155 "Kyoufu wo Koete! Jiyuu he no Jump"
(Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom)
148 "Vaulting To Victory" 00-11-1

Chibi-Usa's school is having a athletic meet soon, but Chibi-Usa is not very excited. She's not good at the box horse and doesn't want to compete. After Kyusuke, one of Chibi-Usa's friends and a great athlete, finds out, he is also not very excited. As a child, her hurt himself while trying to jump over a box horse and has been scared of them ever since. He tries to practice but fails every attempt to jump over. Jun-Jun sees him and offers to help, but her help doesn't seem to be helping him much. She decides to come back the next morning to practice again. The next morning, she gets a great idea. She realizes that if there's something scarier than the box horse, than Kyusuke will forget about his fear of the box horse. Jun-Jun releases a bear on Kyusuke and guess what, her plan works. Kyusuke frantically runs away and successfully jumps over the box horse. After that accomplishment, Jun-Jun then steals his dream mirror and unleashes a lemures. The senshi appear to fight, but the lemures is too much for them. At the last minute, Chibi-Usa runs at the enemy and does a box horse jump over the lemures and immobilizes it. This gives a chance for them to destroy the lemures and save Kyusuke. The next day, Kyusuke wins first place at the meet.

A good episode. The only thing that I found really odd was Kyusuke's name and voice. It's awful. He sounds like a girl. For a while there I thought Cloverway had pulled another sex-change on us but fortunately they didn't. Kyusuke (Kelly in the dub) retains his gender.

Wow, more good fillers, I hope the important ones are done just as well. I just don't understand why Kyusuke sounds like a girl and is given a girl's name in the dub, it just doesn't make sense.

The script for this episode was left intact. There wasn't much about it that was all that bad. Good script.

I'm not sure if I've said this in a previous episode comparison or not, but I'm saying it again so watch out. ~_^

Kyusuke's name is changed to Kelly. Also, his voice is really bad. It sounds like a girl. In fact, I think the girl who does Jun-Jun's voice does Kelly's voice, but I could always be wrong.

The lemures, Tobiki Man, doesn't retain his name. His name is changed to "Jumper". I don't know what inspired Cloverway to do this but oh well...

Also, in the course of this episode, there are some poorly placed "scene changers". Wow...Cloverway has been doing bad with those lately.....I mean, honestly....How hard is it to put a scene changer in a place where the scene actually CHANGES??? *sigh*

In the original, after Kyusuke jumped off of the platform to land in front of the Usagi and the others, there was a warning message at the bottom of the screen warning kids not to try that at home.

Interestingly enough, the kanji and kana are erased for the American version and are translated and rewritten in English! Actually, I think this is a good thing. This means that Cloverway DOES care somewhat about the show and wants to keep some of the jokes. Or......maybe it just means that they wanted to keep from being liable if a kid really DID do that......*cough*

(1 second) In the original, the adult that scolded Kyusuke for jumping off of the building also punched him right in the head. The punching was cut out.

(9 seconds) Before we see Kyusuke bringing over the box horse, there are some shots of the banners and things set up for the meet.

(7 seconds) A shot of the Jyuban park sign and a shot of the girls getting ready for Chibi-Usa to practice her "vaulting" is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of some trees the morning that Kyusuke is training is cut.

In the original, when Jupiter was about to attack, she was about to do Oak Evolution but in the dub apparently she was about to do Supreme Thunder.....Odd....So wait a minute...If she was about to do Supreme Thunder in the dub then that means that Cloverway wanted to be consistent with the original....But it wasn't being consistent with the original since she was doing oak evolution....But they should be consistent with the DiC dub first so they should have done Jupiter Thunder Crash....But that doesn't even matter because it was oak evolution....wait....I'm.....confused.....

Total Retained 95%

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