144 "Kirameku Natsu no Hi! Shiokaze no Shoujo Ami"
(Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl with the Sea Breeze)
137 "Beach Blanket Bungle" 00-10-18

The girls along with Shingo decide to take a trip to the beach. Fish Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Tiger's Eye are also sent to get the dream mirror of one Mizuno Ami. Tiger's Eye approaches Ami to invite her to his "private island" but she declines. Shingo and Ami then decide to take a raft ride out into the ocean. Once they drift out a little too far, Tiger's Eye appears again. When Shingo starts to make fun of him, he throws him into the ocean and starts to sink. Ami jumps in after him and saves him. After they reach shore, Ami realizes that Shingo is not breathing. She starts to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation and revives him. Tiger's Eye then proceeds to attack. Shingo tries to save Ami but is batted away. Sailor Moon and the others appear to save Ami. Tiger's Eye sends out the Lemures Ponko to attack. After some humorous fighting, Ponko is destroyed and Ami is saved along with Shingo.

This episode was pretty good. After the last episode, I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to endure anything like that again.The only thing I didn't like was the Lemures' voice. You couldn't understand a word she was saying which made a LOT of the humour go right down the drain.

After yesterday, I contemplated not even turing on the TV for this episode, much less taping it. But being who I am and wanting all the dub episodes on tape, I taped and watched this one, and it was a ton better. No slang, and a very accurate script. They seemed to double the Lemures' voice, I couldn't understand one word of what she was saying.

The script for this episode was pretty good. There wasn't much changed. Not much more to say. ^^;;

Ponko retains her name.

In the very beginning of the episode, Rei takes the binoculars and....well...finds some guy wearing a speedo (if you catch my drift). AMAZINGLY ENOUGH, this scene is KEPT! I couldn't believe it myself. Knowing Cartoon Network, I would have thought that they would have skipped the episode because of this scene ~_^

(6 seconds) A shot of Fish Eye and Hawk's Eye looking wary of Tiger's Eye's promise to Zirconia that he would find Ami's dreams, then a shot of the beach cook's radio.

At the counter when everyone is asking for drinks/ice cream, Rini says this..

"I'll have a cappachino!"

......Wow....I thought anything "coffee" was evil in the world of Sailor Moon, but I guess not! ~_^ The really funny part about this is that she didn't even talk about coffee in the original.

(5 seconds) A shot of Sammy coming to save the girls from Tiger's Eye when he first approaches Ami is cut.

(2 seconds) Umm, a shot of Shingo blushing is cut. I'm not exactly sure when it occurs, but it's cut alright. ^^;;;; I think it's when Ami and Shingo are in the raft together.

(4 seconds) A shot where the scene stops and Kanji appear at the bottom of the scene saying "Don't do this! It's dangerous!". This occurs when the Lemures is pushing balls through her head (yes, I know that sounds a little ecchi. Get over it you little perv...~_^)

Total Retained 95%

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