164 "Golden Crystal Shutsugen! Neherenia no Maryoku"
(The Golden Crystal Comes Out! Nehelenia's Spell)
157 "One In The Hand" 00-11-14

Nehelenia recaptures Chibi-Moon and makes Pegasus come out of hiding. Nehelenia tells Pegasus to return to Elios' body or else Chibi-Moon will die. He submits and returns to his body. After some talking and struggling by Elios, Nehelenia takes the crystal for herself. Meanwhile, Zirconia is fighting with the Sailors, but Mercury sees through her fiasco and attacks her. Zirconia begs for help, and the Quartet suddenly appear. The Quartet think it's their time to fight but Zirconia traps them and starts draining their energy. Moon tries to save them and Mercury tells them that they have to break their Amazoness Globes. After some hesitation, they do it and Zirconia retreats. She goes back to the mirror to consult Nehelenia, but with the power of the Golden Crystal, she breaks through the mirror and Zirconia vanishes.

And......The streak ends. This episode was a STINKER! Boy did it ever so reek. You could _TELL_ this was an episode written by Lisa Lumby-Richards, and with this one, I think she reached an all time low. Man did this episode suck. Eww, just doing this comparison makes me feel dirty. *Shudder*

Never, and I mean NEVER, have I seen such a poorly done episode. Well... ok, 45/46 were worse, but this was still horrible! The good episode streak didn't just end here, it crashed, burned, and blew up. The flashbacks were done so poorly that they almost seemed like they were in the real time of the episode and probably confised everyone who saw. It sure as hell confised me and I'd even seen the orginal before. Heck, I had to watch the sub of this episode to remind me everything that happened because this episode was so bad, I couldn't really tell. In most episodes I can remember what happened in the orginal when I watch the dub, this episode I couldn't at all. The lines between Mini Moon and Helios were ruined. Rini knew Helios and Peagus were the same, and though in the orginal it was the first time he called her by name, in the dub the line was already ruined because he called her by name MANY times in the dub. If thats not enough, can someone tell me WHAT THE HELL GIRL POWER IS?!?!?!?!?! Oh my GOD that was HORRIBLE! Not only using it once, but again and again and AGAIN! For the first time EVER, I turned off the TV before the episode finished, and this convinced me not to fix my SS dub tapes. I was already on borderline of deciding, but this made it final. I stopped my tape, came upstairs, and starting to talk to people online to try to get this episode off my mind. I turned it off about a minute or so after the commerical break ended, yes THATS how bad it was. Of course, about two minutes later, my brother who had saved my life from that line that almost killed me just two days earilier, comes home on the late bus, comes upstairs to watch TV since no one was watching it up here, and turns Sailor Moon on. Will this hell ever end?!?!?!

The script for this episode was VERY bad. I mean, REALLY bad. There was way too much talking when there should have been silence, the slang was just awful, and the lines in this episode were just so cheesy and gross that I almost threw up. The only good thing about this episode script-wise was that the attacks were performed correctly.......

This isn't a line that was stupid, but more of a scene that was.

You know that scene where we see the Quartet running through the woods and then finding a mirror where they see Nehelenia? THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FLASHBACK! Baka Lumby. In the dub it was almost as if it was taking place in real time, which doesn't make sense at all since they Quartet were trapped in those mirrors. Even if it wasn't taking place in real time, the Quartet still acted as if they knew Nehelenia before hand when they didn't in the flashback. *SMACK SMACK* Stupid Cloverway, and it only gets worse from here.

(1 second) The shot where we Elios' eye is cut short.....*cough*.....That damn eye, it looked at me wrong......*cough cough*

(6 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Moon which then changes to show Nehelenia and Elios from behind is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Moon hugging Elios is cut.

After Pegasus returns to his body, Mini-Moon says -

"Wow! So you're Pegasus too? Woow!"

For crying out loud, like you DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW.....

When Chibi-Moon runs up to Elios to give him a hug, in the dub these lines were added -

"You're squeezing too hard!" - Hellios
"Oops!" - Mini-Moon

Hmm, that reminds me a lot of the "I'm stuck! The bubble gum in your teeth is too sticky!" comment in R....Oh boy, that was a killer...

"Minimoon!" - Hellios
"That...That's the first time...You've called me by my name!" - Minimoon

This is actually a long running SDA that I have been mentioning throughout the entire SuperS season but will now finally explain. You know how I said it was AWFUL of Pegasus to call Chibi-Usa "Rini" in previous episodes? This scene was why I said that. In the original, Elios cries out "Chibi-Usa!" and then Chibi-Moon replies "That's the first time you've said my name". Of course, this is ruined in the dub since there were several occasions where Pegasus called the pink spore "Rini", so instead, they changed it to "Minimoon", which is NOT her name. Plus I think there had to have been some point where Pegasus called her Minimoon before too.....Grrr, stupid Cloverway.

After getting hit by Mercury's attack, Zirconia says -

"Ahh! That's cold! And wet!!"

-.-;; Was that _REALLY_ necessary? They just changed Mercury's semi-powerful attack into an attack that rivals with throwing a bucket of ice water at someone.....*sigh* Poor poor ami-chan.

When the Amazoness Quartet are watching the fight between the Sailors and Zirconia, Jun-Jun says -

"When's he gonna learn you can't beat girl power?"

With which "Cerle-Cerle" replies

"Yeah, girl power totally rules!"

1....2...3......*takes a deep breath in*....I'm hoping that if I count to ten I wont blow up in rage. Nope, that's not gonna work....BLARGH!!!! What the hell....? "Girl Power"?? Those words alone are cheesy enough but it's even worse that they're making a reference to the Spice Girls as well. I can see it now....

"Oh! Girls watch Sailor Moon. Girls listen to the spice girls! If we say "Girl Power" in this episode, it'll equal big ratings! hehehhe*snort*hehe!"

Unfortunately all this "equaled" was a lack of respect for a company that obviously wants it badly.

(8 seconds) A panning shot of the senshi thinking about what they should do when the Amazoness Quartet are getting attacked by Zirconia. The cutting stops when we see Moon run to go save them.

"Girl Power's.....ARgh!....Gotta....stick together!" - Sailor Moon to the Amazoness Quartet when she's trying to save them

*cricket cricket cricket cricket*

Then there's some talk from Zirconia about how "girl power is very powerful" blah blah blah crap. Then, after the AQ is saved, Ves-Ves delivers this line -

"There's a lot of Girl power staring at you right now!"

But that wasn't the killer, the killer was the reply Zirconia gave in his most Yoda-ish voice I've ever heard -

"It's not NICE to stare!"

This is when I fell off my chair and started cracking up. God, he sounded so much like a british nanny when he said that. I guess since we don't have the Sailor Says section anymore, we have to put up with moral messages INSIDE the actual episode. Remember kids *gets the yoda voice ready*, "It's not NICE to staaaaare!" *DIES LAUGHING*

Now, I want to make a short point. Notice that when Nehelenia pushes her hand out to the other side of the mirror, Zirconia's hand turns red, then when Nehelenia totally emerges from the mirror, Zirconia just disappears for no reason. Think about that fact for a while and think about it when reading the episode comparison after the next one, as I will explain the whole "Zirconia" thing in that comparison.

Total Retained 63%

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