16 "Junpaku dress no yume! Usagi hanayome ni naru"
(Dream of a Pure White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride)
13 "Wedding Day Blues" 95-9-27

Usagi's home economics teacher is getting married. Coincidentally, a wedding dress contest is also being held at a local chapel causing the town to go into a wedding dress frenzy. Since Usagi's teacher, Akiyama-sensei, doesn't have a lot of money, she has to make her dress herself. Nephrite takes this opportunity to use a piece of silk to manipulate Akiyama-sensei. After her change from a shy quiet woman to a cruel beast, Luna fears that the Dark Kingdom is behind her change. She tells Usagi to disguise herself and enter the contest. Luna's fears were correct. At the contest a youma appears from Akiyama-sensei and begins stealing everyone's energy. Usagi and the others transform and after a bit of fighting are able to defeat the youma and return everything to normal. In the end, Akiyama-sensei ends up marrying her love.

Another very typical DiC episode unfortunately. The script wasn't really TOO terribly bad I suppose, but there were places that were completely rewritten which is rather annoying. One of the early signs of DiC's wanting to change cultural references that little kids might not understand appears in this episode when Raye steals "sheets" while Rei steals "Shinto Wedding Robes". Right.

I don't have much against this episode except the changing of the Shinto robes to sheets. Oh, that and the premiere of the yodel scream. >=( Watching the dub standalone back in the day, I was confused as why the teacher supposedly dumped her fiance? and still worked on the dress, but threw the thought away since she was being controlled by a youma. Looks like I was wrong though, another change DiC felt the need to make, oy...

I'm sorry, but I really hate this episode dubbed. They make most of the characters (Usagi and Naru included) SO much meaner than in the original. The daydream was just STUPID, and why, oh why does Terri Hawkes have to squeal like that...


I kinda got annoyed starting every comparison by saying "The script for this episode was..." so I decided to mix it up a bit. Did I catch you all off guard? Anyone????? ..........Nevermind. This episode's script can be described in one word...."Meh." It really wasn't really FAR off, but far enough off to give me a headache and annoy me.

Akiyama Hirgure-sensei's name becomes Helen Lambart/Lambard. I'm not entirely sure on the spelling, but that's what it sounded like.

I forget if this has been mentioned before, but Miss Haruna's first name is apparently "Patricia" now. Interestingly enough because in the original, "Haruna" was her first name, not her last.

Akiyama's fiancee's name is "Herbert" in the dub. I'm unsure if he had a name in the original.

The youma's name in the dub was "The Black Widow". I'm unsure of her name (if she had one) in the original.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. .........Poopy?

In the original version, towards the beginning of the episode we see Jyuban Jr. High and then we see the sign that shows Usagi's room. All of this is replaced with the generic "Crossroads Jr. High" instead.

(6 seconds) Before Umino appears when Usagi and Naru are eating ice cream at the table outside, a part where Usagi yawns and two kids go by on a toy hippo thing is cut. .......... That's all I have to say about that. What is really so freaking bad about two kids, a hippo, and a yawn? I.......I.....I just don't get it. I really don't know how much more of this I can take.....*notices that he's on episode 16 of 89*....Just shoot me now.

(5 seconds) About five seconds of Umino looking at his "little black book" is cut.

(Approximately 8 seconds) The scene of Usagi and the others picturing Akiyama-sensei in a wedding dress and of her wedding is totally hacked to pieces. Every little shot is slightly shortened, all in all, about 8 seconds of footage is lost. Most of the footage loss occurs when the man is giving her flowers and at the end of the little "daydream".

A quick sparkle effect is added to Usagi's ice cream when she holds it up in the air. Good to know DiC's budget was well spent doing little effects like this instead of....I dunno.....getting better scripts. Good call DiC..........freaking morons.

(3 seconds) Umino and Naru laughing at/be annoyed with/being embarrassed because of Usagi after she spills the ice cream all over herself is cut.

I find it very interesting to note that while DiC finds the need to cut out the Japanese writing lets say on Jyuban middle school, the sign for Jyuban hall is kept intact in all its Japanese glory. First one to find the logic and reason in this gets five dollars. Ready? Go!

(4 seconds) A close up shot of the wedding dress contest sign is cut, most likely due to the Japanese writing on it, even though we see this sign in shots before and after this one. Double your money if you can find the logic in this one too.

In Usagi's daydream, why the HELL did they find the need to give her a really cheesy BAD French accent? *shudder* That was wrong AND uncalled for. -2 points for DiC and Optimum.

(5 seconds) In the original, after Rei compliments Usagi's mom's cake Usagi says that she bought it from the store, to which her mom responds by smacking her over the head with the serving tray. Usagi responds to THIS by writhing in pain. All this horrible disgusting violence is cut from the dubbed version, you have to think of the children here. By the way I was being sarcastic. The funny thing is in the next shot, we see Usagi rubbing her head. Right. Makes perfect sense.

(2 seconds) The shot of "Herbert" standing in front of Akiyama-sensei's door is snipped a bit.

Here's a major script change that was probably made out of sheer stupidity.

In the original, Akiyama wants her fiancee to go away until the wedding or else he was gonna get it. That way she could focus on making her wedding dress.

In the dub, Mrs. Lambart tells Herbert that it's OVER and for him to go away. Not only does this make her into more of a Biya than she really is, it also makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. With Herbert gone, why would she still want to make the wedding dress? Makes no freaking sense.........But whatever. I suppose I should be used to this sort of thing by now.

Grandpa: "I can't believe that you were going to cut up my best sheets to make your wedding dress!"

Actually, that's not EXACTLY what he said, but that's the gist. So what's the big deal? THOSE WEREN'T SHEETS, THOSE WERE SHINTO WEDDING GOWNS!!!! >=( How freaking retarded is that. Kids aren't that stupid DiC. They can figure stuff out, and for those who can't.........Umm...........They wont amount to much anyways so what's the big deal? =P

In the original, Grandpa tries to hit on Ami and Rei comes in and smacks him on the head with a broom. The scene then changes to "Stealth Usagi" trying to steal her mother's curtains. In the dub, Rei and her magical broom of wonders is replaced with a shot of Ami's face that we saw a few seconds earlier. The whole conversation is pretty much completely different as well.

(2 seconds) Usagi sighing after her mom scolds her and a panning shot of Akiyama-sensei's ceiling/wall is cut. By the way, Usagi's mom also never gets mad at her for "sneaking around her room". I just have to mention this because that really strikes me as odd. Most parents don't care about their children being in their rooms (I know mine didn't) so the fact that Serena's mom has such a freaking huge problem with it is kinda weird if you ask me. I think it was more the way she delivered the line than anything else....

Just so you know, in the dub Lambart takes the place of the guest host or whatever. This never happened, in the original she just appeared in a flamboyant manner as a contestant. I don't even think there was a guest host in the original.

Here's something you all missed.

When Luna appears from Usagi's dress and tells her to transform, Usagi replies by saying "Luna! You saw my underwear! You pervert!" Hehe. Nice.

(1 second) The Senshi's final pose is snipped a bit.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this episode is the first appearance of the DREADED.....


I know. It was horrible wasn't it? From now on we are all cursed to wear earplugs while watching the show.............wait.........who's watching the dub anyways? Not me. *throws away earplugs* Oh crap...I have to do comparisons *Chases after garbage men*

(1 second) The youma's death scene is cut short a tiny bit.

Total Retained 53%

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