15 "Usagi aseru! Rei-chan hatsu date"
(Usagi is Impatient! Rei-chan's First Date)
12 "An Unnatural Phenomena" 95-9-26

A caretaker of a local park informs Ami, Rei, and Usagi that it will be torn down soon to make way for office space. The caretaker of the park is trying his hardest to stop the workers, but to little avail. Nephrite chooses him as his next target. Rei decides she will have a date in the park before it is torn down. Rei convinces Mamoru to go with her to the park, while Usagi follows being upset that Rei is hanging out with the 'rude' Mamoru. Meanwhile, Nephrite takes control of the caretaker's mind and body. Ami and Usagi notice something strange happening with the animals in the park and transform to fight. Rei notices Mamoru acting strangely and after their boat tips, she also joins the fight. Tuxedo Kamen drops in, gives some words of wisdom, and helps the fight as well. After some fighting, the youma that had taken control of the caretaker's body is vanquished. The caretaker is rescued and everything returns to normal.

DiC has been doing ever so SLIGHTLY better with the scripts lately if you haven't been noticing. Could they keep it up? No. No they could not. Personally, I found this episode to be a bit dull and boring to begin with, so having to watch a version that's even more crapulent than the first one was just....wow....bad.

This episode also marks the debut of Terri Hawkes, who later in the season completely replaces Tracy Moore. =( In this episode, Terri actually does OK as Serena, not as good as Tracy, but still OK. It's later on when Terri starts "personalizing" the character that things just get downright awful. We'll save that for another comparison though. While this is not the last episode that Tracy is in, this marks the beginning of the "phasing" out that occurs. I'll try and keep tabs on who does Serena in which episode for you all so you can see first end how Tracey just seemingly disappears.

I'm in the middle with this episode. When I first saw it dubbed, it didn't interest me too much, and when I saw it subbed it was the same thing. Comparing the two versions, it looks like DiC couldn't handle doing a decent translation again. Why would they add in stuff to make Darien take somewhat of an interest, where Mamoru was basically just being pulled along for the ride? -_-;;

*Shudder* Terri Hawkes, god, no...Make it stop..Sorry. I just think Tracey Moore was BY FAR the better choice. And the dialog/script in this was just bad. I really don't understand why they add the things they do...As Dan said, Mamoru was just...there. And why did they feel the need to make Rei and Mamoru have this common martial arts thing? o_O;

The script for this episode was just bad. Mangled, disgusting, bad. =\ Sucky.

As I mentioned in my two cents, Terri Hawkes makes her debut as Serena in this episode. I wont reiterate myself, so if you haven't already, just scroll up and take a look at what I had to say.

Darien's voice actor is also changed for this episode.

The Caretaker guy at the park is given a name in the dub. He is called "Mr. Baxter".

Forgive me for I can't read my own writing. I'm really sorry. The Youma, whose name I can't read, DOES retain its name in the dub. It's either Petesos or Pelesos. Again, sorry, I can't read my writing. The important thing is that the youma does retain its name. That's all that matters.

(30 seconds) The opening Usagi segment is cut. Big surprise there. -_-;;

You know that one shot of the Jyuban tower thingy that ALWAYS gets cut? Yup. It got cut again. Only this time it was merely replaced with some other shots. How annoying...

(3 seconds) A shot of the truck speeding towards Luna is cut. A few shots of Mamoru jumping the fence thingy on the sidewalk are also cut.

(11 seconds) A shot of Usagi grabbing Luna from Mamoru after he saves her and holding her up by her two front paws. I guess DiC didn't want kids imitating this so they cut it out. Really, I mean, they didn't have to. If ANYONE holds a cat up by its two front paws they will feel the wrath of the cat in a few seconds ANYWAY. That'll teach them damn kids to be mean to cats.

Oh yeah. Cats rule, dogs drool.

(5 seconds) After Motoki comes out to where Usagi and Mamoru are, there are some shots of Usagi pointing at Mamoru that are cut, CAUSE WE ALL KNOW IT'S RUDE TO POINT. >=(

Shots of a Sailor V video game are replaced with......OTHER shots of the Sailor V videogame. This "other" shot I believe is a generic shot edited by DiC to be more "American" or something. This generic shot is used twice in this particular scene.

Just a little side note. Unless I'm mistaken this is the episode in the Japanese version that we actually learn Mamoru's name. In the dub we learned it was Darien in episode 2 or something....*shakes head in disgrace*

In the dub when Raye and Darien are talking, Rei exclaims that she loves Martial Arts or something.

Now, I say, SINCE WHEN? And for that matter, since when has Darien????? While it IS probable that Rei and Mamoru both know martial arts and may be interested in it, this is NEVER stated in the episode. DiC decided to make this up, just because they could. Those bastards.

Now, let me make this clear. It is not the fact that they said Rei and Mamoru likes martial arts that makes this annoying, it's the fact that they feel like they can just add stuff in whenever and wherever they choose for no particular reason. This kind of behavior can (and will) only lead to much worse stuff later on.

(1 second) Don't ask my WHY this was cut, I'm only the messenger. The "blackness" after we see the old caretaker man breathing heavily but BEFORE we see Nephrite is cut. Again, I am only the messenger. I'm as confused as the rest of you.

Now, the scene where we see Rei peeking around the corner from far away is actually LONGER in the dub. I dunno. I just give up. I've stopped trying to make sense of this stuff. I'm just going to be a reporter from now on. You guys can figure it out for yourself from now on. -_-;;;

When Rei is envisioning how she is going to bump into Mamoru, in the dub they decided to add red to some of the shots. I don't know why they just did. Grrr. This comparison better end soon cause all these annoying changes are really starting to piss me off. Rawr.

(4 seconds) A shot of the office manager guy smoking a cigarette. Ok, so DiC doesn't want kids to see people smoking. Somewhat understandable considering how anal everyone in America is, but here's the problem. We see him throw the cigarette on the ground. We see it on the ground. We see it up close. Umm, can ANYONE besides me see what's wrong with this picture?

Just for the record, they make Darien much more interested in Raye than Mamoru is. Mamoru's just kinda like "ok, whatever..." about the whole situation. In the dub, Darien actually TAKES INTEREST in Raye. Stupid. Just wanted to point that out.

(3 seconds) A shot of the caretaker guy falling to the ground after the youma awakens is cut.

The henshin sequences are intact for this episode, meaning no cuts. Instead, the body lines are removed like in previous episodes.

Also, Sailor Moon's henshin is SLIGHTLY sped up.

(1 second) Right before the youma sends her hair out to get Mercury, there's a short cut.

(1 second) Mars appearance is cut. Why you ask? PANTY SHOT! w00t! Yeah, panty shot, that's why it was cut. =P

(2 seconds) You know in anime how the like to do repetitive shots of like someone attacking or the camera panning to reveal something? You know how like a person does one single attack like 3 times but actually they only did it once but they just repeated the shot 3 times? *BREATHES IN* Yeah. Well, when Tuxedo Mask appears, there's one of those where it repeatedly pans up to reveal him. This repetitiveness is cut and the camera only pans up once to reveal him.

Total Retained 51%

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