158 "Pegasus no Himitsu! Yume Sekai wo Mamoru Bishounen"
(Pegasus' Secret! The Beautiful Boy Protecting the World of Dreams)
151 "Pegasus Revealed" 00-11-6

Usagi dreams of being a kid again while at the same time Chibi-Usa dreams of being an adult. During a fight with Palla-Palla, they get their wish as Palla-Palla switches their ages. When the other Senshi appear, Palla-Palla retreats leaving the two in their switched ages. Usagi and Chibi-Usa decide to stay at Mamoru's apartment since they would cause too much commotion at their house. That night, Chibi-Usa goes to find Pegasus. Pegasus shows Chibi-Usa his world of Illusion, which has been destroyed by the Dead Moon. He tells her that they were after the Golden Crystal, a crystal of huge amounts of power. After that, Pegasus tells Chibi-Usa that he couldn't find her earlier since the light from her dream was gone. Chibi-Usa then runs to Pegasus telling him that if she can't see him anymore, she doesn't want to be an adult anymore, and she turns back into a little kid. At the same time, Usagi turns back into a teen again. Later, they confront Palla-Palla again. She sends a lemures out on them, but it is defeated and Palla-Palla retreats.

_ANOTHER_ good episode. Wow, this has got to be a record. The only thing I really didn't like about this episode was the girl who sang the translated version of Watashi-tatchi ni naritakute. I just don't think her voice fitted the song at all...It was too loud, harsh, opera-sounding and old sounding for a song that originally had a soft, young sounding voice.

A good episode streak lasting SIX episodes! Good job Cloverway! I have slightly the opinion as Bob with the dub version of Watashi-tatchi ni Naritakute, which I'm going to assume has been titled Lonely Heart. I liked that they kept the melody and all, even the dub lyrics are pretty good, but the voice somehow reminds me of fantasy cartoons back when I was really young. Puff the Magic Dragon was taking over my thoughts for some reason. O.o;;;

Following the lead of the past few episodes, the script for this episode was, once again, pretty good. There was room for improvement but nothing really bad to whine about.

Pegasus' world, Illusion, is called "Elysion" (el-ee-see-un) in the dub. Many will argue that both names could be right, but I always liked "Illusion" better since that's the word I think they were going for, but Elysion is probably just as correct. Just note that Illusion and Elysion are the same thing.

The Dead Moon (SuperS Japanese) is changed to the Dark Moon (SuperS Dub), not to be confused with the NegaMoon (R dub) or the Black Moon (R Japanese).....(heh, confused yet? If you are, I've accomplished my goal! mwhaha)

Ellios' (ell-ee-os) name is changed to "Hellios" (hell-ee-os) in the dub. Once again, people will argue that that name could be correct too, but for this case, I would disagree. The two "acceptable" names would have been Ellios, or "Helios" (hee-lee-os), not "Hellios", but I'll live. It's really a VERY minor change. At least they didn't rename him something like "Jack"...Wouldn't that be weird?? "I'm the guardian of Elysion, Jack..." *cough*

The lemures, Pero-Pero, retains her name.

The song, "Watashi-tatchi ni naritakute" appears in this episode. For the dub, it is translated into English. While the translation is kinda off, it's not that translation that bothers me, it's the singer of the song. Her voice sounds too old and opera-sounding for this song that's supposed to be soft and easy on the ears. It kinda ruins one of my favorite songs...*sigh*

(1 second) A part of the scene where the camera explores Chibi-Moon's new body right after she gets it. The part that was cut was when we see her upper torso area (you know, where her boobs are) ^^;;

(4 seconds) A shot of a naked statue. This is the statue that Palla-Palla was sitting on the entire time...Too bad they didn't cut the statue out of the other scenes it was in, otherwise, this cut would have actually made sense! *GASP*

(4 seconds) After going back to their normal ages, Chibi-Usa and Usagi see a flash at night in the park. Then we see a closer up version of the park and we see many dream mirrors float up.

All Super attack from the inner senshi are actually performed RIGHT! YAY! And their deliverance is probably as good as they're gonna get....

(6 seconds) A shot of the frozen candy falling to the ground after Mercury does the Aqua Rhapsody attack, then we see the other senshi applauding her. It really was a funny scene, and it pains me to see it get cut out. Stupid Cloverway! Do I have to keep saying it? SuperS without the comedy is nothing!

(2 seconds) We see Tuxedo Mask yell "No...NOW!!!! SAILOR MOON!!!!" really loud but we don't see Sailor Moon and the others VERY far away running towards him going "OOOOOKKKKKKKK!!!!!!". Another funny scene. Bad bad, Cloverway!

Total Retained 93%

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