152 "Honoo no Jounetsu! Mars Ikari no Chou Hissatsu Waza"
(Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Super Deadly Attack)
145 "Dreams Of Her Own" 00-12-21

Rei becomes an overnight sensation when she appears on the cover of a magazine. The magazine brings in people from all over to the shrine, including a young girl named Nanako. Nanako wants to work at the shrine and become just like Rei. While she is a big help, Nanako seems to lack her own dreams and is only trying to pursue what she thinks Rei's dreams are. Once Rei finds this out, she is upset and accidentally says that someone like her is not wanted in Nanako's presence. This upsets her and she runs off. Just when she exits the temple, she is approached by Ves-Ves, who forces her to tell her that she still has a dream. She attacks and steals her dream mirror. Moon, Chibi-Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter appear to fight, but Ves-Ves calls out the lemures Mane-Mane to fight. The attacks of the senshi prove ineffective against Mane-Mane who just mimics them and throws the attacks back. Rei appears and transforms, and with her new attack, Mars Flame Sniper, she is able to stun Mane-Mane and give Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon a chance to attack. Mane-Mane is destroyed and Nanako gets her mirror back. In the end, Nanako gets her own dreams back and everyone is happy once again.

Another infamous skipped episode. There was less of an excuse to skip this episode compared to the last skipped episode (Episode 119), so it makes me mad Cartoon Network skipped it in the first place. Read more about the horror down below. Now to my thoughts about the episode itself.

Now, even though this episode's script was pretty decent when it comes to translation, it didn't work. Unlike most filler episodes in Sailor Moon, this was one that really had to have a GOOD translation to get the full effect, and since the translation was off in most of the vital places, it just didn't come off too well. Mane-Mane and Nanako's voices didn't help either...

The skipped SS episode. At first, I was pissed because the next episode, focused on candy's effect on teeth and dentists, was set up to be on Halloween and it would be the perfect episode to air on the day, but instead I saw it the day before. Then when the episode aired, it showed the total hyprocracy on Cartoon Network. CN seems to have some obsession with butts in their own shows, and they sent the episode back to CWi (again, skipped could have been avoided if they weren't rushed) to cut out those scenes, as well as a couple others, and doing a crappy job with it. Now on to my thoughts on the episode.

This episode was another semi-important episode, where the plot of the episode was meaningless, but an important event took place, in this case Sailor mars getting her new attack, "Flame Sniper." (I just love that song, you all should listen to it sometime) However, Sniper is made to Shooter for some odd reason. I don't get it, if they were trying to avoid violet terms or whatever, I would assume many more people know the word shooter rather than sniper, but what do I know? The voices of Nanako and Mane-mane could've been improved a lot and the slang just needs to go. Unlike the last skipped episode, this one was just bad.

First off, this was the infamous skipped episode from SuperS. There was many speculations as to why the episode was skipped. One theory was that the lemures would shake her butt at the senshi (with a line separating the buttocks too). Another theory was that the lemures shirt had two dots on where her nipples would be. I've come to the conclusion that it was both reasons, although the second theory wasn't pulled off very well, which you'll understand below.

The script was on for the most part...But it wasn't "on" enough. Too much of the important/funny dialogue just didn't have much effect in the dub. Add that on to the hoards of valley girl talk/slang in the dub, and you got yourself a rather non-enjoyable episode.

Rei's voice actress (Katie Griffin) also delivered her lines very poorly. I'm not going to blame that on her, since we all know it was the voice director's (Nicole Thualt) fault for not telling her how she was supposed to deliver the lines. Nanako's voice was awful as well, considering that originally she had a super peppy, energetic voice and in the dub she was super quiet and seemed shy. Topping that off, the hilarious antics of Mane-Mane were absolutely silenced by Mane-Mane's HORRIBLE English voice. I swear, that had to be the WORST lemures voice yet.

Nanako retains her name.

Mane-Mane also retains her name.

"We're not like those three goons you had before us!" - Amazoness Quartet

*sigh* When will they stop making references to the Amazon Trio?? For one, they're gone, and two, they really never knew the Amazon Trio...

"You're the bomb, Raye" - Nanako

This was probably the worst in a series of bad lines with bad slang in them. *sigh*

This is the start of the battle with Mane-Mane. This is where numerous cuts occur, and rather poor editing at that. Even for someone who had never seen the dub before, it was quite obvious that this episode was hacked and slashed left and right. Because of the oddity of some of the cuts, LOTS of the dialogue didn't make sense, which will be explained below.

(5 seconds) After Venus does her attack, a shot of it encircling Mane, Mane breaking free, and then Mane changing her face to look like Venus is cut. The only reason I can see why this was cut was because of the "nipple shirt". Mane's butt wasn't visible at all and there had to be SOME reason to cut this since cutting if for no reason would be absurd since the dialogue after this scene makes no sense whatsoever without the scene. In the dub, we see Venus to her attack and then her looking shocked and Jupiter going "It's a spitting image!". Now I know this must have confused many people as they had no idea what was a spitting image of what. Careless cut...

In this episode, Venus Love-Me Chain = Venus Love Chain.

(2 seconds) A shot of Mane changing from Venus' face to Jupiter's face right after Jupiter does sparkling wide pressure. Again, the only reason I can think of for this scene being cut is because of the "nipple shirt", and again, the dialogue afterwards "It looks just like Jupiter!" doesn't make sense since we never saw Mane change to Jupiter....

(2 seconds) A shot of Mane-Mane beating on her chest like a gorilla would is cut, for obvious reasons...I think....

(3 seconds) Mane-Mane shaking her butt at the senshi is cut.

Thankfully, the transformation phrase, "Mars Crystal Power, Make Up!" is changed to "Mars Crystal Power!". Thank goodness we didn't have to go through a whole "is it crystal or star?" like the outer senshi had to go through....

Much like Mercury's transformation, Mars' transformation was swapped out with the "star" transformation for the part where the fire is dancing around her and then reverts back to the "Crystal" transformation after her clothes appear. Grrr, lazy Cloverway...

Interestingly enough, when Mars does her "Burning Mandala" attack, in the dub Mars goes "Fire Surround!" but Mane-Mane, doing the same attack, replies "Mane...Flame Shooter!"....Umm.....what???

(3 seconds) More of Mane-Mane's butt shaking, this time as Mars, is cut.

Mars' new attack, which should be "Mars Flame Sniper!" was changed to "Mars Flame Shooter!". A idiotic change, considering in the SuperS dub-edited movie the same attack is called "Mars Flame Sniper". Grrr! I'm angry!

Mars' delivery on the attack was much better than Mercury's, thankfully. At least she said "Mars" in the right place......

(3 seconds) A shot of everyone at the temple, shot from above is cut.

Total Retained 67%

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