165 "Crystal no Kagayaku Toki Utsukushiki Yume no Chikara"
(When the Crystal Shines! The Power of Beautiful Dreams)
158 "Golden Revival" 00-11-15

Nehelenia appears before the Sailors. With the Golden Crystal, they are no match against her. The Amazoness Quartet watch from afar and realize that they need to get the Golden Crystal away from Nehelenia. So what do they do? They somehow switch it with a pineapple. They give the Golden Crystal to Sailor Moon but she can't release its power. Chibi-Moon then helps and calls upon the dreams of everyone on earth to help energize the crystal. They then unleash the power of the crystal on Nehelenia seemingly killing her and destroying the Dead Moon Circus.

A much better episode than the last one, but it still had its faults. Still, I'd call this a "good episode". The voice acting was kinda bad in this episode too...There was one scene where all the Sailors just started going "Mmmhmm!" over and over again. Speaking of voice acting, I noticed something in this episode. I noticed that the girl who does Nehelenia's voice would have been MUCH MORE suited doing Snow Kaguya's voice rather than Nehelenia's voice. Eh, maybe it was just because they played music from the S movie that I say that, but still, I can really see her doing Snow Kaguya....*sigh* If only the knew...

Umm...Nothing much more to say really. Oh, I know, I did notice something interesting in this episode. I noticed that the music doesn't sound NEARLY as drowned out in SuperS than it did in S....That's good, isn't it?? ISN'T IT!??!?!? *cough*

After yesterday's hell, I was dead scared to even turn on the TV. But, I did, and thank God that it was much better than yesterday. Just little nitpicky stuff that have already been bitched about for the most part were all that was wrong really. Although "Moon Cosmic Dreamaction" can't be ignored, oy vey......

The script for this episode was ok. While not word for word, it was acceptable.

(16 seconds) A monster cut in terms of Cloverway's cuts. Originally there were some shots of all the circus tents that had planted themselves in the city, then we see Luna, Artemis, and Diana on the end of Mamoru's bed.

Just when you think they couldn't possibly screw up the inners' attacks anymore, we're treated with a -

"Jupiter Power! Jupiter Oak Evolution!"
"Venus Power! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"
"Mercury Power! Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"
"Mars Power! Mars Flame Shooter!"

Just lovely...

I'm not feeling so generous today, so in an SDA box this goes! =D

"Sailor Planet Attack" = "Planet Cosmic Power"


(3 seconds) A shot of jyuban street covered in spider threads is cut.

The phrase to power up the Golden Crystal, which was originally "Moon Crisis Power", was understandably changed to "Moon Cosmic Dream Action"...But actually it was changed to "Moon Cosmic Dreamaction" since they had to combine "Dream" and "Action" into one word to make it fit into the animation. Riiight...Whose bright idea was it anyway to make up this "Moon Cosmic Dream Action" thing anyway???

Total Retained 93%

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