161 "Ugoki Dashita Kyoufu! Yami no Joou no Mashu"
(Coming Terror! The Evil Approach by the Queen of Darkness)
154 "Day Of Night" 00-11-9

Chibi-Usa is participating in a marathon, which brings Usagi and her friends out to watch. They don't actually watch and go to Crown's instead, which upsets Chibi-Usa. As the day goes on, it becomes darker and darker, even though there isn't a cloud in the sky. Nehelenia had been sending out spider threads all over the city and after a while, the whole city was covered in darkness caused by all the spider threads. Ami pinpoints the origin of the spider webs to be the circus tent, and they all go. There, they meet up with the Amazoness Quartet in their civilian IDs who are stealing the dream mirrors of just about everyone they can see. They transform to their regular IDs and the girls transform too, revealing their identities. Then a battle ensues. The Amazonesses have the upper hand when Tuxedo Mask appears and diverts their attention. Zirconia then calls the Amazonesses back and when the Senshi are about to follow them in, Pegasus appears and stops them.

The beginning of the 6 part finale of the SuperS season, and they started it off fairly nicely. Once again, Cloverway pulls through to give us ANOTHER good episode. Wow, this has got to be some miracle...Can they keep it together for the rest of the season? Can they???? *cough* No...But at least they pulled through for today's episode...

The good episode streak continues for the NINTH day in a row, however it was close to ending here because one line in this episode nearly killed me. You'll see below that theres a line where Amy said "You're trippin' Serena." Well, this line was bad because (a) the word trippin', (b) AMY saying it, and (3) the way it was delivered, where there was a slight pause between each word. Now, I say this nearly killed me because, well, it did. Me and Jeff (my little brother) were passing a bag of Doritos back and forth while watching the episode, and heres what took place: Dan chews Dorito and begins to swallow; Amy says that line; Dan begins to choke on Dorito; Dan waves arms around trying to fight ot off and swallow; Jeff finally notices Dan; Jeff smacks Dan's back; Dorito finally goes down the right tube; Dan falls on the couch and starts to breathe normally. So thats why I didn't like that line besides the obvious. If anything, I learned one thing: never eat Doritos while watching an episode from the SuperS dub for the first time. Now this episode was important as it's the first in the six-part ending, in which it did a good job of keeping the plot and lines for this episode. Also, it's an episode with a song. Today's song is "Sailor Team no Theme." The dub version is a new song that uses the same basic theme and rhythm from the orginal "Sailor Team no Theme" and is probably called "Let's Fight." I liked the lyrics, but for some reason, the singer still reminds me of fantasy cartoon songs from when I was really little. I dunno. Maybe that Dorito incident messed me up......

The script for this episode was pretty good. The only thing that was holding it down was some minor (but still annoying) slang.

The song that was in this episode, "Sailor Team No Theme", was translated into english. It was sung by the same person who sang the translated version of "Watashi-tatchi ni naritakute", although I think her voice was much more appropriate for this song. As for the actual translation, it was pretty good. And I don't even want to HEAR ONE WORD about how they changed "Make Up!" to "Let's Fight!" (Oh geez, I can see the hate mail pouring in already...). Give it a rest already. If you were HONESTLY thinking they were gonna keep the whole "Make Up!" thing you must have been on crack. It just boggles my mind how many people complained about this, I mean, I'd prefer this song over "She's Got the Power" or any other DiC song ANY DAY. Of course, I understand that the _IDEAL_ situation would have been them keeping the original song, but this isn't an _IDEAL_ world. You give a little you get a little. Are you followin' me? No? Ah, geez...Let's move on....

(7 seconds) A shot of the marathon track from above is cut. No biggie, as if you guys really care....*dodges bottles being thrown*

Serena makes a comment about Amy studying too much and Amy replies -

"You're trippin', Serena!"

God, why me...Not only is the use of the word "trippin'" bad, when it comes out of Ami's mouth it's 10X worse. I mean, I don't see that wheelchair genius guy (stephen hawkings) going, "YOU ARE TRIPPING IF YOU THINK MY THEORY IS INCORRECT...". That would just be scary....Very very scary....Especially considering the fact that it would be said in that computer voice.....Oh God...*runs to tiff in fear*

I think Mina (or maybe Lita) delivers this line about the spider web they see up in the corner of Crown's.....

"It's a mondo web!"

And after hearing this line, a loud "WHHAAAAA??????" was heard throughout the nation.

(6 seconds) Before we see the Amazoness Quartet looking through the dream mirrors, there are some shots of the circus tent that are cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of one of the Amazonesses dragging an unconscious man across the ground to the pile of people is cut.

Because I'm feeling nice today, I'm going to list this in the "Side Note" box rather than the SDA box.

"Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Oak Evolution!"
"Sailor Venus! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

Good God, where the HELL (oops, I mean HFIL) did they come up with this stuff?? God forbid that they *gasp* ACTUALLY USE THE CORRECT ATTACK NAME THAT WAS IN ENGLISH TO BEGIN WITH! *sigh* Oh well, I live in an imperfect world....

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