the dub inventions, that the dub would explain why that buiding is so damn big, but I guess I'll live. It was one hell of a ride, and it's finally over. *starts to guzzle the champaign*

The script for this episode was ok. Not word for word again, but very tolerable. I don't think there was any slang or anything that was really bad.

(3 seconds) A shot of some circus tents being blown up by the power of the Golden Crystal is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of a destroyed tent (most likely the one that the Senshi were in) is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of stuff getting sucked into the seal of the dead moon is cut.

Alright, now more explaining about Zirconia like I promised.

Now notice how granny Nehelenia's face looks EXACTLY like Zirconia's. Also notice how a Zirconia like thing pops out of Nehelenia and attacks Sailor Moon. If you haven't realized what's going on let me explain what I think is happening. It is my belief that Zirconia is actually the old version of Nehelenia. She's basically Nehelenia's "mirror image". That's why when Nehelenia crosses over the mirror Zirconia disappears, and why old Nehelenia looks exactly like Zirconia. _THIS_ is why it is significant that Zirconia be a female! If Zirconia is male, this whole concept loses ALL significance, and THAT'S why I was pissed that they changed Zirconia from female to male. ~_^ Finally! I get to explain that! Hehhe

(8 seconds) A few seconds of the "falling scene" is cut.

During the falling scene, Moon goes -

"I believe in my moon power!"

Not a really bad line, just a little too cheesy for my tastes.

And THAT'S IT!!! THE END OF SUPERS! WOOOOH!!!!!! Finally done! Thank you, thank you *bows*. Now, for the season total.

SuperS Season - Total Retained: 90.2%

A little bit higher than the S season total, which is to be expected, as SuperS was, overall, better translated. Still, there's a lot of room for improvement!

Well, that's it for the Cloverway run of Sailor Moon (until Stars gets translated....)! Yay! ALL DONE! *pops champagne again* *gives dan and tiff some* PARTY TIME! YEAH!

Total Retained 95%

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