163 "Kagami no Meikyuu! Toraerareta Chibi Moon"
(The Mirror Labyrinth! Captured Chibi Moon)
156 "The Dark Legend" 00-11-13

The Senshi begin to look for Chibi-Moon, who had been kidnapped by the Dead Moon Circus. Zirconia tries to deceive them, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Chibi-Moon meets up with Elios' body, and she is happy to see him. Nehelenia appears and tells her about her past and then torments her. Meanwhile, the Amazoness Quartet are getting bored in their room, so they make a Chibi-Moon doll and switch Chibi-Moon with the doll. Pegasus then appears and the Quartet decide they want the Golden Crystal, although when they go for it, a protective fire erupts preventing them from getting it. Chibi-Moon then wakes up and saves Pegasus. The Quartet is puzzled by her act and don't understand why she would risk her life to save his. Then the Quartet get trapped in mirrors by the angered Zirconia and Chibi-Moon is returned to Nehelenia.

This was a pretty uneventful episode as far as translation and adaptation is concerned. Still, it was a good episode! Unfortunately, it was the last good episode in Cloverway's streak....*sigh*

Another borderline good episode, making it eleven in a row. Wow, I have to admit, I did NOT expect this much, they did a good job on the first half of the ending set of episodes. Hopefully, then can keep it going, but it's probably a miracle we got THIS far. We'll see tomorrow....

The script for this episode was ok. Not nearly as good as the last episode's, but still good.

The Stallion Stable, which should have been named in this episode, is not named.

(4 seconds) A far away shot of the Amazoness Quartet sitting in their room being bored is cut.

Although called "Moon Tiara Action" in an episode in S, the attack retains its DiC named in this episode of "Moon Tiara Magic".

Also, I'm too lazy to make another box, so I'll just say this here. Venus and Mercury's attacks are, once again, messed up.

"Sailor Venus! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"
"Sailor Mercury! Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

*sigh* Consistency! Consistency!!!

(9 seconds) A shot of Pegasus struggling to get away from the fire is cut.

Total Retained 95%

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