147 "Unmei no Partner? Makoto no Junjou"
(A Partner in Destiny? Makoto's Pure Heart)
140 "No Prince Charming" 00-10-23

Usagi and the girls are attending a dance at Mamoru and Motoki's college. Makoto is especially looking forward to the dance since she hopes to find her Prince Charming there. During the dance, Makoto is approached by Tiger's Eye, whom Makoto falls for, but since Makoto isn't in the pile of pictures Tiger's Eye has, he ignores her after their first dance. Makoto waits for Tiger's Eye to dance with her again, but he seems to be avoiding her. When Makoto asks if they can dance again, Tiger's Eye says "sure" and walks off. Makoto decides to wait outside the dance hall for him. She ends up waiting all night and into the next day of the festival. When Fish Eye gives Tiger's Eye a picture that he dropped (Makoto's Picture), he seems to gain interest in Makoto again. While he's trying to seduce Makoto, Fish Eye gets impatient and attacks Makoto. Tiger's Eye flees telling Fish Eye that since he interfered, he'll have to take care of all of them now. Fish Eye calls out the lemures, Shuffle-Flo, to fight. After some battling, Makoto breaks free of her harness and attacks the lemures, giving Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon a chance to attack. In the end, everything works out and Makoto returns to her cheerful old self.

This episode was alright. Not much to say. There was some unwanted slang in the episode that I could have done without, but all in all, not much to whine or complain about, but there also wasn't much to praise either. ~_^

CWi keeps the ok episodes coming with this one, so I don't have much to say here either. Though I find it funny how they managed to get dub and orginal show elements mixed up, you can read about that below.

The script for this episode is ok. It wasn't so far off track that there would be reason to whine, but there was a bit of dialogue that could have been more accurate than it was. There was some slang, but nothing bad enough that was worth mentioning.

Shuffle-Flo's name is altered and is kept just as "Shuffle" in this episode.

(19 seconds) A lot of exposition shots of the fair at the college. It was basically the camera going around looking at all the different booths and stuff going on at the fair.

"I seem to remember you trying to hook up with Reika at last year's dance, Andrew" - Elizabeth.

Now, I know some dub fans might be saying, "What? What was wrong with that line?" right about now. Well, you see, in the original, Motoki/Andrew's girlfriend was named Reika. So basically, the line went from Unazuki telling everyone how Motoki met Reika, to Elizabeth telling everyone how Andrew had been cheating on Rita with a girl named Reika. Tsk tsk, a little bit of homework would have prevented such a careless mistake...

(2 seconds) An exposition shot of the ice cream stand where everyone's eating and talking about Makoto's encounter with Tiger's Eye.

"Super Supreme Thunder" = "Superior Sparkling Thunder"

Now...Superior Sparkling Thunder has been used for TWO attacks now, "Sparkling Wide Pressure" and this one. What is with Cloverway and messing up ALL of Jupiter's attacks!? Geez, thank God they never get more than 3 attacks, or else who KNOWS what would happen...

Total Retained 93%

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