159 "Chibi Usa no Chiisana Koi no Rhapsody"
(Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love)
152 "Rini's Lovely Rhapsody" 00-11-7

All the girls are starting to get the feeling that Chibi-Usa has a boyfriend that she's not telling them about. They all try to get her to tell them who he is, but all she says is that he's white with a long face. Of course, the girls get a horrible picture in their head about this. After they go too far, Chibi-Usa really gets mad. She goes off to a dock to be by herself. There, they find a really pale man with a long face. They all jump to the conclusion THAT'S who Chibi-Usa is in love with. Just then, Jun-Jun appears and attacks the man. All of them transform to save Chibi-Usa's love. After some battling, Tuxedo Kamen appears and gives them an opportunity to destroy the lemures. It's destroyed and the man is saved. Chibi-Usa then informs the others that the man is not who she loves, but that it's someone else, and that it's a secret.

Good episode. However, this was one of those episodes where all the dialogue was translated faithfully, but whenever there was originally there was no talking, in the dub there is added dialogue...It can get very annoying at times, but I guess I'll let it slide since it really wasn't that bad.

The streak continues with 7 good episodes in a row. I like not really having to type anything, it makes things much easier and it shows that they are starting to do a good job.

Script good. Added dialogue baaaaaaaad.

The lemures, Paku-Paku, retains his name.

Watashi-tatchi ni naritakute was again played in this episode, and again, it was dubbed with the bad singer. Nothing different from the last episode, still just as bad.

(6 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Usa's window from outside, then the scene fades away and we see Crown's (the arcade and juice bar place) from afar.

I MUST say this again, in the middle of the comparison, no less. NEHELENIA'S DUB VOICE IS AWFUL. I can't stand it at all. I would rather sit through a cat fight between Linda Ballentyne and Terri Hawkes than have to listen to her for one more second. JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY! It's _THAT_ bad.

Also of worthy note, did you notice that in the Amazoness Quartet scene, Palla-Palla actually referred to herself in the third person as she's supposed to? That's good...Too bad the other writers couldn't be consistent with this....

Now, if the first part of the scene after the commercial break was cut or snipped in any way, I wouldn't know since I accidentally didn't start recording again until a few seconds into the show again. *sigh* Clumsy me..

(4 seconds) There's a cut shot of a bunch of people in the ice cream shop that Ami, Minako, and Chibi-Usa are in, and a shot of the ice cream shop itself.

Wow, A lot of side notes in this episode. Mina says this line

"His face was soft and fuzzy?!?!"

Now, this line wasn't in the original, but I think it was an improvement over the original, as the line was just so much more odd and appropriate to the situation. Kudos to Cloverway, I guess......

(1 second) You know how during the restaurant scene, all the girls try to approach Chibi-Usa and Mamoru by hiding behind things? Well, Usagi was hiding behind a statue....A very naked statue. Geez, what's with this show and obscene statues lately??? Anyway, the naked statue was cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of a carp jumping out of the water right before Jun-Jun appears.

Total Retained 95%

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