143 "Pegasus wo Shinjiru Toki! 4 Senshi no Super Henshin"
(The Moment They Trust Pegasus! Super Transformation of the 4 Soldiers)
136 "Kickin' Into High Gear" 00-10-17

A soccer player named Robert has a crush on Chibi-Usa. He asks Chibi-Usa out but she has to think about it. Meanwhile, Fish Eye also sees Robert and vows to get his dreams. When Fish Eye approaches Robert but Robert gives Fish Eye the cold shoulder, he attacks him. Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon appear to save Robert but Fish Eye calls out the Lemures Mawashitaro to fight. He encloses Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon inside a sphere where Pegasus can't help them. When the other senshi appear, they realize they cannot help. Pegasus says that they must power up into Super Sailor Senshi to break the sphere, but they are hesitant, as they do not know if Pegasus is truly an ally. After Chibi-Usa begs them to accept Pegasus' power, they agree and are powered up into Super Sailor Senshi. They easily break Mawashitaro's sphere and Sailor Moon destroys him. Fish Eye flees and Robert is saved, although Chibi-Usa ends up declining his dating offer ~_^.

This is probably one of the most important SuperS episode aside from the beginning and ending...And I must say, I've seen Teletubbies episodes that were written better than this one! This is probably _THE_ worst episode in the entire SuperS dub season. Ohhhhh...so....much.....slang! And this isn't just the normal slang like "as if!"...This is _VERY BAD SLANG_. Oh, I don't even want to talk about it...Just scroll down, scroll down.

There have been bad episodes during the SuperS dub, but this one takes the cake, at least at this point. They took a very important episode in the plot of SS and butchered it to hell with slang. Where the S dub was very incosistent with a little slang, it seems that the SS dub is a little consistent with a TON of slang. And then remaning attacks that DON'T change when the senshi go Super doesn't help either.

Oh boy....Seriously, if they had fit anymore slang into this episode, it would have been an episode of.........well.....umm.....well, it would have been an episode full of slang....Yeah...That's good...*sweat drop*...Aside from the slang, the episode's script still left much to be desired. Luckily, there was next to no plot for this episode so there wasn't much they could have changed.

Robert retains his name.

The Lemures, Mawashitaro, retains his name.

In the very first scene with the truck in it, the scene is reversed to make it an "American" truck. Right....To be honest, I think they're doing this so that when the kids grow up, they won't be thinking that it's alright to be driving on the wrong side of the road....Or something...

Oh, boy. This is where the fun starts....

"He's so fine! He's the hottest guy in school!"


"Everyone wants to hang with him!"


"Hey, Rini, would you like to kick it back with me sometime??" - Robert

ki...ki....ki...Oh geez...Where's the barfing bags...*runs to the bathroom*

"Ooooh! He thinks your really phat!"

*walks back sickly from the bathroom only to be in earshot distance of the TV to hear that line* -- Oh....Dear...God....Did I just here that? Did she just say PHAT!?!? *frantically runs back to the bathroom*

"You girls are totally buggin'" - Kelly

*continues to puke in the bathroom*

Oh...ugh..*wipes puke from mouth*...Oh..Thank god that's ov--WHAT!??! There's more!?!? Oh geez...*faints*

(3 seconds) A shot of the Tsukino house is cut.

And to think...All this has happened in the first, oh, 5 minutes of the episode...

Back at the Amazon Trio bar...

"It's not my bag..." - Fish Eye (it might have been Tiger's Eye, I can't read my handwriting ^^;;;;;;)

So now we're Austin Powers? They're just throwing in slang from all over the place! I wouldn't be suprised if I heard "To bloody hell with that fine chap over there! He's not phat at all! You're buggin' like a bloomin' babe!"..........................*SHUDDER*

"Huh? You're trippin'!" - Tiger's Eye


"He's a fine babe!" - Fish Eye

*silence continues*

"You're totally buggin'!" - Tiger's Eye

*cricket cricket cricket*

"I'm with you, bro!" - Hawk's Eye

..................Must....not harm.....innocent.......bunnies.....

(3 seconds) A shot outside of Crown's and part of the newspaper that everyone is looking at in Crown's. (Just so you know, Crown's is the arcade/juice bar place that everyone always hangs out at)

"Why don't you like him? You said he was fly?" - Mina

We'll see who's fly in a minute after I kick someone right between the....

"Why are you playin' us?" - Lita

We'll see who's playin' in a minute after I kick someone right between the....

"They're trippin' for sure! (talking about Pegasus)" - Chibi-Usa

We'll see who's trippin' in a minute after I....umm.....trip someone....

(3 seconds) A shot of the playground where Robert is waiting at.

Wooo! It's attack time!

Burning Mandala = "Celestial Fire Surround" instead of "Mars Celestial Fire Surround".

Now...I don't know _WHAT_ happened in this scene I'm about to describe, but something happened. For some reason, Cloverway decided to completely reorder the scene and cut a few seconds of footage out. Of course, they did a _HORRIBLE_ job at it so we see bits of Fish Eye here and there standing with a sword..........RIIIIIIIIIIGHT. Anyway, they did a REALLY poor job at it and should be beaten with an ugly stick.

The scene in question occurs right after Pegasus tells Chibi-Moon that he can't save her by himself. About 2 seconds of footage ended up going missing.

(2 seconds) Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon awing after Pegasus changes the henshin sticks for the inner senshi is cut.

(2 seconds) A shot of Fish Eye yelling at the newly powered up senshi is cut.

Now, I usually put attack name inconsistencies and/or changes under a "Side Note" box, but these next changes are just freaking ridiculous. Now, just for the record, THE SENSHI'S POWERS DO NOT CHANGE NAMES AFTER THE POWER UP! Alright, is that understood? Now, let's get down to what Cloverway did.....I will give you my reaction as I heard each one for the first time....

Venus Love-Me Chain = "Super Venus Love Chain"

O.o;;; Wha....?

Sparkling Wide Pressure = "Superior Sparkling Thunder"

O.O;; Oh my God...What's going on....

Burning Mandala = "Mega-Mars Fire Rings Flash!"


Shine Aqua Illusion = "Super Aqua Illusion"

*is on the floor having epileptic seizures*

Now, might I ask something..? *long pause* WHY!?!? Why was there a need to change this? Why why why!?? WHY!?!? *falls to knees and sobs* Just make....the episode......end....please....Oh wait, the episode's over...YES!!!

Total Retained 66%

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