146 "Juuban Gai no Kyuujitsu! Mujaki na Oujosama"
(Holiday at Tenth Street! An Innocent Princess)
139 "The Duchess's Day Off" 00-10-20

Princess Lubina from Amethyst has come to visit Japan, but she yearns for freedom. She runs away to experience all that life has to offer and ends up running into Usagi and Chibi-Usa. She accompanies the two to the festival that is in town. She is very naive to the world and this gets her into some trouble. She is also naive to the fact that Hawk's Eye is after her dream mirror. The second Chibi-Usa and Usagi take their eyes off of her, Hawk's Eye swoops in and lures her away. He hastily attacks her but Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon aren't far behind him. He summons the lemures, Elephanko, to deal with the two soldiers. The lemures has the upper hand for a while until Tuxedo Kamen appears and gives the two soldiers an opportunity to attack. They destroy the lemures and save Lubina.

Wow, this episode was pretty good. It wasn't the best work Cloverway/Optimum have done, but it was still on par. The only major beef I had with this episode was the removal of the joke about Luna and Artemis not wanting Lubina to think that Usagi was a "typical" person of the country...A hilarious joke...Too bad those execs are too stubborn to leave the humour in the show...

Another ok episode. Not much to bitch about, but also not much to say good either. I don't mind that for an episode like this, it wasn't really an important episode in the season anyways.

The script for this episode is intact for the most part. Not too bad, but not perfect either...*sigh* Is it too much to ask for Cloverway or Optimum to _TRANSLATE_ an episode rather than "adapt" it...

Princess Lubina's name is changed to "Duchess Rubina". This isn't a big deal at all since, as you all (should) know, "R"s and "L"s are interchangeable in the Japanese language. So basically "Rubina" can be read as "Lubina" and "Lubina" can be read as "Rubina".

The lemures, Elephanko, retains her name. The lemures voice _HAS_ to be the worst yet. Even though her jokes were kept intact, it was all for naught since I couldn't understand ONE WORD she said. I'm not exaggerating either, I strained and concentrated trying to understand what she was saying but it all sounded like a foreign language to me. I don't know _WHY_ Optimum chooses to alter the voices so horribly...It just makes the dub _THAT_ much worse.

If you notice, the opening title music is wrong. The music that plays in this episode is actually the music that should play for the Sailor Moon S episodes, not the Sailor Moon SuperS episodes.

Also, many people have said that "Duchess" is not the correct way to spell that royal title, however, after going into a dictionary, I can assure you that "Duchess" is spelled correctly. However, I believe the way they used it, "Duchess's Day Off", is incorrect and should be, "Duchess' Day Off". I could be wrong, considering I'm far from a grammar freak, but I'm pretty sure that this is the "grammatically correct" way.

(12 seconds) A bunch of shots of Lubina enjoying the fair. An interesting note about this shot is that the music was altered so as not to be "jumpy". Good to know that Cloverway is putting an effort to make the show sound good. Before, I thought that Cloverway took the phrase, "Cut and Paste", FAAAAAAAAR too literal, if you catch my drift ~_^.

(4 seconds) A shot of the top of a miscellaneous building where Chibi-Usa and Usagi are searching around, trying to find Lubina.

(4 seconds) After Usagi and Chibi-Usa transform, there's a shot of Lubina fainting that is cut.

Total Retained 94%

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