162 "Yami no Shingenchi Dead Moon Circus"
(Center of Darkness! The Dead Moon Circus)
155 "Show Time Showdown" 00-11-10

Pegasus warns the Senshi not to confront the Dead Moon. He and Chibi-Moon reveal some things they know that they had been keeping secret since they met. Pegasus explains about the Golden Crystal and how it could save the world. Tuxedo Mask then collapses and they bring him back to his apartment. Apparently, Mamoru had been suffering because the earth had been suffering, and since the two are linked, when the earth suffers, so does Mamoru. The Senshi then leave to confront the Dead Moon circus and restore peace. Lemures lead the way to the circus and they enter. Once inside, they are confronted by the Amazoness Quartet and battle. The Quartet has the upper hand until Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon call Pegasus. The Quartet is about to be vaporized when Zirconia appears and saves them. She then makes Chibi-Moon's dream mirror appear, which turns out to be the Golden Mirror. Chibi-Moon is then taken hostage leaving the other 5 wondering what happened to her.

This was a really good episode. Not only was the script word for word at times, some very interesting things happened in this episode. Not necessarily bad things, but interesting nonetheless.

And we are now on a TEN good episode streak! I'm impressed, especially that this is the second episode in the six part ending and the script is so crutial. And I noticed some interesting things as well, but it looks like Bob noticed a bit more than me, as you'll see with his list below. One of them I like, is that they finally called Prince Endymion by his real name. This is a big plus, although this late in the whole saga, it's not a big deal, but it is nice to hear it as it's supposed to be.

The script for this episode was very good. It was word for word in many places. It's always nice to see what is being said in the dub to almost match up with my sub perfectly ^^

(3 seconds) Before the vines and stuff start ripping all the buildings apart and Tuxedo Mask falls down in pain, there's a shot of the circus tent that is cut.

(2 seconds) Before we see Mamoru in bed in pain, there's a shot of what I assume is his apartment building that is cut.

You know how I said a lot of interesting stuff happened in this episode? Well let's start with all that, shall we?

Interesting thing #1 - Hellios calls Mamoru "Prince Endimion".

O_O! Never did I _EVER_ expect to hear that in the dub. I was almost as shocked when I heard this as when I heard "Pretty Sailor Soldiers of Love and Justice!". Wow, what a shocker, a very exciting moment.....Although, I'm sure dub-only fans were a little confused as to the meaning of "Endimion" and why they suddenly started calling him that now, but eh, they'll live.

Interesting thing #2 - While not as interesting as #1, notice how Usagi's shirt says "Usagi" on it in both the sub and the dub. Hmmmmmmm.....

Interesting thing #3 - Notice that on the sign a lemures flashes real quick it says "Dead Moon Circus" in both the sub and the dub. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......

Interesting thing #4 - Notice that a lemures blows a puff of smoke in Ami's face. HmmmMMMmmmMMMmmmMMMmmm!!! I thought Cartoon Network HATED smoking? Look's like SOMEONE'S been slacking a little lately...

Interesting Thing #5 - While this isn't nearly as interesting as the other things, it's still worthy of note.

Mars' attack is done correctly. It's "Mars Flame Shooter!". Well, that is...It's correctly executed, the "shooter" part is still wrong....

(13 seconds) After Mars does her attack, more lemures appear and then Venus and Mercury do their attacks to clear them out. Then we see the tent and the senshi emerging from the cloud of dust that had risen from the battle.

Total Retained 96%

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