160 "Otona ni Naru Yume! Amazoness no Touwaku"
(Dream to Become an Adult! Bewilderment of the Amazoness)
153 "Tomorrow's Big Dreams" 00-11-8

Minako gets everyone to volunteer for the coming of age celebration. However, they're not the only ones volunteering, the Amazoness Quartet are too. While helping out, the two groups seem to get along quite well in doing their tasks. They help each other out and make friends with each other. Then at the end, they ask what the celebration is for, since they don't see anything good out of becoming an adult. The next day, they seem to mock the others and their dreams of wanting to grow up. They then attack the audience and take their dream mirrors (although the senshi still don't know the girls were the Amazoness Quartet). They all start to fight, but the Sailor Senshi end up being triumphant. They are then able to resume the coming of age ceremony with success.

What's to say, another good episode. The only thing bad about this episode was that it screwed up the attacks big time.

This can't be, EIGHT in a row?!?! Wow! I shouldn't really celebrate yet, these were all only filler episodes. Can they do this good when it's time for the important ones? Even when they've already ruined some of it earilier in the season?

Good Script! Nothing more to say.

The lemures, Biri-Biri, retains his name.

"It doesn't look symmetrical!" - Palla-Palla

Completely and totally out of character. A word like "Symmetrical" would NEVER be in Palla-Palla's vocabulary....EVER. Palla-Palla only has the intellect of a 3 year old, and how many 3 year olds have you heard say "symmetrical"?

(2 seconds) Some shots of some puffs of smoke above the civic center right after the commercial is cut.

(8 seconds) A shot of the corridor Rei, Chibi-Usa, Ves-Ves, and Cere-Cere are in talking about dreams is cut.

(5 seconds) After we hear the scream, there is cutting! We see Rei and Chibi-Usa go running and then we see Biri-Biri attacking people.

While Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury get their attacks right, Venus does her attack as follows...

"I'm Sailor Venus! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

O.o;; I'm just utterly confused. This left me saying "WTF" non-abbreviated of course ^^:;;;

Total Retained 95%

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