150 "Amazoness! Kagami no Ura kara Kita Akumu"
(The Amazonesses! A Nightmare from Beyond the Mirror)
143 "A New Nightmare" 00-10-26

Since the defeat of the Amazon Trio, a new group has appeared. The new group, the Amazoness Quartet, consists of Cere-Cere, Palla-Palla, Jun-Jun, and Ves-Ves. Zirconia gives them orders to find the Golden Mirror, the mirror in which Pegasus is in, but they defy and attack her instead. Zirconia is able to overpower Ves-Ves, the attacker, but is amazed at how strong they are. Since Ves-Ves had caused all the trouble, she is in charge of the mission. The target is Chibi-Usa's friend, Momo-chan. Ves-Ves invites them to the Dead Moon Circus for one of their shows. Once there, Cere-Cere hypnotizes Momo-chan and leads her outside. Once there, they steal her dream mirror. Luckily, the Sailor Senshi are there to stop them. Ves-Ves calls out the lemures, Gara-Gara, to fight. After some fighting, the lemures is destroyed and the Quartet retreat. Momo-chan gets her dream mirror back and everyone's happy once again.

Oh God, what a crappy episode! It reeked! The dialogue was so messed up that it barely made sense! *shudder* Just don't make me watch it again! UGH!

This episode sucked. They ruined so much I'm not even gonna bother metioning some of the things. They were all just as bad and none more bad for me to complain about. I guess CWi had to have a bad episode to make up for yesterday's good one (or so I've heard good) to maintain an average of in the middle. When will they learn?

The script for this episode was absolutely terrible. For one, they added dialogue WHEREVER POSSIBLE. Whenever the character wasn't talking, they would have them thinking, and whenever we couldn't see their mouths, they were talking, and if none of these options were available, they had someone off screen talking. It was simply horrid. Then there was the fact that it kept on adding plot elements that don't exist and only cause problems along the way. Who wrote this episode!?!? It must have been Lumby....*shudder*....Only she could make a script so awful...

Cere-Cere's name is changed to "Cerle-Cerle"
Palla-Palla's (PA-la PA-la) name is changed to "Para-Para" (pa-RA pa-RA)
Jun-Jun retains her name of "Jun-Jun"
Ves-Ves name is changed to "Besu-Besu"

Now, usually, I wouldn't care about name changes like these since, technically, they're correct romanizations of their names. HOWEVER - I cannot accept this since each name comes from an Asteroid which they are named after. Their names are shortened versions of the names of these asteroids. I'll give you the info....

Cere-Cere - Ceres
Palla-Palla - Pallas
Jun-Jun - Juno
Ves-Ves - Vesta

So as you can see, Cere-Cere can be the only correct way to say her name if you want to keep consistent with the naming process and if you want to keep consistent with the manga. (You see, later on in the Manga, they become senshi of their own asteroids, so Cere-Cere becomes Sailor Ceres, Palla-Palla becomes Sailor Pallas, etc etc. And this is why Palla-Palla becomes Sailor Pallas (an asteroid) and NOT Sailor Paras (a pokemon).)

Does all of this make sense? If not, oh well - Moving on...

The Amazoness Quartet are called the "Amazon Quartet" in the dub. I thought this was worth mentioning since a lot of fans did not like this change at all.

The lemures, Gara-Gara, retains her name.

The Amazoness Quartet's dub voices are all, in my opinion, very good and fit their character. Palla-Palla has the babyish voice, Jun-Jun has the gruffy voice, Cere-Cere has the sophisticated voice, and Ves-Ves has the normal voice. These are all just like the Japanese counterpart, however, for some reason, a lot of fans don't like the AQ's voices. So I guess it's just a matter of opinion on whether you like them or not.

Finally, I can officially say now that I _HATE_ Nehelenia's voice. Not only is it harmful to the ears, it's just WAY TOO different from the Japanese counterpart. The original Nehelenia had a deep, sultry, sexy voice. Would it have been _THAT_ hard to cast someone who had a voice like that, or better yet, had directed the current voice actress to have a voice like that rather than having a super squeaky voice? Oh well...I can always hope for improvement...

"My Queen, Nehelenia, I've trained new Amazons for you!" - Zirconia

That's not actually what she said, but it's pretty close. The point is that ZIRCONIA DID _NOT_ TRAIN NEW AMAZONS! They were already "trained", and if ANYTHING, they were trained by Nehelenia, not Zirconia. Then later on Zirconia says..

"You? What are your names??"

Ok, wait, so you _TRAINED_ them but you have absolutely NO idea who they are?? Even though we CLEARLY saw you with them in the last two episodes? Riiiiiiiiight....

"Time to jam, Girlfriends" - Cere-Cere

Very out of character for the grammar queen, Cere-Cere. I don't think Cere-Cere would EVER use slang, EVER. That's almost as bad as Pluto using slang.

The chant that the AQ are famous for is kept, but the translation of it is nothing like the original. Keep in mind that the original chant that the AQ had stayed the same THROUGHOUT the rest of SuperS...Today's chant was..

"Don't dream that you're all grown up
Big dreams are best just for kids"

(4 seconds) A shot of the Dead Moon Circus tent from far away.

In the original, Zirconia was quite frightened at how powerful Ves-Ves was and knew that if they all attacked her together, she was done for. However, she still acts as if Ves-Ves were nothing for her. In the dub, Zirconia's weakness isn't showed at all, which was really inexcusable since it shows how powerful the AQ really are.

(2 seconds) A close-up shot of the tickets that Ves-Ves is giving Chibi-Usa and Momo-chan is cut.

(5 seconds) A shot of families entering the circus tent is cut.

(4 seconds) In the circus, the 4 acrobats that were swinging in a circle's scene was cut short.

When the Sailors pull out their henshin sticks, we have the wonderful pleasure of them all saying their planet names/beginning of their henshin phrases too. Basically, this is what we got...

"Moon Cosmic!

Originally we had silence. Really, did they _NEED_ to say that? Who came up with this idea that having the characters talk WHENEVER possible was best???

The phrase that the AQ says before they shoot their billiards ball to make the dream mirror pop out, "Nice Shot", is not kept for the dub. I was really hoping it would be kept too since the Amazon Trio's phrase, "One, Two, Three!" was kept.

"Hey, these must be those pumpkins the trio told us about!" - AQ

Umm, the Amazoness Quartet NEVER talked to the Amazon Trio. Infact, the Trio didn't even know the Quartet even existed.

(2 seconds) A shot of Gara-Gara slithering around is cut.

(2 seconds) A shot of Gara-Gara throwing Chibi-Moon into a wall is cut.

Fire Soul = "Mega Mars Fire Flash!"

Again, must I comment?????

Total Retained 67%

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