148 "Kyoaku no Kage! Oitsumerareta Trio"
(Shadow of Evil! Cornered Trio)
141 "A True Reflection" 00-10-24

Zirconia is becoming extremely impatient with the Amazon Trio. Fish Eye goes out on a mission to retrieve Mamoru's dream mirror. After a failed first attempt where Fish Eye tells Usagi that they are rivals in love, Fish Eye starts to wonder if they have beautiful dreams themselves. After testing the "one, two, three" attack on Tiger's Eye, Fish Eye realizes that they don't have beautiful dreams, and he wonders why. Later, the Dead Moon Circus Ruler, Queen Nehelenia, and Zirconia reveal that the three members of the Trio are under a spell that makes them appear to be human, and in actuality, they are a fish, tiger, and hawk. Zirconia tells them that they can retain their shape if they get the Golden Crystal, the horn that is on Pegasus' head. Fish Eye, thinking that Mamoru is the holder of Pegasus, returns to his mission. After Mamoru turns down Fish's flirting, Fish asks why. Mamoru replies saying, "You don't have any dreams". This devastates Fish Eye and he attacks. He is once again devastated when he realizes Mamoru doesn't hold Pegasus. He goes off leaving Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon to fight a lemures. The lemures is easily destroyed and Mamoru is saved. Later, Usagi finds Fish Eye on a bench in the rain looking depressed. She goes up to her rival in love and tells him that he will catch a cold if he doesn't get out of the rain.

This episode has many ups and just as many downs. Even though the script was kept amazingly intact, the single most important line of the episode was ruined, which really upset me. Also, Nehelenia's voice didn't please me too much. It was too squeaky, in contrast to the Japanese Nehelenia, who had a really sexy deep voice.

As Bob said above, there were ups and downs here, instead of the line in the middle like the past few episodes. Nehelenia's voice completley changed, and an important line was ruined. However, Fish Eye's voice was good today, because she was speaking normally. It just further proves the point that people talking normally sound much better than people trying to fit a character.

The script for this episode started out being _VERY_ intact. I was quite impressed until all the major lines were either worded so that they didn't make much sense or completely ruined. *sigh* They were _SO_ close too!

Nehelenia retains her name, and it is even pronounced right! Wow! I never thought they'd be able to do that!

The lemures, Tobihanero, retains his name.

Interesting to note - Fish Eye's voice is REALLY good when she speaks in a normal voice. I don't know why Optimum insists that all characters have super squeaky voices rather than using their own voice, since the normal voice sounds so much better than the squeaky one...

(7 seconds) The beginning of the scene where Tiger's Eye finds Fish Eye sitting in the room all by himself/herself.

A lot of lines that were important in this episode were rewritten so that they didn't make much sense, but this line, THE MOST PIVOTAL LINE IN THE EPISODE, was completely butchered. Of all the lines to ruin, why this one??? *CRY*

When Darien is supposed to say "You don't have any dreams" to Fish Eye, he says...

"I don't want my love life to be that way."

This ruins the scene, as in the original, Fish Eye was, understandably, devastated by Mamoru's comment about him not having any dreams, but in the dub, it's kind of weird since Fish Eye still is devastated, but the viewer, especially me, didn't really understand why. Ugh, of all the lines to trash...

(4 seconds) After Fish Eye finds out that Mamoru doesn't have Pegasus, she takes out a knife and plants it right above Mamoru's arm. A really dumb cut since you can CLEARLY see the knife, still planted above Mamoru's arm in the next scene.

Total Retained 90%

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