157 "Pegasus ga Kieta!? Yure Ugoku Yuujou"
(Pegasus Has Disappeared!? Swinging Friendships)
150 "Dream Believer" 00-11-3

While at the park, Chibi-Usa, Kyusuke, and Momoko are almost run over by a bike/glider thing. It turns out to be a boy who goes to their school. His name is Hiroki. His dream is to get his plane, the Saint Louise, to fly. The three of them offer to help, but he says he wants to get his dreams by himself. The next day, everyone (including Pegasus since Chibi-Usa brought the Stallion Stable along) watches Kyusuke make another attempt, and another fail. Usagi and the others lend their suggestions but Hiroki insists that he should do it by himself. He is eventually persuaded however. Later that night, Chibi-Usa asks Pegasus some questions which causes him to doubt Chibi-Usa's faith in him, so he leaves. This upsets Chibi-Usa greatly. The next day, Ves-Ves attacks Hiroki. Chibi-Moon is able to hold off Jun-Jun and the lemures long enough for the other senshi to appear. Chibi-Usa doubts if Pegasus will come to their aid, but he does which relieves her. The lemures is destroyed and Hiroki gets his mirror back. The next day, Hiroki succeeds and his Saint Louise flies.

Another good episode. Wow, a 3 episode streak. That's pretty good. Let's hope they can keep this streak up.

Yes, another good episode. And it's a 5 episode streak, not a 3. The last bad episode was the skipped one, episode 152. Will the streak continue?

The script for this episode is good, minus the weirdness of the attack names....Which I will get into later...

Hiroki retains his name.

The lemures, Pao-Pao, retains her name.

(3 seconds) A shot of the circus tent is cut.

(1 second) The end of the scene where Palla-Palla is blowing bubbles in the hot tub is cut.

"You obviously can't do it if you keep doing what you're doing!" - Kelly

This line just sounded really odd because he said "do" one too many times.....Did the writers for these episodes ever take elementary english classes?

(10 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Usa standing alone after Usagi leaves and then the hill Hiroki is working on his plane at.

"Mars Flame Sniper" = "I'm Sailor Mars! Mars Flame Shooter!"

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" = "I'm Sailor Mercury! Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

What the freaking hell!?!? Ok....Let me ask you something.....How do we get "I'm Sailor Mars! Mars Flame Shooter!" out of "Mars Flame Sniper!"....Eh??? EHH!??!

Total Retained 94%

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