149 "Yume no Kagami! Amazon Saigo no Stage"
(Mirror of Dreams! Final Stage of the Amazon Trio)
142 "Eternal Dreams" 00-10-25

Usagi finds her "rival", Fish Eye, sitting by herself in the rain. She invites her rival in so that they can get to know each other. Through conversation. Fish Eye comes to the realization that Usagi is actually Sailor Moon. Not only that she walks in on Chibi-Usa when she's talking with Pegasus. Fish Eye quickly returns to the tent. Fish Eye tell Zirconia that she has found the holder of Pegasus, but refuses to tell her who it is until she tells them that they will become actual humans through the power of Pegasus. This angers Zirconia and she harms Fish Eye. Zircon assumes that Usagi is the host, even though Fish Eye says otherwise. She sends Hawk's Eye to get Usagi. Fish Eye goes to follow Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye follows as well. Zirconia gives up all hope on the Amazon Trio and tells four mysterious girls to take care of them. Meanwhile, Hawk's Eye approaches Usagi as she is looking for her rival who mysteriously disappeared. Not being Hawk's Eye's type, he cuts right to the chase and attacks Usagi. Before Hawk's Eye gets a chance to see if Usagi holds Pegasus, a Lemures named Mr. Magic Pierrot appears. He bumps Hawk's Eye out of the way and looks in the mirror himself. He relays the information that Pegasus is not in the dream and that he has been sent to get rid of "unnecessary things", The Amazon Trio. Mr. Magic Pierrot fires an attack at the trio, but instead of hitting the trio, it hits and shatters Usagi's dream mirror. He fires another attack at Fish Eye, but Hawk's Eye is hit instead and dies. Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye fire attacks at the lemures but he is too strong. They decide to give up their lives to resurrect Sailor Moon. They destroy the ball that keeps them in human form and revive Usagi. After a bit of fighting, Sailor Moon defeats the lemures. Pegasus then appears and revives the Amazon Trio. They get dream mirrors meaning they have become real humans and fly off to Pegasus' world where they will stay until the light returns to his forest.

*CRY SOB* Such a sad episode...I really felt for Fish Eye in this episode. Poor poor Amazon Trio. Luckily, the same emotion was kept in the dub too, so I got to go through all the same emotions again. The episode as a whole was put together really well. The script and voices seemed to be above par too. Hooray! I'm so glad that Cloverway/Optimum always seem to pull together and get an episode done right for the important episodes. ^^

Heh, you're all gonna love this. I was doing a Mythology project this day so I set my VCR. I go to watch it before dinner, and found that the VCR decided to stop recording a couple minutes into the episode. Therefore, Dan was not happy. Then I came back to the computer and went to alt.fan.sailor-moon and everyone was commenting on how GREAT the episode was, and the VCR almost went out the window. But alas, it didn't, as I had to get to marching band practice and my parents probably wouldn't have let me go out early the next day (and skip half a day of school) to get a PS2 if I had, so the thing lived, and has worked fine since. After seeing the rest of the dub and deciding not to fix my tapes because of how it turned out, I lost track of episodes in the second run for a while, then figured out when this episode would air, and forgot to set the VCR before going to school. Therefore, I have nothing to say about this episode yet, though I will when/if I see it.

So...How should I start this episode comparison....*hmm*...I know! How about the same way I start _EVERY_ episode comparison.....with the script! *GASP* ^^;;;;;

The script for this episode was very nice. No major lines were changed for me too gripe about. Good script! ~_^

The lemures, Mr. Magic Pierrot, retains his name.

(8 seconds) A shot of the Tsukino house, some umbrellas in the....umbrella holder thing....and Usagi bringing tea for Fish Eye. The group of scenes I just described were all cut. (They were consecutive scenes, so it was one big cut).

You know those scene changers? The CGI ones? Well, I don't know what kind of crack Cloverway was snorting when they made this episode, but they REALLY went into overdrive with these. They were using them for when the ANGLE CHANGED IN THE SAME SCENE for crying out loud. Someone must have been bored, that's my only explanation.

Of worthy note -

Did you notice that in all of the flashback scenes from the previous episode, the dialogue was kept CONSISTENT! *gasp* AMAZING! I didn't think they'd be able to pull it off, but they did! Wow.....

(6 seconds) A shot of Usagi standing in the puddle filled stage thing...Right before Hawk's Eye approaches her is cut.

(6 seconds) The scene where Hawk's Eye dies is a little longer in the original. In the original, after he "dies", we see a shot of them from far away and then Fish Eye (I think it was Fish Eye...) screams out Hawk's Eye's name.

Fire Soul = "Mega Mars Fire!"

.........Must I comment?

Total Retained 95%

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