156 "Yume wo Miushinawanaide! Shinjitsu wo Utsusu Kagami"
(Don't Lose Your Dream! A Mirror Reflects the Truth)
149 "Reflections Of Reality" 00-11-2

Chibi-Usa and Usagi come across a painter in the park. His name is Kamoi and he's a struggling painter. Although his talent is obvious, many people don't like their portraits since they always think they are more beautiful than Kamoi portrays them. Nevertheless, Kamoi doesn't charge the customer when they don't like the painting. When Kamoi is painting Usagi's portrait, Kamoi collapses of hunger. Usagi and Chibi-Usa take him back to their house and cook him a meal. The next day, he is approached by Cere-Cere and she asks for a portrait. After some resistance, Kamoi accepts. Not long afterwards, Cere-Cere attacks Kamoi. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon appear to fight. The lemures is easily destroyed and Kamoi's mirror is returned.

Another good episode. Nothing much to say. No really, there's NOTHING to say other than the fact that it was a good episode.

Another good episode. Why can't all episodes have such small comments on our two cents boxes?

The script was good. The only thing that was bad about it is noted in the SDA box below.

Kamoi retains his name.

The lemures, Toge-Toge, retains her name.

(5 seconds) A shot from afar of Usagi being painted by Kamoi is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of the Tsukino house in an uproar due to Usagi and Chibi-Usa's attempts at cooking is cut.

(5 seconds) A shot of the house Luna is investigating s cut.

(3 seconds) Heh, this was a scene that I KNEW would be cut. When the camera is panning to the left and we see Cere-Cere inside the mansion, there's more panning that the American audience didn't get to see. In the original, the camera continues to pan to reveal...Umm....an "interesting" statue...You see the statue is a fountain statue....And you'll never guess where the water is coming out of. *cough* Yes....The statue is of a little boy peeing. I don't know what's up with rich people and statues of peeing boys. *sigh*

(2 second) In another scene, we see the statue AGAIN. It's cut again too.

"You helped me again!" - Kamoi to Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon.

You see, this line is stupid because it implies that Kamoi knows who Moon and Chibi-Moon actually are, when really he shouldn't. Oh, Cloverway, watch out for little errors like this....

Total Retained 95%

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