154 "Yume Taiketsu! Minako to Makoto Zekkou Sengen"
(Confrontation Between Dreams! Breakup Announcement by Minako and Makoto)
147 "Nightmare Garden" 00-10-31

All of the girls are helping out with a local bazaar for the local kindergarten. Minako and Makoto are really in it for the kindergarten principal, Mr. Honjou. While Makoto truly cares about the bazaar, Minako only seems to want to have Mr. Honjou. After a little boy named Kotaro ruins her fun, she becomes determined to get Mr. Honjou and make sure she beats out Makoto. When Minako makes a very ugly sweater and Kotaro ruins it, Minako gets upset and chases him around, ruining the whole bazaar. Makoto gets furious and tells Minako that their friendship is over. Minako still doesn't give up on beating Makoto to Mr. Honjou, and tries desperately to add to the bazaar, but fails. She runs off crying and Artemis asks Makoto to help him cheer her up. Once they get there, Minako and Makoto get into an argument. Meanwhile, Cere-Cere appears and attacks Mr. Honjou. Kotaro tells Minako and Makoto about what's happening and they hurry back. Back at the battle, the others have already transformed and are fighting the lemures, Jara-Jara. They all get trapped in a man-eating plant and Minako and Makoto are trapped before they can transform. Artemis tells them they need to find their inner powers like Mars and Mercury did. They both free themselves and transform. Then with their new attacks, they're able to free the others and destroy the lemures. Cere-Cere retreats and Mr. Honjou is saved. In the end, it turns out Kotaro was Honjou's son, which ruins Minako and Makoto's plans for a boyfriend.

This was a pretty good episode. Not much to say, but what was up with "Sailor Venus! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" and "Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Oak Evolution!"!?! Wha???

Another well done episode. What holds this episode back is the attack phrases of Venus and Jupiter. I dunno what to say about them, except that how the SS attack phraese always vary each episode with each senshi, so it's just the beginning, oy.......

This episode's script was pretty good. The translation was accurate and not many lines/jokes lost their meaning. All in all, a good episode. ^^

Honjou retains his name.

Kotaro retains his name.

The lemures, Jara-Jara, retains her name.

(2 seconds) A shot of a girl on a ladder putting up stuff for the bazaar is cut. Those offensive ladders! ~_^

(7 seconds) A shot of the kindergarten, Zircon flying by, and then a shot of the circus tent from above is cut.

(5 seconds) A shot of the Kindergarten's bazaar shot from afar is cut.

(3 seconds) A shot of Makoto holding her broken bear in sorrow after she tells off Minako is cut.

The song in this episode, Route Venus (the song Mina is singing along to), is....umm....odd. I can hear the Japanese lyrics but I can also hear English lyrics too.......*blink blink*...It's like they tried to dub over it....but failed.

"Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!" is changed to "Jupiter Crystal Power!" as expected and "Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!" is changed to "Venus Crystal Power!" also as expected.

Once again, the two senshi's transformations are edited again in the same way the last two transformations were.

In a very odd move, the two attacks "Jupiter! Oak Evolution!" and "Venus! Love and Beauty Shock!" were changed to "Sailor Jupiter! Jupiter Oak Evolution!" and "Sailor Venus! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" What the? That's incredibly strange! Not only that, it's inconsistent with the other attacks and the SuperS movie. *sigh* How awful.

Total Retained 93%

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