153 "Kyoufu no Haishasan? Parapara no Yakata"
(Dentist of Terror? Palla-palla's House)
146 "Dental Dilemma" 00-10-30

After Zirconia finds out Zircon was unable to locate a target, she sends out Palla-Palla to check multiple targets at once. Palla-Palla sets up a dentist's office and sends sugar out to give all the kids in the city cavities. Unfortunately, Chibi-Usa and Usagi were not immune to the trick. They go to the fake dentist's office to get their teeth cleaned. Once they get inside, Palla-Palla appears to attack them, but before she can, Tuxedo Kamen appears and frees the two girls. They transform but are easily trapped by the lemures, Gari-Gari. After using the double sonic cry, they are free and destroy the lemures. Palla-Palla then retreats and the dentist's office disappears. Along with that all the fake cavities have gone away too and all the kids are happy. All but Chibi-Usa and Usagi, who actually had real cavities.

While this episode's script was not as accurately translated as the last ones, this script actually worked better since this was a filler episode where minor details weren't really necessary. The script actually worked pretty well and the episode turned out pretty nice, except for some questionable voice acting.

This episode is a perfect how all filler episodes should be treated. My only complaint would be that it didn't air on Halloween like it should have, but on CWi's part, great job!

The script for this episode was alright. It didn't really matter since the episode had very little plot to it, so the script ended up working quite nicely.

The lemures, Gari-Gari, retains her name.

(8 seconds) A shot of the downtown (tenth street) clinic and Minako trying to scare Chibi-Usa is cut.

(4 seconds) A shot of Chibi-Usa and Usagi thinking about having to goto the dentist is cut.

(3 seconds) After Mamoru steps out of the office, the part of the scene where the camera zooms out to show Usagi and Chibi-Usa again is cut.

(1 second) A shot of Mamoru wondering about why no one has come out of the office is cut.

Total Retained 95%

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